Shopping Warriors: My Jewel Trip

I’ve been working on my “Use It, Don’t Waste It” Challenge for the last few weeks. When I went to make my weekly menu plan, I noticed that I had quite a bit of food in my freezer that I should use soon. I decided to go fairly light on my trips this week and just pick up fresh produce. Earlier in the week, my husband went to use our Free Milk coupon and ended up earning us a Free Eggs Coupon, so I used that in my trip, too. Here’s what I ended up with:

~1 lb of Broccoli – on sale
~1.5 lbs of Pears – on sale
~4 lbs of Oranges – on sale
~1 lb of Green Beans – on sale
~Baby Belle Mushrooms
~4 lbs of Gala Apples
~1 lb of Almonds – on clearance for $.99, down from $4.99.
~2 lbs of Cauliflower – on sale
~2 lbs of Organic Carrots – on sale
~3 Organic Celery – on sale
~2 lbs of Organic Bananas
~Mt Olive Pepper Rings – on sale – used $.75 Off Hang-tag Coupon
~Mt Olive Pickles – on sale – used $.75 Off Hang-tag Coupon
~1 Green Pepper
~1 Dozen Organic Eggs – on sale. Used Free Eggs Coupon and paid the difference for Organic.
~Overall, I used a $3 Off $20 Produce Purchase Catalina.

TOTAL = $29.30. Earned $3 Off Fresh Meat Coupon and $1 Off Chobani Yogurt Coupon for catalinas. I went to a different Jewel than usual and I was so disappointed in it because they had a very limited Organic selection. I almost walked out when I saw it but was too tired! I’m hoping that eventually more stores will sell more of an Organic selection.

This was it for trips this week. I didn’t even go to Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. I just let myself enjoy Spring Break with the kids! I’ll roll over the money I have from this week into next week, along with some past ECBs I have earned and probably pick up any household purchases I need. We are still stockpiled (sensibly!) for now so purchases are light. I’ve been getting away from buying stuff just because it’s “inexpensive.” In the long-run, those little purchases, especially those just adding to a stockpile, add up to a bunch of things we don’t need that I can better use on stuff we do.

I usually don’t give myself a weekly grocery budget but a monthly one. This is because some weeks, we need far less than others and it will usually average out. You just have to be careful not to overspend too many weeks or your last week will be a tough one!

I also make sure I take a few weeks every now and then to eat from the stockpile and then use some money to freeze items that are in-season. This week, I’ll end up with some broccoli, green beans and carrots for a future meal. I also made another batch of a different homemade soup and froze those in single servings for a later date. This is how freezer cooking works sometimes. You use what you have to save time on current meals and take some spare time that same week to freeze a few more for later. It ends up still giving you a few free nights off from cooking that week.

I’m hoping you were able to find some good deals this week!

NOTE: These purchases are combined with my current stockpile, which does include plenty of Organic Meat and other Dairy products.