Recycle/Reuse: Containers from Cascade, Mentos and M&Ms

There are some items that I randomly buy when I can get a good deal on them or maybe need a “filler item” at CVS. Here are a few rare items that I buy that I’ve turned the containers into something somewhat useful:

Cascade Dishwasher Pacs – I picked these up on a super hot deal. The container looked interesting so I kept it and then later turned it into…

…a little compost holder that I keep by my sink. Whenever I am peeling veggies, I just throw the scraps in there. A gallon-sized slider Ziploc bag will fit inside perfectly if you take off the slider piece. When it’s full, I just pull out the bag, dump the scraps into my compost bin and then clean out the Ziploc bag to re-use or recycle, depending on how it looks. You’d be surprised how much veggie scraps can add up to over a week’s time. You can also use them for a small trash container in your vehicle or to keep on hand during “flu season.”

Mini-M&Ms Holder – I buy these for things like Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, CVS filler items, etc. My kids love the little bite-sized candies. And the containers are the perfect size to hold quarters. I keep one in our travel bags. This way, we always have change for vending machines, arcades, etc. They might also work nicely inside a center console/glove box of a car for toll money.

Mentos Gum – These are the perfect size to hold Q-tips for a travel case. I cannot stress this enough, though–make sure you thoroughly clean them if that’s how you are going to re-use them. You don’t want anything to get on the Qtips.

These are just a few random containers that I’ve been able to find an alternate uses for before recycling. Can you think of any other ideas for these containers?

Stay tuned next week as I’ll have several items that you can use to start seeds for your garden!