Keeping a Low Inventory List

One of the quickest ways to burn through your monthly budget is to have to buy items at full price. After couponing for awhile, it’s almost amusing that I barely even know what the full price is on many items. I just know my “stock-up price” for when to buy a few of the things I use. But as prices are increasing on everything lately, the stock-up price will soon have to change, too.

Several months ago, my husband told me he was out of shampoo. And of course, I had zero coupons for them. I dug through every sales ad hoping at least I could find it on sale. Nothing. I was in shock when I went to buy some and realized full price was around $6. Wow! Talk about cutting into my budget that week.

Normally we have a rule that if you are down to the last one of an item, you let me know or put it on the “Low Inventory List.” Well, over the holidays, I got busy and I didn’t keep up with things the way that I should. And I dearly paid the price (literally) when we ran out of things now and then. Most of the time, I was able to scrape up a decent deal but in the case of the shampoo, I couldn’t.

So I am now getting myself organized again and making sure we keep our Low Inventory List updated. I actually keep one in my food pantry, one on the fridge and one in the bathroom storage closet. When it comes time to make my shopping list for the week, I just check all of them to see what’s listed. I then start looking for deals over the next few weeks for those items.

Typically you’ll see sales on the items you use about every 3 months. So I normally just keep enough on hand until the next sales cycle. This is how you start to stockpile. But I’ll share more on stockpiling in a future post.

I’m hoping that if you haven’t already that you’ll begin to keep a Low Inventory List of your own so you never have to pay full price for any of the items that you use.

Have you recently ran out of something and were surprised at the full price cost?