IHOP: Lorax Themed Meals

For a limited time, IHOP is serving some Lorax Themed Meals. This might be something fun to do with the kids if you are planning on taking them to see “The Lorax” at the theater soon.

While supplies last, they are also offering free seed-embedded bookmarks (to kids ages 3-12) that can be planted.

Here are a few of the meal choices:

The Lorax’s Breakfast

Pipsqueak’s Breakfast

Truffala Chip Pancakes

Mac n Cheese and Truffala Trees

There’s also a game you can play on their site. Just click the “Play Game” button there to get to it.

We haven’t seen the movie yet but I did read The Lorax Book to the kids last night. It broke my heart when my son said, “Mommy, why would anyone want to cut down all those beautiful trees and leave something ugly behind.” The kids keep asking to see the movie so we’ll see what happens.