Giveaway: $100 in Gardening Items through “Use It Don’t Waste It Challenge”

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Winner will be announced soon!

I mentioned last week that I was going to be starting a “Use It, Don’t Waste Challenge” for the month of April. This is a challenge to all my readers to be conscious of what they are buying and eating throughout the week so that they don’t have food that goes unused and has to be thrown out. I challenge my readers to get their refrigerators cleaned out and to be aware of what we have that’s soon expiring or at the point of no longer being good and trying to use those in our weekly meals so they aren’t wasted.

As you can see, I took time yesterday in cleaning out my fridge and trying to organize it in a way that things wouldn’t fall into the “invisible zone” of the fridge–you know the one where your food disappears to and only returns after its gone bad and you ask yourself, “When did I make that?” I’ve also added a 13×9 Pyrex dish to my bottom shelf that I’ll be using for defrosting foods. I’ve done this before and it helps prevent any defrosting spills in my fridge. My plan is to keep washing it and leaving it there at all times so I don’t need to worry about finding room for it. That way, I can quickly defrost foods when I need to.

I put my fruit and veggies that could easily spoil in some Produce Saver containers. This helps extend the life of them so I can hopefully use them throughout the whole week. I’m hoping to get all non-meat food scraps/peels into my compost bin. I’ve made a menu plan for the week and I even added notes as to what we have for possible snacks. Hopefully this will help make sure everything gets used.

And the picture of the over-ripe bananas I shared with you? Those will be made into banana bread that I hope to post later this week, if it turns out. (They are currently in the freezer!) Throughout the month, I’ll be sharing ways that I’ve found on how to limit what gets wasted in our house.

And now for the giveaway info. In order to enter the $100 in Gardening Items Giveaway, you must pledge to take the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge.” Not only will it give you entries into the giveaway, but it might help you save money on your grocery budget during the month! The winner of the giveaway will get a $100 Gift Card to the store of their choice for buying gardening needs. What a great way to help you start a new garden–or expand on one you already have!


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Good luck to all of you who enter!

This giveaway is sponsored solely by Coupon Geek as a way to encourage my readers to reduce food waste and to help save money on their grocery budgets!

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  1. Lori Huck says

    I saw this challenge last week and was super excited to push my family to a non-wasteful one. I cleaned the Freezer and the Fridge yesterday. Checked dates on everything, took a written list of everything I had. Then proceeded to find receipes for items on sale, and what I had on hand. I was shocked when I planned out my week of dinner, I didn’t need as much I would have normally purchased. Thank goodness for double coupons at Piggly Wiggly yesterday, I saved over $50 in coupons and sale items, and spent $68 on groceries!

  2. says

    Use it dont waist it challene!
    I always have meat and veggies that go bad befoe i get to them so im going to try and take one afternoon this week (spring break) and put together some meals to do in the crock-pot and then freeze for “rush” dinner night when we dont have time to really cook!!

  3. Terri D. says

    I take theUse It Don’t Waste It” Pledge. I plan on using all my veggies no matter what. Whether it is for snacks, in meals, salads, etc, they will ALL get used.

  4. says

    Totally accepting this challenge! The freezer is my plan, but also I’ve been saving glass jars (pickles, salsa, pesto, etc) and using them as storage containers instead of just recycling them, and…instead of just tossing scraps, what can be composted is.

  5. bernadette leal says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge.” I plan on making a menu for the whole week ahead of time. This will save me time and money!

  6. MAHA AMLEH says

    we don’t waste food we make our kids eat everything they put in their plate. and uncooked food usually doesn’t get wasted because we have a big family and we cook almost everyday :)

  7. Tammy N says

    I take the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge”. I have been excited about the challenge and have worked hard organizing the fridge, freezers, and pantry! I’m already a meal planner, we eat leftovers, hubby takes his lunch to work… but we still have some waste. I’m looking forward to working harder at cutting down the amount of items that end up in the trash! Step one is to start cooking smaller meals… not planning for leftovers! This means I’ll need to rethink my shopping and make sure I have other items on hand!

