Giveaways: $15 Whole Foods Market Gift Cards – 2 Winners!

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

I was very happy to be given two $15 Whole Foods Market Gifts Cards to giveaway to my readers. I am quite a fan of the Whole Foods Market stores. When I walk into their store, I know I am going to find a great selection of healthier foods. And I am always amazed at the fresh selection of Organic Produce that they have. It’s quite sad how small the selections of Organic foods are in most of my local grocery stores. I would probably shop exclusively at Whole Foods Market if ours was a little closer of a drive.

And here’s another reason to love them: “As of Earth Day, Whole Foods Market will be the first national retailer to no longer carry red-rated species in our seafood departments. Red-rated species are suffering from overfishing, or they’re caught in ways that harm other marine life or ocean ecosystems.”

I’m hoping that if you have a Whole Foods Market store near you that you will take the time to stop in and check out what they have to offer!


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Good luck to all of you who enter!

A special thank you to Whole Foods for the gift cards for my readers that win this giveaway. I only provide honest reviews and let my sponsors know this before accepting any offers. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Bethany Peters says

    I have never been to whole food, but would love to check it out! I’ve only heard good things! With being 33 weeks pregnant eating right and staying healthy is my number one priority!

  2. Tori says

    I love Whole Foods, especially for their olive bar and that they carry Skyr and the good deal on the prepared meals.

  3. Tere Engbrecht says

    My favorite thing to buy at Whole Foods is this Mediterranean Spice Blend. I use it on everything. mmmm,

  4. Alex McCoy says

    I love Whole Foods! It is my favorite grocery store so I really appreciate it when you have coupons for organic products and the gift card giveaway!!!! I already “like” you on FB. I would put “love” if they had it.

  5. Alissa says

    I love Whole Foods! I get usually get eggs, milk ,produce, and supplements from there. I also recommend using their coupon book “the Whole Deal”. I use coupons there just like I would at other stores.

  6. Gretchen says

    I shop at whole foods about once a week. We always buy Calder’s milk for our daughter.

  7. Alex McCoy says

    I just realized I forgot to say what I buy there… I buy much of their bulk items such as quinoa, raisins, and all kinds of rice. My favorite though, is their vegan chocolate chip cookies in the bakery!

  8. Alex McCoy says

    I “like” Whole Foods on FB and check out their specials each and every week through their link on FB.

  9. Jen says

    I have shopped there a few times, and really enjoyed the Arctic Zero ice cream that I purchased there.

  10. says

    I love Whole Foods freshly made and risen pizza dough! It’s next to the take and bake pizzas and at $3.99 is a steal. (comes in wheat variety and gluten free variety as well) They also sell pre-measured sauce, cheese and toppings that make last minute dinner a breeze. The dough pre-bakes with a little olive oil and spices for 5 minutes and then add your sauce, cheese and toppings for another 10 minutes and you will present an artisan style pizza that people will rave over. Whole Foods makes you look like a gourmand by putting goat cheese, chopped sausages and even unique vegetable toppings all pre-sliced in the case next to the dough, so unique pizza toppings and combinations are all there for the making. It’s my go-to for last minute dinner that is sure to please EVERYBODY and one of the many reasons I adore Whole Foods.

  11. Ashley Denby says

    I have never been to Whole Foods since the closest one is about 45 mins away but if I had a giftcard for the store I would definetly take the trip to check it out. I am very big on eating healthy and naturally!

  12. Lori B says

    We’ll finally get a WF store in our state later this year. I look forward to checking it out!

  13. Ashley Denby says

    I just liked Whole Foods on Facebook! Lol I have done every single thing, hope I have a good chance of winning!! :]

  14. stephanie herrra says

    I love getting sandwichs their, cashew butter, rice milk and ghee. Its pretty much where i shop for everthing!

  15. Joyce Wedel says

    I have been to Whole Foods many times as I was addicted to it since the very first I walked thru those doors and had samples of clementines greeting me. They were delicious and now I buy them all the time. I love & buy something from just about every aisle but I must say I enjoy the salad/soup section where I get to taste before I buy and I have never been dissapointed…..everything is always so fresh & delicious. Then I pamper myself with a perfect cup of coffee and irrestible bakery item while I sample all the high end lotions & make up. I don’t call this the errand as we know it….”Grocery Shopping”………..I now call it an “experience” which takes the chore out of shopping. : )

  16. Gloria says

    Udi’s gluten free blueberry muffins are very tasty. I also really like Garden Lites veggie and egg frozen souffles.

  17. kellie p says

    I love Whole Foods, their is so much to choice from, I cant decide what’s my favorite, the fresh fruit and veggies, the herbed popcorn, the whey protein, the fresh seafood, the meats, the organic coffee !!!!!!

