Round-up of April Articles and Recipes and What’s Planned for May!

It’s hard to believe that April is already over. So far, the year feels like it is flying by fast. I always love when May rolls around because it means that gardening season begins and our farmer’s markets open! Since April included Earth Day, I tried to focus more of my postings last month on recycling/reusing items and not wasting food. I’m hoping you found some ideas to help make every day an Earth Day.

I want to try to do a monthly re-cap of some of the articles/recipes that I write as sometimes they can get missed and then buried by more current postings. These are just the articles and recipes that I shared along with the coupons, deals, freebies and giveaways throughout the month. Here’s what I shared throughout the last week of March and all of April:


~Freezer Cooking: Cooking Meat in Bulk – This might be a time saver for some of you

~Cooking a Whole Chicken in a Crockpot – A time saver that you can use for several meals

~Tuna Lettuce Wraps Recipe – A great quick lunch

~How to Make Pizza Loaf – Something to make with the kids

~Cooking with….Hard Boiled Eggs – Ideas for using them to stretch your budget a little further as eggs can be fairly inexpensive

~How to Freeze Fruit – Great for smoothies or toppings for oatmeal/cereal/pancakes, etc.


~Yogurt Containers – Tea bag holders, garden seed starters and more

~Cascade, Mentos and M&M Containers – Turn them into a compost container, Qtip holder and change holder.

~Juice Boxes and Salad Containers – Turn into a Garden Kit for Kids

~Seed starters from Common Items – Great way to start some seeds indoors

~CD Cases – Turn them into photo frames


~How to Reduce the Use of Paper Towels

~Keeping a Low Inventory List

~How to Save Money on Gas Part 1: Comparing Prices

~How to Save Money on Gas Part 2: Knowing the Cost of Your Trips

Family Fun

~Easter Craft Ideas – Add this one to your Pinterest Board for next year!

~Watching Wildlife Webcams

Use It Don’t Waste It Challenge

~End of Week 1 Recap

~End of Week 2 Recap

~Final Recap – You might find some ideas to help you stop wasting food and reduce your food budget!

I’m hoping that you’ll all take a minute to share with me which ones were your favorites so it can help me decide the direction of future articles.

And here’s a peek at what’s coming in May: The focus of May will be on helping us choose wiser food options and how to make more homemade food items in less time. I always think of Mothers when I think of May. When I think of my Mother/Grandmother I always reflect back to real good home cooked meals. So May’s focus is going to be mostly on food! (Yum!) Here are some of the planned articles:

~Focus on making more homemade food items
~Learning how to choose healthier food options
~Several more freezer cooking recipes and tips (Can’t wait? Check out my past series on how to start freezer cooking and past freezer cooking recipes)
~Several gardening posts, including a “Gardening in Small Spaces” posting
~Learning how to transition our budgets to allow money for more Organic food options
~The last few parts of the Gas Savings Series
~How to Stockpile Sensibly posting
~More Recycle/Reuse articles
~More New Recipes
~Several more giveaways from sponsors and myself, including a new monthly challenge giveaway for $100 in Kitchen Items!!

Hoping you’ll not only share with me what your favorite articles were in April but which articles that I have planned for May that excite you the most! Please don’t be shy–You help gear this blog into what it will become!

Thank you all for sticking with me while I continue to work on transitioning this site into not only a savings blog but also a more educational one, as well.