  8. Karen says

    I take the challenge. I’m going to start having a clean the fridge meal night. Leftovers only for supper. Hopefully, everything will get eaten this way.

  9. Krystyna says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge.” I buy ground turkey in bulk and freeze it and take it out the morning I need it. Also pleadge to only by veggies and fruits that I will use. I also am looking into starting a compost system in the back yard!

  10. bevb. says

    I accept the challenge…I use my spent coffee grounds on my outdoor plants and bushes and I use my hot vinegar water from the coffee pot cleaning in my sink/bathtub drains to keep them clean w/baking soda.

  11. Shannon says

    Taking this challenge to a new level now that we dont have chickens to share our extras with. Like you on facebook

  12. Solducky says

    I love this pledge!! I am planning to compost kitchen scraps rather than just toss them.
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  13. Shannon says

    Love your website & this challenge! BTW, Food Network has a great banana bread recipe that turns out great all the time for me! My plan is to keep less food in the fridge so nothing gets lost. If they can see it, they will eat it!

  14. Jen Fitzpatrick says

    I accept the challenge and the way I’m going to stop wasting food is to make my family eat more leftovers

  15. Melissa A. says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge” I plan on my family eating all of our fruits and veggies before they go bad!

  16. scottsgal says

    I accept the challenge. We throw out too much food so my goal is not to buy as much and really concentrate on eating leftovers which we typically don’t do.

  17. Amanda Hoffman says

    I accept the challenge. A tip would be to put all veggies and fruit in front of food that takes longer to spoil so when you go to grab a snack those are right in front of you

  18. Michelle says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge.” I have a big family so we really do not waste with food. I plan to freeze everything that can be used in something else. I have started a garden and plan to use it or freeze it.

  19. kshanvy says

    Love it. We al ways try to eat all of our leftovers, and have 5 dogs they take care of the rest. But we dont recycle and I am going to try and do that. I subscribe by email and am a fan on facebook.

  20. Heather T. says

    We are very careful not to waste food already but something always ends up in the trash, so we need to be extra careful about rotating fruits and vegies that seems to be our worst culprit, I think just having a memo board with what and when it was bought., I like you on facebook, I subscribe to emails, and I talked about it on my facebook page, this is a great giveaway, oh I love the idea of leaving a container in the fridge for thawing, I to have had those really nasty messes, its just gross.

  21. Jenny van Boxtel says

    I accept the challenge…I NEED to do a better job. I’m constantly finding something that I literally forgot was in my fridge. I am going to clean the fridge today–accept your challenge and do a better job! I hate wasting food and produce!!
    Also, another way to help not waste food–I’m going to put the veggies into a big pot of soup & freeze portions.

  22. Michelle P says

    I am excited to do this challenge – it is what I have been working toward for a long time, but I have sometimes gotten lazy. I will be better about making it work this time by freezing fruits and veggies if it looks like we won’t use them before they go bad. I also plan to stop buying lunch meat – as a whole package never seems to get used up before I have to toss it.

  23. Anita Beagle says

    I am accepting the use it don’t waste it challenge. My tip is to eat more leftovers. My husband and I are planning on making 2 nights a week left over night in order to finish up all the leftovers. Because that seems to be the source of most of our waste.

  24. Stefanie L. says

    I accept the challenge! This month my husband has agreed to take leftovers to lunch with him. So no more forgotten leftovers in the fridge!

  25. Alisha says

    I love this challege. I freeze my fresh veggies that are left over in small 2 cup ziploc bags. I also do this with left over ham and turkey or chicken, then when I want to make soup everything is all measured and chopped and I just throw it on the stove with some broth and instant meal! I am also hoping to not lose things in the back of the fridge, I swear there is a black hole back there!!

  26. Lori S says

    I accept the challenge. I will freeze any fruit or veggies that I will not use and save for soup or smoothies later.


