Garden Pics and Chit Chat

It’s been awhile since I shared any gardening posts. I thought I’d share some pics of mine and a little chit-chat today.

In this garden bed I’m growing Swiss Chard and two types of Kohlrabi.  Swiss chard is great chopped up and cooked with a little olive oil and some garlic. I like to cut the kohlrabi into slices and sprinkle a little salt on it.  If you haven’t tried either, check your farmer’s markets/stores as they might be in season soon, if they aren’t already.

This garden bed is a bit of a mess. My broccoli is pretty much done for the season. The brussel sprouts were bigger than I thought and kind of took over. I’ll probably move some soon. And the heat is really getting to my pea pods before they can fully take off.

I had a giant oregano plant in this one that I just recently took out. I couldn’t believe how much it had grown over the winter! So this garden bed is slow coming together. I’ve got some onions, celery, peppers and green beans growing. The green beans are just starting to take off. I can’t get over how much they grow in between their daily waterings.

In this garden bed I have some lettuce that has somehow survived the heat. The giant swiss chard plant in the middle survived our mild winter. I was shocked to see it still alive when I went to till everything this spring. I have some carrots starting to push through the soil. Eventually this bed will be mostly carrots. They store very well in the fall/winter months.

This is my tomato bed. They are slow taking off this year–or at least that’s how I feel when I see some of my neighbor’s plants. They’ll grow pretty fast over the next month or two, though.

This one has cucumbers and spinach. The spinach is a New Zealand Spinach that is more heat tolerant so I can still grow some in the hotter months. It does have a different taste than I’m used to, though. I planted more carrots behind the spinach that are just starting to pop through.

I always pick up a patio tomato plant for the kids. Container gardening is a great way to save on produce if you are limited in gardening space. Just be sure to ask for specific varieties that grow well in containers. You might be able to find some on clearance now, or very soon, at places like Home Depot or Lowe’s, etc.

These are my herb and lettuce bowls. The heat killed a lot of my lettuce plants but there are still a couple that are hanging in there. Herb bowls are a great way to save money, too. Fresh herbs tend to cost $1-$2 for those tiny packs in the stores. You should be able to find a few herb plants on discount at Home Depot or Lowe’s now, or soon, so you can create your own bowl, too. You can always dry herbs or chop them up and freeze them in ice cube trays with a little water. Then when you need some, you can just throw them right into your recipes.

I’m hoping that those of you with limited space will take advantage of container gardening. You can grow things like tomatoes, peppers, herbs, lettuce, etc for a nice salad garden right on your back steps/deck. I even have things like a stevia plant and mint for added sweeteners to things like tea.  Just be careful if you pick up a chocolate mint plant as it may make you constantly hungry for chocolate. :)

This last year has been an unusual weather year for most places. So keep an eye on what’s in season as you may find that everything is popping up sooner than normal.

How are your gardens coming along?