Facebook: New Changes and Creating a Blog List

I want to start off by saying that I am very thankful to Facebook for currently not charging for Fan Pages. Just like the Personal Pages, the Fan Pages are Free to have and operate. They are actually helping several blogs/sites/businesses grow their readership and “advertise” their products, recipes and articles at no cost to those sites. While their constant updates and changes drive me bonkers, I know that their intent is usually to help make things easier somehow. Though, that doesn’t stop me from grumbling sometimes when the changes happen due to time-constraints at figuring things out and adapting–and I usually like things simple and basic. But I appreciate Facebook as a tool to reach out to those of you that are “fans” of Coupon Geek and I have fun chatting with you.

I try to keep the Coupon Geek Facebook Page just like I am in person. Sometimes I’m chatty and post personal pictures, stories or things that I like. And other times, I am quiet. I try not to abuse my fan page by forcing any posts just to get a bunch of “Likes” or acquire new readers. While some may think this hurts fan page growth, I believe in keeping things real and I trust in my readers that they’ll share about Coupon Geek if they truly do like me as a blogger and a person. It’s never been about “numbers/traffic” for me but just about having a place that’s fun to come to and save money and chat, etc.

I do like to keep you updated on Facebook changes because if you are like me, you have little to no time to figure this stuff out. Facebook recently decided to allow page owners to pay to “promote” their posts. You can pay an amount to allow your post to “reach” more fans. Page owners will get a menu like this on each post:

While I don’t have the budget to do this, I understand that they are a business and just trying to make a little money on what is usually free to all of us. I’m OK with whatever “reach” the posts get on their own but I do worry that some of you that tend to follow Coupon Geek exclusively on Facebook, might miss out on some savings. One way to try to prevent that is to create a “List.” You can create one or several and categorize the pages you follow in any way that makes it easy for you to understand. Here’s just one way–by creating a Blog List of your faves that you follow. I’d be honored if you’d add me to it but in the end, you’ll probably want to keep them simple and not clutter them with a lot of blogs as you know we as bloggers tend to post a lot each day. :) Here’s a way to create one: (You may need to click on the pictures directly if they are too small to read clearly.)

1) Go to a Page and “Like” them. Under the “Liked” button, if you hover your mouse over it, a dropdown menu will appear and you’ll see the term “New List.” Click there.

2) The next screen will have the icon of the page you “Liked” and you can click on “Pages” in the left sidebar to add more of your favorites. Click on next when you are done.

3) You’ll then need to name your list and decide who will have access to view your lists. Click on done when it’s the way you want it.

4) Now any time you are on a page and you want to add it to that list you created, just hover over that “Liked” button and click on the list name and it will add a little check mark next to it. You’ll be able to access your lists from your “Home” page as they will be listed in the left sidebar. (You may need to click that “More” button to see them, though.)

This is a quick way to follow your favorites. You’ll also have a better chance of seeing your faves in your feed if you interact with them more by flipping a “Like” or commenting, etc. I try to watch the number of “Likes” on my postings to see what appears to be useful to my readers so I can find more of those deals for them. Not to mention, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling to see that there truly are readers out there. :)

So this is the latest Facebook change. Remember if you aren’t a big Facebook person that I do have a Newsletter that you can subscribe to that is only issued once a day on the days when I add new posts. I keep my newsletter ad-free to keep it easier for you to read.

Hoping that you are able to keep easily following your favorite blogs one way or another so you can continue to save money and find inspiring new ideas.

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


  1. Meg says

    I’m not a huge fan of facebook…however I do use it to get coupons and of course to follow Coupongeek. I LOVE your blog and read it several times a day. Appreciate all your time and effort!

  2. coupongeek says

    Thank you so much, Meg! I feel the same way about them. I’m not a fan 100% of the time but I appreciate how it helps me stay connected to deals and friends.

  3. Brenda says

    I have a dumb question. My husband and I have been against having facebook pages, but the co-op that I am signing our son up for next year requires us to use facebook because this is how they communicate important info, homework assignments, cancellations, etc. I know about a year ago, one of the blogs I read had a post about ‘blank’ facebook pages. Unfortunately, I can’t find this post. Can you help? Thanks for everything you do.

  4. coupongeek says

    I’ve never heard of blank facebook pages. Maybe one of my readers might know. I didn’t see anything when I did a Google search. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more. :(

    A lot of my readers have a page with no info/pictures but it’s just a registered account that they use for school purposes and to grab coupons that are exclusively on Facebook.

  5. Brenda says

    Maybe that is what I was thinking about. I will have to try that. Thanks again.

  6. Eric in NJ says

    I encourage, and challenge, you all to try the RSS Feed. I have subscribed to the RSS Feed all of my favortie blogs via Google Reader.

    Almost every blog has it built-in and it’s easier than FarceBook to navigate.

    RSS feeds essentially feed every post, from whatever blogs you subscribe to, into a Gmail-like window. It allows you to browse the list of titles, or short blurbs, then click on the post if you want to read it. It simply expands just like Gmail does.

    You can Like, Star, and Tag stuff just like you can in Gmail. As well as Mark All as Read, Digg, etc.

    There are 100’s of tutorials if a change of format freaks you out, but if anyone has any particular questions, I’ll check this thread.

    All that I know, is that I have never and will never miss a post ;p

  7. Eric in NJ says

    Brenda, I have done the same a few times over. I have different ‘blank’ accounts for different purposes.

    I use an extra Gmail account, make up a name, and fill in nothing else.

    I just went in and navigated around everywhere I could find within Facebook, and turned the options off. My accounts are really blank, no wall posts, no Likes (I like/unlike as I need to), nothing. Any trivial bits left, can be set to be seen by only you. 0

    I give away no information but get what I am there for, how that factors into their business model, who cares? ;p

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