  27. Kathy G. says

    I love this!!! What I do is take any leftover vegetables (even if it’s a TBS.) and put it in a tall container in the freezer. When it’s full, in the winter, I make a big pot of soup with ever leftover meat (chicken, beef, etc.), gravy, broth, etc. In the warmer months I’ll put the left over vegs. in my macoroni salad. Yum on both accounts!!!!

  28. Andrea D. says

    I take the pledge and will try to freeze what I don’t use or try to reuse it in different leftovers. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  29. Nancy says

    I’ll accept the Challenge! I will be more aware of my left-overs and produce that needs to be used before it goes bad. Keeping a section of “needs to be used” items in the fridge will be helpful, I think!

  30. Lisa says

    I accept the Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge. How I plan not to waste food. Every leftover will either be frozen for a later date or re-purposed into another recipe/dinner. All over ripe fruit will be used in breads/cakes/smoothies/ice cream etc. All scrapes will be composted or used for chicken/rabbit food.Coffee grounds and old newspapers will be used in my flower/garden bed.

  31. Heather N says

    I am definitely in! I try to use up the food before it needs to be tossed, but sometimes I miss something. I get your emails.

  32. linda says

    I accept the Use it don’t waste it challenge.
    I will be putting my egg shells and coffee grounds in my garden.

  33. Debbie says

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m so up for this challenge! I’m going to work on making stuff so it’s easier to use, like cook up the dried beans in the pantry in a big batch and freeze in 1 cup portions. Since it’s easier, I just go to the store and buy the canned beans. I’m also going to use up the veggies that are getting a little older to make up some vegetable stock (again, I have gotten lazy and go to the store to buy pre made instead of just making from what I have and not wasting food.

  34. Bryan Reep says

    I accept the challenge!

    All my produce scraps go into a compost pile. Instead of composting the broccoli stems, they gan be grated and made into slaw.

  35. l bryant says

    Frozen banannas are great. use them as a substitute with half applesuace as a subistute for the oil in your muffin or pancake recipes. Great taste fewer calories more nutrition. Enjoy the daily updates on how to save.

  36. Candice says

    I accept it, and will try to use up a lot of my stockpile before buying anything new.

  37. Emily says

    I plan on buying more fruits for snacking instead of boxed fruit snack, crackers or cookies. I am also going to use my ripe bananas instead of throwing them away! I love this post, what a wonderful idea!

  38. Brenda W. says

    I accept the challenge and my tip is to keep a roll of masking tape and pen near the refrigerator and label all containers of leftovers with what they are and the date you first made them.

  39. Mary E S says

    I accept the challenge and am in the process of setting up my canned goods by date so that I don’t have to throw any out because they have expired before I could use them.If they are about to expire,I plan to make soup with them and freeze it which will give them a longer use time.

  40. April says

    We have clean the fridge out night. Leftover night where everyone eats what they want, usually the night before the trash goes out. Then anything else left I give to my friend who has pigs as a treat.

  41. Kavita Mahindroo says

    My leftover veggies go into a lentil soup I make with tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Souper easy and delcious…the lentil is an excellent source of protein.

  42. Kavita Mahindroo says

    I make fruit salad with all the extra fruits we have leftover…with nuts. Its delicious with yogurt or ice cream.

  43. says

    I accept the challenge! I’ve grown accustom to throwing all my fruits and veggies that are past their prime in the freezer. I can use just about everything in smoothies. We also try to have leftover meals when the refrigerator is getting too full. We come up with some great things from bits of this and that!

  44. Kim Hanners says

    I have a bowl that I keep in the freezer for all leftover veggies, meat and juices to make a big pot of soup with on a cold winters day! I accept the challenge.

  45. Terry says

    I accept the challenge! All peelings, egg shells and coffee grounds go into the compost. All leftovers will be eaten for lunch!

  46. Kelly L says

    I accept the challenge. I try very hard to use everything. Leftovers are our Friday night dinners to clean the fridge out. I have a compost bin that LOTS goes into. Would love to have that gift card to expand my garden :)

  47. says

    I accept your challenge! We try to do this already but this time I will pay closer attn to items that get lost on the fridge or snack cupboard. Might try to buy some canisters or containers to seal snacks better. Tx!

