Quick Giveaway: Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life Book – 5 Winners!

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

If there’s one thing I am in dire need of it’s to get into a better cleaning routine. I was doing very well when I was sticking to the Morning and Nighttime Routines I had set-up for myself. Over Spring Break, I remembered an idea from Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life Book of cleaning out one drawer/closet/cabinet a week and instead I cleaned out one a day. I focused mostly on my kitchen cabinets and a few of our closets. It was so nice to see a little bit of accomplishment at the the end of each day. I’ve been doing everything to make sure that they stay clean and organized, too!

I’ve mentioned this book a few times in the past and it is definitely on the list of my favorites when it comes to “self-help” books. Several years ago, a few of my family members and co-workers got together and did the 10 week program. It was amazing how much it changed my daily routines for the better. Each week, you are given four new steps and the idea is to continue the ones you’ve done the weeks before, as well. They not only focus on cleaning but on health, exercise and setting goals for yourself. Some of the steps are very simple and are probably already a part of your daily routines. What I loved the most is that they give you great information for each step and ideas for how to go about incorporating them into your life.

I decided to dust off my book and start up their “program” again here real soon. I always love to give my readers a chance to go along with the little challenges I give myself so I’ve decided to do a quick 24-hour giveaway on this one. Five lucky readers will win this so make sure you sign-up so you can try be one of them!


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Good luck to all of you who enter!

This giveaway is sponsored solely by Coupon Geek as a way to encourage my readers to help get in a new routine for cleaning, health, fitness and goals.

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  1. Becky Smith says

    I need this book really bad in my life as its really out of control. Medical reason and it has consumd my life…

  2. Kim says

    Use club soda to clean stainless steel. Cheap and more effective than cleansers and it won’t scratch your surfaces. Count me in the drawing please.

  3. Mary Jo Fellows says

    I am always on the hunt for easier ways to do things. Right now, I try to do one room or one thing each evening after work so im not overwhelmed do everything at once and my weekends are free to relax.

  4. Jackie says

    Make a list for yourself, long term and short tern goals. Cross them off one thing at time, and don’t beat yourself up if they’re not happening as quickly as you like. Relax and savor the moments you can control.

  5. M. Johnston says

    I’m more likely to get things done in the morning before work. After work I’m useless, all my energy has been used up during the day.

  6. Mary Hanson says

    To stay healthy, I take my dog on a 2 mile walk each night after work. It not only keeps me in shape but my dog also!

  7. Stefanie ecuyer says

    In order for me to be successful to reach my goals, I have to get a friend involved. I need to be accountable to someone else besides myself. So, if I win this amazing book, I will grab a friend and get with the program!

  8. Michele Behlen says

    I need this book. I have tried the one thing a day and one thing a week. I start out good but always give up and things go back to the way it was. I guess my advice is never give up.

  9. diane says

    My tip is to have things close by…example is my changing table..i make sure the wipes, diapers, plastic bags for smelly diapers, extra clothes, pair of socks are all by the table. Saves time and my sanity!

  10. Janice K. says

    Staying organized and having a place for everything makes clean-up easy for you and your family. Then yhey can’t debate that they don’t know where anything goes!

  11. Jessica says

    I break goals down into simple, easy steps. Even the most basic goals can be broken down and it makes them much easier to manage and reach.

  12. Wendy says

    I have learned that making small and attainable goals is key to keep on track. I am a full time student with 3 kids and a hubby in the military so keeping on track is essential to me. I would love the book so I can definately keep my family on track since my hubby is deploying for a year.

  13. Christy Anderson says

    I have been learning to make healthier choices and realizing how many calories are in foods I eat (which is causing me to gain weight) by using the Daily Burn Tracker app.

  14. Patty M. says

    I make a small to do list every day for the following day. Most days I can cross everything off, if not then I add it to the next day, sure makes my life easier. I also have found that if I do a load of laundry every day rather than doing several loads in one day it really makes a huge difference.

  15. Susan Salerno says

    When trying to achieve goals. I find that by using positive affirmations, they seem easier to achieve.

  16. Lori G says

    Write down your goals, do two lists, long term and short term. Tackle the short term list daily and when you can, add in something from the long term list. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get everything done, there’s always tomorrow :)

  17. Tracy says

    I always start with the three basics: empty the trash cans, load / unload the dishwasher and start / fold a load of clothes.

  18. maureen wire says

    I like coupon geek …but need some advice I dont know of any to give :( maybe spend time with family!!! give someone “good” mail…card or letter…you never know it but they might be having a bad day!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  19. kathleen griffin says

    Becky I’m with you. 3 yrs later, 7 surgeries and 2 more to go!!! Talk about life uncontrolled. I DO really need this book.

  20. Mandy B says

    Anytime I walk from room to room, I scan for anything that needs put away. I’m constantly chasing my kids, so I get a lot of stuff put away this way.

  21. curls717 says

    Never go up or down the stairs empty handed. Baskets at top and/or bottom help too. Also, especially when my kids were little, when cleaning a room I would put anything that belonged in a different room in a laundry basket, so I would stay in that room and not get sidetracked. I think having kids makes you ADD..lol

  22. Tracy A says

    I know it’s basic, but I like to create a To Do List and be able to check off my completed items in order to feel I’ve accomplished something for that day. Of course, it helps to break down the “cleaning” into specific tasks so more to check off!

  23. Lorin says

    My cleaning tip: Store all toys in adult-like boxes. It keeps your home from looking like a kid-zone which will motivate you to keep things tidy. The messier it looks – the quicker you are to give up on maintanence!

  24. Cynthia says

    I clean one room a night or dust one night, vacuum another night etc. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed.

  25. Maria B. says

    I try to keep up on a few items each day so that I don’t get too overwhelmed (i.e. check/ take out trash each day, go through the daily mail when it comes in, put the kids’ toys away at the end of each day, etc.)

  26. Michelle P says

    I have to make lists for myself. I love crossing things off the list when they are done. For that simple little reason, I do much better with getting things accomplished (big or small) when I make lists.

  27. Barbara says

    I eat my foods as unprocessed as possible (I’ve lost over 100 pounds!), I’m struggling with goal setting, but starting to write them down along with the steps necessary to achieve them so that I can start scheduling doing those things. My favorite cleaning tip is for the blender. I make fruit smoothies every morning then I put about 1/3 full of hot water with some dish soap and turn it on for a minute. Then all I have to do is rinse and let it dry!

  28. Patricia Crowley says

    I get the whole family involved by setting a timer for 10 minutes and clean like maniacs until time runs out…we call it a “white tornado”