  18. Nicole P. says

    I love Whole Foods! Seems the shop in my town is always having some fun event in store to check out. I love their selection of dairy free items, and at great prices too!

  19. Val says

    Whole Foods has the best produce of any store in my area. The meat and seafood are spectacular. As are the bulk grains.

  20. CJ says

    I’ve only been to Whole Foods once – got great deals on toilet paper and cereal. I’d love to win a gift card and go again!

  21. Alex says

    I LOVE Whole Foods, particularly for their meat and produce. Other favorites of mine include their rotisserie chicken (they have a good variety of flavors) and their pizza… the one close to me has specials for BOGO pizzas one night a week.

  22. Jacqueline says

    I love Whole Foods!! They have a great selection of dairy-free foods for me, which is often difficult to find…

  23. Sheila K. says

    I love my local Whole Foods store—I always buy seeds and nuts in bulk there, and their cheese selection is great!

  24. MelodyJ says

    Yes I’ve been to Whole Foods. I like to get yogret, sausage and bakery items. Some beauty products as well.


  25. Calshondra Williams says

    I think that Whole Foods is awesome! I love shopping there and hope I win. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway and opportunity to win.

  26. Debbie M. says

    I hear we will have a Whole Foods here in Wilmington, NC soon! Cant wait to try it out!!

  27. Barb K says

    Yes I have been in a Whole Foods Store. Have great things there. Had to buy for a party. So I bought some of there blueberry bread and Chocolate Cake. All made with natural ingredients. Very good not overly sweet.

  28. Valencia says

    I have only been to Whole Foods a few times but I love to go and buy Julian’s Gourmet Waffles.

  29. Calshondra Williams says

    Shared and posted this giveaway on Facebook under name: Calshondra Williams

  30. Jessie A says

    I love shopping at Whole foods when I can work i into our budget. I love their bulk foods section the organic popcorn is such a good deal .

  31. Michele says

    I’ve been to Whole Foods and love their deli products and already made food (Pizza, etc.)

  32. Dawn Takagi says

    I LOVE Whole Foods! I like to get their locally grass-fed burgers for lunch. Also, they have a lot of hard to find organic produce that I can only reliably get there like: apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. They also have the freshest produce. And their fish is amazing – wild caught salmon is our favorite. Their gelato is wonderful too! So many things to get there! It is my absolute favorite place to shop!

  33. June says

    I’m following on Twitter.
    Love Whole Foods and shop there every week. Great store with extremely helpful employees and great food.

  34. Janet B. says

    Our closest Whole Foods is 2 hours away. When I am traveling & get close to one I always make a stop. I love their produce section & bakery. Whole Foods is a great source for vegetarian/vegan foods. I will be traveling in 2 weeks & will definitely be shopping at Whole Foods!!

  35. lise d says

    We have a whole foods and I love the deli ! The foods are beyond fabulous. The tabouli is to die for. The smell of the soap aisle is fantastic also! We even buy grass for our cat to eat! (No it’s the the medicinal one :)

  36. Kathy Allison-Kelly says

    I shop at the Whole Foods in Cleveland and I love the produce, cosmetics and the prepared food. The breakfast is awesome!!

  37. sandy says

    I’ve been to whole foods a couple of times. a bit pricey but my kids have mutiple food allergies.

  38. kathleen griffin says

    Love Whole Foods. You can find some very unique items there. Their organic chicken is so juicy and delicious. It’s worth the splurge.

  39. Diana G says

    Bread for sure. It is one of the best. I just wish a location would be closer to me. I have to take a 45min-1h drive once a week to stock up. :)

  40. Susan Salerno says

    I have never been to Whole Foods but have always wanted to go there. My friends rave about it.

  41. Teresa says

    I love shopping at Whole Foods Market! It’s so beautiful and the food is such good quality. I love to buy their fresh produce and when their meat is on special, I stock up! Thanks for the chance!

  42. Teresa says

    I’ve ‘liked’ both the major Whole Foods Blog AND our local Whole Foods Market Blog in Portland, ME.

    Thanks for the chance!

  43. Steffanie says

    I have been to several Whole Foods in at least 3 states I can think of. I don’t buy lots of prepared foods – I usually get staples like natural PB or coffee beans!

  44. Mary Ann D. says

    I have been to Whole Foods many times. I love everything there, especially their organic fruits and vegetables and nice selection of soy milk.

  45. Renee Rousseau says

    There is a Whole Foods near one of my accounts that I cover every other week.
    Last week I discovered their Apple Pecan Pound Cake (made in house) and it was “to die for”. I also picked up my first tomato plant this year there. I make sure I have my lunch there.

