Target: Possibly Free Hand Held Food Saver

UPDATE: Target has removed their coupon. The manufacturer’s coupon is still available so you’d have to pay $9.99 for one.

Target sells the Hand Held Food Savers for $19.99. Here’s a way you might possibly be able to get one for Free: $9.99.

Hand Held Food Saver $19.99
*Use $10 Off Food Saver Appliance Target Store Coupon (currently no restrictions on it!)
*Stack with $10 Off Food Saver Manufacturer’s Coupon
FINAL PRICE = Free $9.99

Thanks, Wheel n Deal Mama for the deal and photo usage!

There’s also a Buy One Get One Free Foodsaver Bags or Rolls Target Store Coupon that you should be able to stack with the $2 Off Foodsaver Heat-Save Bags or Rolls Manufacturer’s Coupon, if you have an appliance that they’ll work with.

You’ll find the coupons under “Household” in the left sidebar of the links.

Keep in mind that prices, sales and inventory vary by Target store so you may or may not be able to get this deal at yours.

This might be a great way to start some freezer cooking!

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  1. coupongeek says

    5/16/12 for the manufacturer’s coupon and 5/19/12 on the Target one. You’d have plenty of time to use them.


  2. Christina says

    Thanks Jaycie for the quick reply. 😉 We don’t have a printer hooked to our computer so I’ll have to wait a few days lol. I really really want this !

  3. coupongeek says

    No problem. If it’s gone by the time you go to print, you let me know. I have one copy and I’ll save it for you. I had to print it to check the wording and would rather have it go to you than to buy one and figure out who to give it to later. :) I already have a Food Saver.


  4. Emma says

    Hi, Jaycie, please one copy for us too if you don’t mind. Please keep my son in your thoughts and prayers guys thank you :'(

  5. Christina says

    Awe gone already, we weren’t able to print on time. Do you still have the coupon Jaycie?

  6. coupongeek says

    Yes. Christina, send me your address via the form on the Contact Tab in my header and I’ll mail them out to you.


  7. Christina says

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. With a new baby on the way and an active toddler this will help a lot with meals, and snacks. :)

  8. coupongeek says

    No problem! :) Putting it in the mail today. Hope you are able to find one to use the coupons with! Congrats on the upcoming new baby! :)


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