Shopping Warriors: 100% Savings and Free Eggs?

Yesterday I gave my husband the Free Milk Coupon that I earned this last week so he could stop by on his way home from work today to pick up a gallon of milk for us.

He came home very proud that not only did he get a receipt that said 100% Savings (LOL)  but he also received a “Free Eggs with $10 Purchase” Coupon. When a little fun, “Let’s see you beat that!” came out of his mouth, I had no choice but to say…”Awesome! Now you can do ALL the grocery shopping!” Which triggered a very deflated, “Fabulous” comment.

Seriously, though, any time I have him stop to pick up a few items, he comes home with really great catalina coupons. I’m thinking maybe he SHOULD do the shopping. Don’t you agree? :) I’m very thankful that he’s so supportive of the hard work that goes along with couponing and saving money!

Hoping you are all finding some good deals this week! Just thought I’d share a little fun.

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  1. coupongeek says

    It’s so much easier when they are, isn’t it? So glad you have that support, Dawn!


  2. debbye says

    Same with my husband! The cashiers must really like him – they give him extra catalinas that others have left! Just last weekend he came home with a stack of store coupons:
    $1 off any toilet tissue purchase
    $1.50 off any laundry detergent purchase
    $1 off any household cleaner purchase
    $1 off any fresh meat purchase
    $1 off any dairy purchase
    and several more !

  3. coupongeek says

    Yes, which is totally cool! It’s just a dollar amount off so if the Organic eggs are higher, I’ll have to pay the difference. Very exciting!


  4. coupongeek says

    LOL, I think we need to send them shopping more often, Debbye! :)

    Those are some great catalinas!


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