Fun Easter Craft Ideas

My daughter and I were waiting to pick my son up from school and she saw some of the kids walking out with these Easter Bunny egg holders made from a milk jug. She started exclaiming excitedly that we HAD to make them. I normally buy Oberweis Milk in the glass jars so it took some time to get a couple milk jugs from my neighbor.

What I liked about how they made them is that they didn’t waste the top of the lid that was cut-off. They cut circles out of the plastic and used it for the eyes. Fits in perfect with the “Use It, Don’t Waste It Challenge!” The ears are made out of construction paper. I opted to use white for the middles so they could use markers to make them any color they wanted–and it added more time to the project! The nose is just an upside down heart made out of construction paper that we glued on. The mouth and whiskers are just drawn on with a black Sharpie. (Don’t forget to add eye brows and eye lashes with the marker, too!) I chose to staple the ears and eyes on so they wouldn’t keep falling off. Overall, these are easy to make. I can even remember having made something similar as a kid, so it was fun to pass down the fun project to another generation. Just make sure your cuts on the top are even so the kids don’t get scratched. And then be prepared to have to do hundreds of egg hunts when they are done! :)

We made these Scuba Diver Eggs at our local library. The kids just dyed the eggs and the volunteer helped transform it. The face is just a water bottle lid. “Scuba gear” is a small hair rubber band and part of a straw. The feet are just a piece of posterboard. Everything was glued on with a glue gun.

This one is just a piece of clean pizza cardboard that we cut into a shape of an egg and glued on crumbled tissue paper. You could cut it from a box, etc. Use a hole-punch towards the top and add a piece of yarn to hang it. Or glue a sheet of paper on the back and turn it into an Easter card for someone special like a grandparent, etc.

We made these at the library, too. You just wet tissue paper squares on a piece of white paper. Once they are dried they will look like this…..

The darker colored tissue paper seems to work best. Hang them up as decorations or turn them into a card.

If crafts aren’t your thing, check your stores for these Growing Pet egg hatchers. My husband treated the kids to these. I think they cost around $2-3 for the two of them. (Jewel has them 2/$3 this week.) They are pretty big eggs that you put in water. As the water soaks in, the eggs start to crack and something hatches. (They have various ones. We ended up with a chicken and lizard.) It takes several days and my kids had a blast watching them slowly hatch.

Fave Crafts has a Free Easter Egg Dyeing eBook right now if you are looking for new ideas. They have a few things listed on how to dye them naturally, too.

There are so many wonderful craft ideas out there. Just do a Google search or check Pinterest. Hope you have fun making some Easter crafts, too!