What’s Coming This Summer!

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and I have to say that May was one of my disappointing months blogging as far as living up to what I promised my readers. I had all good intentions of fulfilling what I said I would in May but what I didn’t do was take into consideration all that I had going on during the month. It started off rough when I decided to throw in the difficult task of the 10 Days of Real Food Challenge. Who knew eating so careful could be sooo much work! I was in complete shock at just how much of a challenge this would be. Afterall, I thought a lot of the food we were eating was healthy. It comes to find out there is sugar in just about everything we eat and so many other hidden things that makes even what can appear to be healthy, unhealthy.

But it was a great learning experience and it set me on the right path for better postings. And while it put me completely off schedule, it was exactly what we needed to do at the time. On top of that challenge, throw in Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and all those last minute school functions that I chaperoned for and my month was definitely not my own but spent elsewhere. I also decided to help teach a Budgeting 101 class for a charity’s women’s retreat. It was an incredibly inspiring weekend and I got even more insight into just how hard-hit the economy has been on everyone.

These things have all been very eye-opening for me and helped me grow. So while I feel terrible for not fulfilling my goals, I think it’s going to make me an even better blogger. So I’m glad everything worked out the way that it did. Sometimes the ambition of the heart is just more than the body can keep up with! I’m sure so many know what I mean–there’s never enough energy for all those things we want to do!

But moving forward, I have all intentions of fulfilling my May goals over the summer. So here’s what you can honestly expect to keep see over the next few months:

~Focus on making more homemade food items
~Learning how to choose healthier food options
~Several more freezer cooking recipes and tips (Can’t wait? Check out my past series on how to start freezer cooking and past freezer cooking recipes)
~Several gardening posts, including a “Gardening in Small Spaces” posting
~Learning how to transition our budgets to allow money for more Organic food options
~The last few parts of the Gas Savings Series
~How to Stockpile Sensibly posting
~More Recycle/Reuse articles
~More New Recipes
~Several more giveaways from sponsors and myself, including a new monthly challenge giveaway for $100 in Kitchen Items!!

I’ve already got a “Power Freezer Cooking” session complete and will be posting it later this week. I’ve also teamed up with my sister to bring you what I hope will be a fun summer-long series called, “Christmas in Summer.” We are scouring the Internet, Books and our own creativity to bring you things you can make over the summer to use as Christmas gifts later this year. I don’t know about you but I never seem to have time to make anything those last couple months of the year. So we’ll plan ahead together this year! I have one of these ideas already made and ready to post this week. It’s a simple one that you can do with few supplies and that you can do together with the kids!

For those of you that are tuning in, here are a few of my posts from May that I did complete:

~10 Days of Real Food: Our Story – How we learned to eat even healthier!
~Garden Planner Tool – A great tool to get your garden started. You can still plant summer/fall crops so it’s not too late!
~How to Make a Lettuce Salad Bowl – There are some varieties that are great to grow in fall. So look for your materials on clearance soon!
~How to Spruce up a Salad – Ideas for taking a blah lettuce salad and making it a bit tastier.
~Free or Inexpensive Ideas for Entertainment – You might something on this list to help you save money and have fun this summer!

I’m hoping to make this the best summer ever so I hope you stayed tuned!