Shopping Warriors: My Target Trip

Since I decided to try to “eat from the freezer and pantry” again this week and since I was still fairly stocked up on produce from last week, I had a very simple Target trip this week. I picked up some household items and a few things to add to the stockpile, such as all-natural chicken. I also had my hubby stop at Costco and Oberweiss on his way home from work one night so I’ll include his trip, too:

Target Trip

~Method Kitchen Cleaner $2.69
*Used $1 Off Method Product Coupon (I think it’s gone now?)
*Stacked with $1 Off Target Store Coupon

~7th Generation Dish Soap $2.67
*Used $1 Off 7th Generation Coupon – mailed to me
*Stacked with $.50 Off Target Coupon

~Mossimo Tank Top $6 on sale
*Used $3 Off Mossimo Women’s Apparel Coupon

~Lifesaver Mints $1.84
*Used $1 Off Lifesavers Coupon (no longer available)
*Stacked with $.75 Off Lifesavers Target Coupon

~3 Cadbury Eggs $.07 each on Easter Clearance

~Green Works Bleach, Wipes and Dish Soap
*Used 2-$1 Off Green Works Coupons and here
*Stacked with $1/2 Green Works Target Coupon
*Used $2 Off Green Works Bleach Target Coupon
(I think these are the coupons I used. Had a bunch and I think these are what I ended up with)
FINAL PRICE = Looking at my receipt, I think I messed up this deal. I should have bought another item to get the dish soap free. I’ll have to go back and fix it!
This is why it’s always good to look over your receipts!!

~4 Ortega Taco Seasonings $.61
*Used 2 – $1/2 Ortega Coupon
FINAL PRICE = $.11 each

~Gold Peak Tea $1 on sale
*Used $.75 Off Gold Peak Tea Coupon

~Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste
*Used $1 Off Aquafresh Coupon from 4/15/12 Inserts
*Stacked with $1 Off Aquafresh Target Store Coupon

~Up&Up Foil $1.22
*Used $.50 Off Up& Up Foil Coupon

~Angel Soft TP $5.99
*Used $1 Off Angel Soft Target Store Catalina Coupon
FINAL PRICE = $4.99 (We were running low!)

~Beneful Baked Delight Dog Treats $3.89
*Used $2 Off Beneful Baked Delights Coupon
*Stacked with $.75 Off Target Coupon

~2 Dove Shampoos and 1 Dove Hair Spray
*Used 2 – $2 Off Dove Products Coupon
*Stacked with Free Dove Styler Product Target Coupon
FINAL PRICE = $2.98 for all three

~Gold n Plump Chicken – 2 packages of boneless/skinless chicken breasts $5.49 each
*Used $2-$1 Off  Gold n Plump Chicken Coupon
*Stacked with $1.50/2 Target Store Coupon
FINAL PRICE = $7.48 for two

Total for everything after coupons and 5% RedCard Debit Card discount: $26.35
Definitely need to go back and fix the Green Works deal! This will probably be the last time I buy many cleaning products as I’m going to switch to homemade cleaners when they are gone.


Costco and Oberweiss Trip
~Gala Apples $6.99
~16-pack Hamburger Buns $2.59 (will freeze extras)
~2 HUGE Multi-Packs of Hebrew National Hot Dogs $11.95 – used $3 Off each Coupon from Costco Coupon booklet
FINAL PRICE = $27.48 also used $3.41 credit mailed to us making it $24.07

I didn’t realize they had combined the hot dogs in multi-packs so when I told my hubby to pick up two packs, we ended up with a lot of hot dogs! :) Guess we are all set for BBQs this summer, as I just froze several packs of them. Wasn’t quite what I had planned for this week’s budget but sometimes it happens.

~3 – Half Gallons of Milk $10.17
~Milk Deposit for Bottles = $4.50 (you get this back when you return them)
FINAL PRICE = $14.67 minus $3 “Flex Dollars” we earned = $11.67

He didn’t have our last set of bottles with him to return so next time we’ll return 6 getting us a $9 credit. It all works out eventually. The Oberweis milk is phenomenal! I can barely drink any other milk now. I try to squeeze extra money out of the budget so I can afford it.

FINAL TOTAL = $62.09 for all three stores.

For new couponers, these trips may look strange as I don’t have lots of food. But this is how it works when you build up a sensible stockpile. Some weeks you buy a lot if there are a lot of hot food deals and other weeks, you live off your stockpile–and then buy household items, if you need them. This is why it’s good to freeze fruit and vegetables in-season to save on produce later.

Yes, my trips don’t add up to $4 but I did get all the things I needed to add to our stockpile and I try to add healthier food options, such as all-natural chicken and Oberweis Milk, which costs more. We’ve given up other things so that we can try to do this as long as we can. Next week, you’ll probably see more food purchases and limited household items. Just depends on the sales and my Low Inventory List.