Simple Kid’s Craft: Firefly Tealight Jars

I took the kids to Storytime at our library yesterday and they had a Firefly theme for the day. They also made a Firefly Tealight Jar. The kids thought they were pretty cool so I thought I’d share this simple craft that you might be able to do on a rainy day with the kids.

You’ll need: (You should be able to find all these things at your local dollar store.)
Plastic Jar with lid
Piece of Tin Foil
Tealight – The flickering, flame-less, battery-operated kind like these

You simple cut a piece of tin foil that’s big enough to wrap around the inside of the container. Take a pencil (or something that has a sharp point, but is still safe for the kids to use) and poke small holes into the tin foil. Have them go slow so they don’t rip the tin foil.

Place the tin foil inside the jar so that it wraps around the inside. Turn on your tealight and place it in the middle of the jar.

Put the lid back on and then find a dark spot in the house. The flickering tealight creates what looks like fireflies inside the jar:

We let the kids turn these on when they went to bed so they could fall asleep to the light of fireflies–but we shut them off as soon as they fell asleep. Never leave them on unattended just to be safe.

Want to turn it into a firefly themed day? Here are a few books that you can see if your library has:

The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle.

Amy’s Light (A Sharing Nature With Children Book) by Robert Nutt

Fireflies for Nathan by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

Hope you have fun making these with your kids if you try it!