  48. Sara Knowlton says

    I am accepting this challenge. My plan is to make a “Needs to be Used” section in my fridge/cabinets – AND to use a meal planning app more diligently.

  49. Christy Anderson says

    I accept this challenge. We use all our leftovers by taking them to work for lunch.

  50. momofgirls says

    I accept the challenge. Sometimes I forget about the fruits and vegetables in the back of the fridge.

  51. Denise says

    I accept the challenge! I will be more conscious of what I buy and that I’m actually using it.

  52. Debbie says

    Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge. I put all my leftovers in see through plastic containers so I can see what I have to use.

  53. natalie says

    I accept the challenge. My tip for not wasting food is check the frig once a week and look at it and say will I ever eat that again or what can I do to this leftovers before they go to waste. I love following your blog and facebook page, it is helping me with couponing.

  54. brenda says

    I am a huge fan of freezing. I freeze everything. I recently started freezing spinach. I found that fresh spinach would go bad so fast. Spinach does get mushy when it’s frozen but it makes great spinach and tomato homemade pizza!

  55. Elise says

    I accept the Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge. I need to rotate the produce because we always forget to use it and the produce goes bad.

  56. Kandy says

    I accept the waste not challenge. One thing I have done is use a container which has dividers in it. I put left overs in it as I clean the kitchen after our meal. The combined container helps keep things from getting lost one the back of the fridge. It is also handy for taking a leftovers as lunch to work.

  57. Amanda Y. says

    I accept he “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge” I plan to put leftovers away in a timely manner and in airtight containers

  58. says

    We pledge to use up all our leftovers. We have 19 chickens so we have fresh eggs everyday and we always find things in the fridge to add. Adding jelly is one of our favorites or leftover meats and cheeses.

  59. dreda newman says

    Use It, Don’t Waste It. i purchase only what I know that I can eat in 2 days.

  60. Chelsie says

    I accept. I’ve been trying to adjust to cook for only 2 people (me & my hubby) instead of my family of 8 that I grew up in. So I cook smaller amounts, and freeze leftovers into individual servings to taken out later.

  61. Anna H says

    I accept your challenge! And am looking forward to it. I get so sick to my stomach each time I have to throw something out that was wasted! My tip on how to reach this is when it comes to leftovers, we are going to have more “buffets” of leftovers. Even if there is 1 serving left, heat up and serve it with all other leftovers and each can have a small tasting of each leftover item! We do this from time to time and it is interesting some of the meals we can put together! :-)

  62. Leslie W says

    I accept the challenge and funny enough my family actually started doing this a week ago :) My hubby and I sat down and made a budget and realized we spend a lot of money on food but throw out way too much uneaten food. So I prep all veggies and fruits that can be prepped for the week. That way snacks are easily ready to go and nop one has to peel, clean, etc. Just grab and go and also we made a rule that if a cracker box (etc) is open it must be finished before another one gets opened :)

  63. Chelsie says

    I “tweeted” sorry if I messed it up. I’m still trying to learn twitter and right now I’m on an “in-between” phone I guess until my new one comes in and it’s even harder.

  64. says

    Just shared your post on Facebook regarding this giveaway with my readers on Living,Laughing,Saving Facebook page! Thanks!

  65. Samantha says

    my refrigerator is usually pretty organized, as i tend to go through the produce and cheese drawers on a daily basis and freeze what i won’t use before its expiration if i can. but i feel i’m “wasting” food by losing items to the back corners of my crowded freezer. several months back, i pulled everything out, jotted down a quick inventory, and reorganized, and then knew what i had on hand. well, that list is outdated, and also lost, so i pledge to redo that inventory and learn what i have hidden in my freezer!

