Seasonal Savings: What’s in Season for March

It’s another new month and it’s time to take a look at what’s in season in your area. Be sure to check the What’s in Season Map to see what items you might not only be able to save money on but which tend to be the freshest. I often buy up extra in-season items to freeze for when the prices are higher. Several items freeze easily and can store flat in a Ziploc-type bag in your freezer.

Here’s what’s in Season for Illinois: (Check the map for your area)


Other things not on their list that might be in season are asparagus and some berries. I’ve seen some of the prices lower on these lately. Asparagus, Berries and Broccoli all freeze well.

You should see some really low prices on Cabbage this next week with the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday almost here. I found a nice round-up of Cabbage Recipes on Whole Foods’ site. It might give you some ideas on how to use up low-priced cabbage. I think I might have to try the Corn Beef and Cabbage Rolls Recipe and the Cabbage and Leek Griddle Cakes Recipe. Don’t forget to save some Corned Beef to make your own homemade Corn Beef Hash for breakfast! I sometimes buy an extra brisket, cut-it up and freeze it in little packages just for this reason. (Only do this if your brisket isn’t already frozen. You should never re-freeze frozen meats without cooking them first.)

Buying in-season items are a great way to get produce on your table without breaking your grocery budget! I don’t know about all of you but I’m getting anxious for Spring and for the Farmers Markets to open back up so I can pick up some great items there!