  46. julie k says

    I have never shopped at Whole Foods but would love to give it a try. My brother shops there regularly and loves it.

  47. Diane says

    When I lived in CA I used to get lunch at Whole Food every once in awhile. I loved everything that I got and especially loved their selection of nuts.

  48. jean cannon says

    i rarely shop at whole foods but when i do, i’ve purchased their essential oils

  49. says

    i love whole foods and go their with my dad becuase he has a gluten allergy and has to eat gluten free food only. My poor dad. But, whole foods has a lot to choose from and we love it there. Thank you

  50. says

    Love shopping at Whole Foods! I normally buy the produce and nut milks as well as some of their grain varieties. Sometimes I also like buying their delicious freshly made hot soups.

  51. natalie says

    If you shop wisely and pair up coupons with sales, the prices aren’t so bad. The 365 brand is reasonably price and they have amazing grilled vegetables or will grill them to oyu can’t beat saving 10 cents for every bag you bring in plus they are super about returns oas long as you have the receipt. The prepared foods are also great..a luxury but you can ask for a sample to try before you buy(not that I have but have seen others).

  52. natalie says

    If you shop wisely and pair up coupons with sales, the prices aren’t so bad. The 365 brand is reasonably price and they have amazing grilled vegetables or will grill them to oyu can’t beat saving 10 cents for every bag you bring in plus they are super about returns oas long as you have the receipt. The prepared foods are also great..a luxury but you can ask for a sample to try before you buy(not that I have but have seen others).

  53. Kassandra says

    Love shopping at Whole Foods! I like to buy seafood, meats, bulk food items, fruit, veggies and specialty, hard to find items.

  54. Jessica says

    I frequently shop at Whole Foods. I love the selection they carry but my favorite thing is the cheese counter! They have a basket full of small cuts, like trial sizes of cheese! It’s the most affordable way to try something new or indulge in something a little pricey!

  55. Janice Cooper says

    I like getting apple cider vinegar, veggie lunch meat and fresh salads from the deli at Whole Foods.

  56. Reema says

    My dad and I shop at Whole Foods every Sunday. Fresh fruit and veggies for the week! Organic milk, cage free eggs, and sourdough bread! Mmm.

  57. Michelle says

    I have been only once. But I loved their selection of beans and legumes. Beans and rice are a staple in my family!

  58. kvnsgrl says

    I have only been there once, but I’ve never bought anything. I’d like to buy some of their wonderful produce or something from their bulk bins.

  59. Geri S says

    LOVE Whole Foods and always get from their deli soup and salad!!! I also LIKE to get their Root Beer Milk when they have it.

  60. Cathy says

    I love to buy meat at Whole Foods because it’s hormone and antibiotic free. Thank you for the giveaway!

  61. Lynell says

    Love Whole Foods! Love love, their pizzas ….stopped by for a quick lunch the other day and had a slice of their cheese pizza with an iced cold ginger ale…YUMMY!! : )

  62. Sarabeth says

    I love Whole Foods! I can’t afford to shop there nearly as much as I’d like since I’m a graduate student, but I’m addicted to their brand of soy crisps. They also have awesome sesame tofu in their prepared foods section.

  63. Sandy C says

    I love shopping at Whole Foods! I especially love the organic fruit juices they sell there.

  64. says

    I love shopping at whole foods. My favorite thing is the bakery. I am always finding great desserts to share with my staff. I also love the many choices of olives they have. Either way I’m in trouble once I walk in the door.

  65. maureen wire says

    hi use to go for lunch alot,not too much anymore…but recently went there for butter my mom couldnt find!! can you say wonderful bakery section??? :) :)

  66. Jeni says

    I love to buy frozen fruit for smoothies!!! The 365 bags are the cheapest you can find anywhere!

  67. Michele says

    I go to Whole Foods about once a month, I love their gorgonzola burgers in the meat dept.

  68. Krystyna says

    I have a WF about a mile form the house. Love their meat selection and the choices they have that are ready to cook. Also enjoy their lunches packed and ready to go.

  69. Kristen Hales says

    I have not been to Whole Foods, but have been dying to go – it’s a long drive from my house! If I won, this would definitely make it worth the trip to check it out!

  70. Jessica Frye says

    I have only been to Whole Foods a couple times; however, we are trying to move my 6 year old autistic son to a diet with less gluten, so I like to go wander the aisles looking for foods I think his pickiness may eat. :)

  71. Anna says

    I love whole foods. they are great for vitamins/supplements and Himalayan salt. just wish there was one closer to my house

  72. Lori G says

    Since moving to Florida last August, I have only been to Whole Foods once and that was to tour around with my nephew. We had a ball trying samples of cheese and meats!