  66. Jl Johnson says

    I accept the challenge and my method of wasting less is going to the store more. Often food gets wasted because we serve something that nobody wanted to eat so if we shop for items we really do want we will be more likely to use them
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  67. Jessica A says

    I accept the challenge! I have been organizing my pantry and fridge so I don’t waste food due to things hiding behind others . I am going to be more careful of expiration dates on dry goods when stocking up and storing. I also pledge to work on my recent paper towel addiciton, I used to use cloth for everything, now that I have learned to save money on these things it has become to easy to just grab a few wheneverbecause I have so many. I need to remind myself that just because something is cheap when you buy it it may still be expensive for the environment.
    Oh and I love the pyrex dish idea, can’t wait to read the other suggestions.

  68. Doreen says

    I accept the challenge. The first thing I’m going to do is reorganize my fridge, keeping in mine expiration dates.

  69. Nikki says

    I accept your challenge to use it don’t waste it. I have found that who can make a homemade soup without half of it left..Alright!! Half left. Stick it in a Freezer bag with what it is and a date, and here’s another meal. Now that is easy cooking.

  70. Nenette Seaux says

    I accept the challenge. No waste, serving portions that are plate perfect.

  71. sheri grennille says

    i accept your challenge although there is a bit that is going to get tossed as we leave for a 6 day spring break tomorrow and it won’t keep (or fit in the freezer after getting our 1/4 cow!). my tip is to write down what’s available in the fridge for meals since we don’t all eat at the same time.

  72. Heather H says

    I accept the challange, and what I do is any left over spinach I always make a quick pesto sauce. It freezes really well.

  73. Alicia says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge” and I don’t waste food but throwing dinner leftovers into a stew.

  74. CJ says

    I accept the challenge and will make better use of my leftovers, either by eating them within a few days or putting them in the freezer for later.

  75. Sharon H. says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It” Challenge. I use leftover veggies, especially those that aren’t quite as “fresh”, to make stir-fry.

  76. amy c says

    i accept the challenge! i will try not to waste food by creating a weekly meal plan and only buying the produce we need for those meals and snacks!

  77. Kim says

    I accept the challenge. Any leftover chicken or veggies I use in the next nights meal. And my husband always takes leftovers to work. There is very little waste in our house.

  78. Megan says

    I accept your challenge and I am trying to not waste food by putting left overs in the freezer to eat as a meal another day

  79. Sunnie says

    Iam going to do this, I love it when leftovers get finished and the food wasnt wasted. Produce does get tossed a lot though.

  80. Tiffinie says

    “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge” I feel I have been challenging myself with this already for years! I will wait to buy more food (aside from staples) until I have found NO use for items already home. I never like to throw away food, whether I make croutons out of bread, bake with almost spoiled fruit or just search online for recipes that include leftover ingredients…I almost always find ways to create a great meal with sparce and often random fridge and pantry items!

  81. Tiffinie says

    I look forward to your emails every week to find what I missed in my coupon clipping!

  82. Tiffinie says

    Just posted link on my facebook page and even txt my mom and sister to check it out!

  83. anne says

    I accept your challenge!! I actually just cleaned out my fridge too! (There are Definitely “invisible areas!!”) As a way to not be wasteful, I’ve pledged to myself to only make meals that feed us FOR THAT MEAL. Eliminating leftovers. Because as well intentioned as we are….sometimes they just don’t get eaten (and then just thrown away).

  84. April D. says

    I accept your challenge! I try not to buy more fresh vegs. and fruit than we can consume before it goes bad. One idea I do is to plan my meals around the fruit and vegs on hand so that I don’t have to waste. Any waste goes into my compost so at least I’m getting something out of it late.

  85. Gina M Maddox says

    I accept the challenge. One of the best things is to take an account of what you already have before you go grocery shopping and then plan meals around that. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  86. Gina M Maddox says

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  87. Jennifer T. says

    I accept the challenge. I’m going to try and meal plan so I use what’s in my pantry and only buy what I need for a meal.

  88. Jennifer T. says

    I’m already a facebook fan of Coupon Geek under username Jennie Tilson. #1

  89. maureen wire says

    I will really try!! i think i have a banana like this :) maybe a smoothie??? lol :)

  90. Kelly Marceau says

    I accept the challange. We do a lot of left overs, freezing and we have a compost.

