Giveaway: $25 Visa Gift Card and Dentyne Gum – 2 Winners

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

Dentyne has created a Split2Fit Pack so that you can carry gum with you practically everywhere you go. This might come in handy for all that activities when you get a little dry mouth and need something to keep that evil bad breath syndrome away!

The new packs actually hold 33% more gum than before (16 vs. 12 pieces) and can be split into two smaller, sleeker and easier-to-carry packs. Now you can carry all 16 pieces at once, or, if space is limited, you can split the pack into two smaller halves that are easier to slip in to close-fitting places like a shirt pocket, a clutch or jeans’ pockets. In addition, Dentyne has launched a new flavor, Dentyne Ice Mint Frost.

Dentyne has been generous in offering my readers a chance to try the new gum by offering two of my readers that win this giveaway 9 packs of the new Split2Fit packs and a $25 Visa Gift Card to treat themselves to something special.

And next time you bump into someone with a little bad breath syndrome, don’t be of the 85% Dentyne surveyed that couldn’t speak up–just give a polite, “Would you like some Dentyne Gum?”


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Good luck to all of you who enter!

A special thank you to Dentyne for the $25 Visa Gift Card and Dentyne Gum for myself and my readers that win this giveaway. I only provide honest reviews and let my sponsors know this before accepting any offers. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Carolyn Munoz says

    If I win I will give the $25 Gift Card to my daughter. She is a single mother of two children – ages three and six. My daughter at times struggles to make ends meet and this gift card will be a blessing to help in either purchasing groceries or back to school clothing for my granddaughter.

  2. Susan R says

    I would put it towards a new camera to film my adorable little boy! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Linda S. says

    If I won the gift card, I would spend it on school clothes for my grandchildren. Thank you.

  4. Michele Behlen says

    I would take my friend out to lunch. She has supported me through some difficult times and it would be a way to say thank you.

  5. Cindy K says

    I am an Elementary Librarian and we have a constant need for hand sanitizer and tissues in my library. $25 would certainly help in getting ready for cold and flu season. Thank You!!!

  6. Davis says

    I wish I could say it would go towards something spectacular BUT will likely use it at the grocery store

  7. Kandy says

    Should I win the $25.00 visa card, I will use it towards my daughter’s 5th birthday party.

  8. kristie says

    We are saving up for our anniversary coming up on November so the visa gift card will be used for that. And that occasion DEFINITELY goes hand in hand with dentyne gum! 😉 Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Kelsey Apley says

    If I won, I think I would use it to go towards a pair of jeans or a top!!

    kelseylouiseapley at gmail dot com

  10. kristie says

    I already subscribed to the email newsletter and follow it even on my smartphone! Love it!

  11. Diane says

    I would let my daughter pick out something special with the gift card as a going back to school treat.

  12. Cathy B says

    I would take my hard working husband to Red Lobster and also use a coupon there so it would be an inexpensive dinner.

  13. Nellie says

    I would use it to lower our out of pocket cost when we go to Disneyland for my son’s 2nd birthday =)

  14. Amy Nguyen says

    It would go towards my groceries for college because I don’t earn enough money to purchase the meal plan ,so I must cook to survive. :)

  15. Valencia says

    1st, I’d buy some more Dentyne because I just popped in my last piece right before reading this post. After that I would use it with sales and coupons to stretch it as far as possible.

  16. Denise Wilson says

    I would use it for parking costs at the hospital. My Dad is going in for chemo for his second round of Leukemia.

  17. Melissa Saastad says

    I would use the gift card towards a date night with my husband. He is in the Navy and has been out to sea for both our birthday’s and our wedding anniversary, so we are trying to save up to get a sitter for the night and have an evening for us to celebrate each other and our love for one another. A fancy dinner and movie possibly:)

  18. Jackie Peek says

    I tried Ice recently and was really impressed. I don’t usually chew much gum but after trying it I started looking for it instead of my Trident!

  19. Camiele says

    I would probably spend it on gas, or some other purchase that is $25 or more. Otherwise I forget that i have it with me and how much I have left on it!

