Recycle/Re-Use: Yogurt Containers

One of the ways to save money is to try to re-purpose some of the items that you already have at home. While it may only add up to $1 here and there, over the course of a year, you’ll find that the savings can really add up. You were all such a great help in coming up with ideas for How To Re-Use a Frosting Can that I thought I’d randomly highlight a new container/item and have you help me find more ways to help my other readers re-use things.

I’ve been saving some of our yogurt containers as they are usually a thicker plastic and we tend to go through them a lot. With Easter coming up, I’ve been saving a lot of the Chobani Yogurt Containers to use for cups for dyeing Easter Eggs. Typically the Easter Egg Dyes just come with the tablets and the scoop, but nothing to dissolve the tablets in. You can get higher priced kits with the cups, but if you can find a way to not need it, you might save yourself a $1 or $2. Important: You might want to test out that the containers you choose are big enough to cover the eggs for dyes and that they don’t leak. Keep the scoop that comes with your dyeing kits as you might be able to use it as a bubble wand later. (You might also be able to use a Kraft Mac & Cheese Cup for dyeing eggs, too.)

Yogurt containers also make great little items to use for starting seeds. Cut a couple holes in the bottom for drainage, add some dirt and seeds and you set them in some sunlight. Just be sure to put them on some kind of drip pan so they don’t leak everywhere.

The smaller ones also make great tea bag holders. I set some of these out for a little tea party we had and the kids just loved it.

What ways have you found to re-use yogurt containers? Please only comment on these containers as I’ll highlight more containers real soon!