  91. Kimera says

    I want to enter the Use it Don’t waste it challenge… is this all you need from me?


  92. says

    I accept! I’ll work on making sure we eat leftovers, fruit, etc. BEFORE they spoil.

    Thanks for the challenge and giveaway!

  93. Mandy Perret says

    I use all my grocery boxes and bags for classroom activities such as make a game or make your own alien.

  94. says

    I accept the challenge and think I’ll look at ideas of how to best use leftovers or veggies by making soups, new recipe ideas, lunches, and freezing.

  95. Patricia Crowley says

    I accept the challenge!

    My tip: We keep a “soup bucket”(just a gallon size resealable container) in the freezer, and store all our leftover veggies (no matter how little is left)…once it’s full, we make a batch of homemade vegetable soup!

  96. Janice K. says

    I accept the challenge! Currently, I’ve been trying really hard to reuse leftovers to revamp another meal. I’m going to put forth even more effort now!

  97. Stephanie S. says

    I accept the challenge:) I like you on facebook and I am an email subscriber. I am going to use all my leftovers to make meals for the days to follow.

  98. Torie says

    I’m taking on the challenge and plan to find better ways to incorporate left-overs into new dishes so I eat them before they go bad!

  99. Jamie Brigham says

    I accept the challenge and I intend on only making what we will eat, we love fruits and vegetables but I usually put too much in the house and we never eat them so by cutting down it will help our family save money and save resources.

  100. kelly willis says

    I accept the challenge we reuse everything and reheat all food or nothing else gets open untill the other are gone

  101. says

    I grew up gardening with my family and we always had our own compost pile. It is such a great way to provide food for your garden AND reuse scraps.

  102. says

    I accept the challenge. Fortunately for me, I am a very smart shopper. Nothing goes to waste. I grow my own food and harvest as needed.

  103. Laura Jacobson says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge” ! I am pretty good at not wasting food, normally if any food is left, I put in a conatainer an freeze it so that I can have a quick meal anytime I am home alone, or if someone is hungry when they get home late at night. I LOVE the idea above about freezing any leftover vegetables and then making soup when full! What a GREAT idea that is!

  104. Alex McCoy says

    What a great giveaway! We try to use up leftovers. Some get away, but most of the time we are successful. We do compost any plant products so they really are never wasted. They just go back into our veggie garden! Washed, dried, and crushed eggshells are perfect for keeping slugs out of your garden. They don’t like to crawl over them. (Tip of the day!)

  105. Alex McCoy says

    Just shared on Facebook about the Giveaway posting….
    Hope I win. I sure could use some more gardening supplies!

  106. JennyJam says

    I accept this challenge although I will probably do it for not just the remainder of this month but into next month, to be fair. 😉
    I am big on not having a lot of trash and have worked really hard on getting that down (with success!)
    I plan on now not wasting food either! It’s just my boyfriend and I and I tend to overcook thinking we will eat the leftovers. It rarely happens. :/ I’m going to start cooking less food at a time! :)

  107. JennyJam says

    Last but not least I have shared this giveaway with my Facebook friends. :) Thank you for the opportunity!

  108. says

    I will participate in the challenge by being more careful to not let items get “lost” in the back of of the fridge and to use up pantry items.

  109. says

    I accept the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge”. Save banana skins for cleaning plant leaves before composting it!

  110. vickie says

    I accept the challenge “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge- we are eating out of pantry and freezer -just so we won’t have that problem this week! (and probably next)

  111. Maria Craig says

    I enjoyed reading your “Use it, don’t waste it” challenge. We are homesteaders in NC, enjoy gardening and raising livestock. It’s always been so rewarding to me when I think of a way to stretch leftovers into one more meal. I keep my leftovers in a designated area of the fridge so I’m always reminded of what needs to be used up, whether it’s a few vegetables for soup, or 1 piece of pork chop or chicken to be diced and used in stir fry or fried rice. I’ve been enjoying delicious smoothies with kale from my garden along with strawberries, pineapple and yogurt, yummy! Thanks for your blog!