Recycle/Reuse: CD Cases

One of the things a lot of us probably have lying around are CD Cases. We’ve put most of our music on some iPod type gadget or have the CDs in a case that holds several CDs at once.

This is a simple project that you can do to turn a CD case into a cute little photo frame. I thought this might be an idea for the kids to do for a Mother’s Day gift for a Mom/Grandma. All you need is a CD case, a photo and some crafty type items, such as beads, sequins, stickers, pom poms, ribbon, foam sheets, glittery paper, etc.

You can see the picture above of two that my sister and niece made together.

And here’s how they look from an angle, set-up as a photo frame:

They simply taped/glued the edges of a photo inside and put in a backing of a foam sheet or glittery paper that looked like this:

Next, they designed the outsides. The orange one is kept real simple with pieces of leftover foam sheet, glued on sequins/bead and silver ribbon that was curled.

On the other one, the picture background is a shiny piece of glittery paper. There are sequins/stickers around the photo. Ribbon is added to the top edge of the case and the outer edges are cut up pieces of colored straws and pom poms in each corner.

I love how simple this project is. I’m going to find some cute photos and materials and have my hubby sit down with the kids and design me some for a gift. The kids will love the time with Daddy and have fun making them, too. I’ll probably do the same for him for Father’s Day so he can have one for his desk at work.

Another idea is to decorate the inside of the cases, too. You might be able to cut out a circular piece of posterboard, tape it inside and have the kids write a special message like, “You fill my heart with music. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Here are a few places you might be able to sign-up for as a new Customer to get some free photos:

~Kodak Gallery

Hoping you have fun if you end up making them! A special thank you to my sister for the idea and for letting me use her examples in my posting!