A Few Free Kindle eBooks

Here are a few of the Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon right now. Keep in mind that prices flip very fast so be sure it states Free or $0.00 before you buy any:

Get Organized! Your 12 Month Home Clutter Killer Guide : 2nd Edition (Revised) : Organizing The House, Decluttering And How To Clean Your Home To Perfection

Slim Down Snacks Under 100 Calories That Keep You Feeling Full

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Finding Freedom from Self-Pity and a Negative Attitude

Vintage Cake Recipes

All That I Need, or Live Like a Dog With Its Head Stuck Out the Car Window

Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability

Mood Boosting Foods with Mood Boosting Recipes (Healing Foods Series)

Love of Cooking: Salads (Love of Cooking: Volume I)

You can check out the Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks List to see if you see any others that might interest you. Please keep in mind that I have not read any of these so I am not sure of their content. I am just highlighting a few that are currently free at the time of posting.

You don’t need a Kindle to read these as you can download Apps for most cell phones, PCs, Macs, etc.