  73. Patricia Crowley says

    I have never been to Whole Foods, but I have friends who love it…I’d love to give them a try!

  74. Heather Gray says

    I just went into Whole Foods for the first time on Saturday as they just opened a store in my town, and it was an absolutely great store!

  75. Shirley says

    yes i have been to Whole foods. they have the most amazing fruit and vegtable department.

  76. Audrea says

    I have been once to find a specific nut butter and thankfully they had it. I defintely want to go back.

  77. Jackie R says

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I have been to Whole Foods. I love to buy meats and bulk items there.

  78. chantal cooper says

    I have not but hope to soon

    chantal cooper
    chantalgiardina (at) yahoo (dot) com

  79. jacquie says

    they just opened a new Whole Foods near my house (Lynnwood, WA) so excited to start shopping there.

  80. says

    I absolutely LOVE the beautiful way they arrange their produce. My first experience was in North VA on a family vacation. Coming from Alaska, Whole Foods looked like the garden of eden. My dad even tried to take a video of it to show our friend back at home. Seriously. (they stopped him. 😉 )

  81. Can says

    I love Whole Foods. Love to buy Synergy Kombucha, bulk grains and Dr. Bronner’s soap products there.

  82. Phyllisa Best says

    I’ve been to whole foods before right down the street from me. I love buying natural hair products such as aubrey organics and so on.

  83. Jane says

    I live in an area in Detroit where grocery stores are usually filled with nearly expired food, expensive prices and just an overall poor shopping experience. But recently Whole Foods has decided to invest in my community! They will break ground next month. If I win a gift card I will be the first in line when the doors open!

  84. Christina M says

    I LOVE Whole Foods and shop there when I can. I especially like their prepared foods bar.

  85. Belle says

    I have been to Whole Foods and the most wonderful thing I love about it is their Salad Bar…Yum Yum!!!

  86. Lahna says

    I love whole foods when I have the extra money to shop there! Their breakfast burritos are a tasty quick breakfast!

  87. marcella holck says

    I’ve been to wholefoods a couple of times. I love to buy fruit there. It always seems to taste better when I am able to buy it there.

  88. Jen says

    I go to Whole Foods regularly. I don’t buy all my groceries there, but I love specific items like whole wheat tortillas, bulk grains and baking products, and on-sale organic fruits and veggies.

  89. Becky Smith says

    I have been to whole foods before love to go there it relax’s (sp) me. I love thier cheeses and thier grilled asparagus. I buy thier cheese remenits for a fraction of the cost. also sometimes they have some produce marked down… just have to go through the store and take your time to find the good deals and thats what I do if I am having a stressful day to be honest its the only way I can afford to shop there but love the store so much.
    Thank You

  90. Donna Poland says

    I have never been to a Whole Foods store, but have heard wonderful comments about them. Looking forward to a fantastic shopping experience.

  91. Barbara says

    I love love love Whole Foods. I’ve been to the one in Atlanta, but we have a Greenlife Grocery here that is the same company as Whole Foods (don’t know why they call it something different). I love their gelato. It’s great and you can get just a small amount. I also buy JK Scrumpy hard cider there (only place to get it!) and Bissinger’s Dark Chocolate, Awesome!

  92. Cathryn Witty says

    I love Whole Foods. Their seafood is always fresh and I can trust the sustainibility of their fish.The fish mongers there are great. The produce is always fresh and the variety is outstanding. I do not mind spending a little more to get the best,

  93. B says

    I love their organic wines, plus they have this awesome frozen cod fillet that my hubby enjoys, not to mention i love their sparkling mineral water :-)

  94. julie says

    I like whole foods for there jar hamburger pickles, Ezekiel tortillas, fresh cookies and my 8yr old daughter loves there homemade tuna! We love Coupons!! :)

  95. Dana says

    I have been to Whole Foods a few times looking for items I couldn’t find at the grocery store.

  96. Shannon Hayes says

    i am following you on facebook! My fave thing at whole foods is to get the breads and gourmet cheeses. We don’t get to do it very often…but when we do…YUM! Favorite cheese is the Drunken Goat!

  97. Janet B. says

    As a vegetarian I find they have a lot better selection of foods than our regular grocery stores.

  98. Amanda R says

    I like their seafood and their produce. I don’t have one near me now but will visit family soon and they have one.

  99. janine says

    I try to avoid going there as it’s not exactly in my budget at th emoment, but I love all the organic grains etc

  100. Aly C says

    I love Whole Foods because they usually have the only available supply of some supplements we take at the cheapest price and for Wednesday double flyers!

  101. Maria Malaveci says

    I love Whole Foods. I love buying hair products there!


  102. Marcia D says

    Love Whole Foods. Shop for things here in florida and ship in my goodie box to daughter.