  20. Mandy Blank says

    I would be practical and use it to buy groceries – with maybe a small treat in there for me!

  21. Kitty Dulgar says

    I would treat my daughter to a manicure–she is a college student, working 20+ hours and doing an internship in an inner city church. She deserves it!

  22. Hannah says

    I would probably use the $25 to buy some of my school supplies for college this year.

  23. Shirley says

    I would use it on our vacation in September for some cold alcohol drinks. to start off the vacation.

  24. KATHY says

    I grew up on the original Dentyne. I would use the $25 for my grandson’s school supplies. Money is tight everywhere.

  25. Amanda Yoder says

    Actually, I’d like to give it as a bonus to our dog sitter, she is so great but money is tight so we only pay what’s needed, but I’d love to treat her to something extra like this! (She is a gum fanatic!)

  26. says

    I would use the gift card with my coupon to buy items needed to help the 3 grandchildren that I have custody of like personal items and school supplies.

  27. says

    I love getting my emails from coupon geek. They help me get a lot of good items that are desperlately need at good deals. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  28. Laura Jacobson says

    I would love to use it for tons of Dentyne gum for my mom for her birthday! She quit smoking about 4 years ago after smoking for about 40 years. She chews alot of gum to keep her mind off it still…..and for her birthday I would love to give her a gift basket filled to the rim with gum!

  29. Gina M says

    I would put this towards groceries!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  30. Gina M says

    “Like” Coupon Geek on Facebook– Crave to Save
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  31. Gina M says

    shared on fb-

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  32. Latrisha Stevens says

    If I won the gift card I would use it to buy my husband a 3oth birthday present.

  33. Jennifer T. says

    I’m a facebook fan of Coupon Geek under username Jennie Tilson.

  34. Jennifer T. says

    I’m a facebook fan of Dentyne under username Jennie Tilson.

  35. dreda newman says

    With $25 –Guess I could afford to purchase several stamps to send Thinking of You cards to friends!

  36. Marina Andrade says

    I am gum addicted so being able to try this gum would be almost like an honor. (: If the gum was good enough like the rest of the Dentyne gum, I would spend my money on some more and MAYBE get my niece a cute dress…it depends on how good the gum is! lol

  37. Marina Andrade says

    e-mail subscribed! Now hand me my gum and no one gets hurt! lol I promise I will brush my teeth (:

  38. debbie says

    If I am lucky enough to win the $25 gift card, I would take me and DH out for a gourmet pizza! YUM…….

  39. Brenda says

    I will use the Visa gift card to purchase a birthday present for a relative’s upcoming birthday. Thanks for offering the contest!

  40. Yvonne G. says

    I’d use the Visa gift card on some new tennis shoes…not very exciting, but necessary!

  41. Bai Xiong says

    Today is my birthday. I think I do feel a year older. At least this time. So I could use some moolah to go splurge a bit on myself. Oh did i mention I just had a baby too? Maybe that’s why I feel older.

  42. Bai Xiong says

    I already like Coupon Geek. That’s how I found out about this awesome giveaway contest that I hope to win.

  43. tara says

    I subscribe and enjoy reading your newsletter. I wish it came out earlier I’m on the East coast.

  44. beth grumley says

    I would love to get more deals to send back to college with my 4, yes, 4 college students!!

  45. Jennifer Roberts says

    My 30th birthday is coming up at the end of this month, so I think that I would buy my family a special meal from the grocery store because we can’t go out for dinner due to multiple food allergies.

  46. Pam says

    Just found you! I would love a $25.00 Visa gift card…so that I could put gas in my car and drive for awhile…’)

  47. Lindsey Ebert says

    I’d probably get some new clothes for my toddler… he’s growing like a weed.

  48. Wendy Brassbridge says

    Hi, I would use it to buy ink to print the coupons I use to help save money.

  49. says

    If I won the gift card I would use it as a family outing for ice cream…its not cheap taking 7 people out for ice cream!! :)

  50. KristinS says

    If I were to win I would save it to help with Christmas shopping. The season is getting oh so close :) Thanks for the chance.