How to Make Pizza Loaf

About 12 years ago, I found a recipe in a Taste of Home magazine that has become quite a favorite of mine over the years. It’s one for making a Pizza Loaf. I remember making one and bringing it in to work to share and everyone needed a photo copy of the recipe before the day was over.

I’m happy to see that they’ve posted the Pizza Loaf Recipe on their site. You can go there to get all the ingredients and tips for it. I made one recently and I took some pictures so you could have a step-by-step visual for it. You can make your own dough, but the nice part of this recipe is that you can just buy frozen dough at your store and let it thaw to save you some time. It goes fairly quickly after the dough is ready.

Spray your cookie sheet and roll out your dough.

Mix up the ingredients from the recipe and spread it across the dough.

Add on any toppings that you want. We used pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, olives, green peppers and yellow pepper rings for this one. The pepperoni is straight from the butcher and so good!

Next, top it with cheese. I used mozzarella in this one.

Here comes the tricky part. You need to start at one end and begin to carefully roll it up into a loaf, tucking in the sides as you go. But be careful not to stretch the top too thin and create a hole or your toppings will ooze out. You are going to lay it seam side down in the middle of the cookie sheet when you are done rolling it. And then brush with egg whites.

This is the finished cooked product. It didn’t brown up quite as much as some have in the past. But still delicious!

Next you cut it into slices and then dip them into some pizza sauce.

I made a second one that was just veggies and shredded taco cheese. This was an extra for freezing for later. It didn’t take up much extra time to make a second.

I cut it up and put the slices in a stacking Lock n Lock Freezer Container. (There are actually two containers here, one stacked on top of the other.) I should be able to take one out when I need one for a spare lunch. I haven’t tried this before so we’ll see if it works! I’ve never had issues with freezing bread products so it should be fine. I’ll probably thaw in the fridge first, as that seems to work best with other bread products.

You can go to Taste of Home for the complete printable Pizza Loaf Recipe. I really do love the Taste of Home Magazine and have found several great recipes, such as this one, in there. I hope you end up liking it if you try it.