Target Notables and Coupons

There’s a $.50 Off Up and Up Cotton Item Coupon that they added on Target’s site. Here’s a few ways to use it:

You might find the small packs of cotton rounds for around $.85. If they aren’t with the cotton items, you might find them in the make-up aisle in a bin, too. They’ll be just $.35 after coupon

Or you could pick up some cotton balls for around $1.47 after coupon.

There’s also a $.75 Off Up & Up Cleaning Item Coupon. Look around the aisles as there are several inexpensive cleaning items such as….

Over in our clearance, there was some cleaning vinegar discounted to $1.68, making it $.93 after coupon.

They also sell disinfecting wipes for $1.79, making it $1.04 after coupon. These are sometimes on school supply lists.

There’s also a $1 Off Up & Up Eye Care Coupon.

The cheapest thing I could find at our store was a solution for $1.99, making it just $.99 after coupon. But our store was already wiped out.

I mentioned how there’s a $3 Lorax Rebate with Sun-Maid Raisins purchase. Ours were on price-cut for $1.69. So if you are purchasing the dvd/bluray, you might consider picking up raisins as they’d be free plus overage after rebate. Get your rebates in right away as it’s a “while supplies last” offer!

There’s a $1 Off Listerine Smart Rinse Target Coupon that you can stack with the $1 Off Listerine Smart Rinse Coupon on Smart Source right now, too.

If you still have that $3 Off Mossimo Apparel Coupon (no longer available), check out the clearance area. I was able to find a tank top/cami marked down to $4, so just $1 after coupon!

Don’t forget about the Free Scotch Tape and Free Papermate Pens and deals on Five Star Notebooks and Oral B Stages Toothbrushes that you should be able to grab while you are there.