A Few Walmart Notables

It’s been a long time since I went to Walmart but I stopped by there today as they had some of the best prices on school supplies. Here are a few things I saw when I was there:

USA Kids Cups are $5.47 for two cups. Use that $2 Off USA Kids Cups Coupon that I mentioned earlier to get them for $3.47. (Like getting them for $1.74 each)

Check the main aisle as you might find a bin of Glue Sticks for $.10 each! These would also make for a great donation to preschools, churches, libraries, etc. that tend to go through a lot of these for the younger kids’ programs. It’s a great way to say, “Thank You” to places that offer free kids’ programs.

I bought this outfit for my daughter last month and I’ve been wanting to get a picture of it to share with you. It’s a Pinkalicious Pajama set and it has a third piece that’s kind of like a light-weight tutu/skirt. It’s $9 regular price. This might be nice to pick up so you can make a cute Pinkalicious gift basket set with a few Pinkalicious Books for a birthday party gift. Amazon has a lot of them as part of the 4-for-3 promotion and you might be able to find some for $3.99 each, making it $20.97 for four books from Amazon and the outfit from Walmart. (Be sure to look for the “special offers” tag under the books to see if they are part of that promotion.) Or plan ahead and buy some tights, wings and a wand for a Halloween costume for a little one–the great thing is, you can also use them as pajamas later!

Ours sold the Green Sprouts baby food containers, which were marked down to $4. I found them near the baby aisle on an endcap. While you can use them for the intended use of making baby food, you can also use them for things such as freezing herbs from the garden or for making your own homemade treats, such as crockpot applesauce. These were the plastic ones so you could use them in lunchboxes. They came with a nice tray that they fit in and you can stack them in your freezer or cabinets. (They do make glass ones but they cost quite a bit more.)

In the middle of our store, they were selling M&M Popcorn Bucket Kits. They came with popcorn, boxes of M&Ms and the bucket. You might be able to add a few items, such as an inexpensive DVD etc., and turn it into a nice gift basket set. You can find the cellophane at most dollar stores to re-wrap it when you are done.

Ours had the small composition notebooks for $.88 for a 3-pack. I mentioned the other day about how you can cover the larger composition notebooks (which they had for $.50) and turn them into a personalized journal. I was thinking, though, that these small ones might be nice to turn into cute party favors for a birthday party, baby shower, etc. You could personalize them with cute scrapbook paper to match the party theme.  Maybe just cover with paper and add a sheet of stickers so the kids can decorate them after the party.

What kinds of deals did you find at Walmart this week?