How to Make Frog Pizza

Earlier in the week, I had my husband stop by Costco to pick up a few things. He came home with what was on the list and this gigantic cheese bread to which I said, “What’s that for?” He said, “I have no idea but it looked good.” LOL. OK, so this may or may not be the reason why I do the majority of our grocery shopping.

The next day after school my son excitedly said, “Mommy, we played this pizza game where you put frogs on top. But please don’t make that for supper because that would just be gross.” Of course, immediately I start thinking how I can make frog pizza. The only thing I had on hand that was green was spinach but I figured it could somehow be configured into a frog. I ripped some spinach leaves in half for the legs and used one bigger leaf for the body. And of course one of the main features of a frog is their eyes.

So I balled up some shredded mozzarella and topped each with a slice of black olive. And presto, we have frogs on a “pizza.” (which was really just cheese bread.) Here’s what it ended up looking like:

I just put them in the oven at 425 degrees just long enough to heat everything up. Midway through, I had to re-apply an eyeball as it slid off. So make sure that your “eyes” are rounded, yet still flat enough to stay on. For my husband’s, I hid some pepperoni under the sauce and added more cheese. It kind of created a hidden frog so it turned out OK. His looked like this:

The kids loved these and going forward, I might make them on English Muffins for a quick lunch or on some real homemade dough for a true pizza–one that’s a little healthier than the cheese bread! I’m thinking that I’ll have to cook the dough first and then put on the toppings and heat them up, as I fear that the spinach will wilt too much if subjected to too much heat.

Of course, once your stomach settles, you’ll have to hop around because you now have a frog stuck in your belly. :)

Just thought I’d share our silliness in case you were looking for a fun dinner/lunch with the kids. If you are looking for a book to pair with your dinner, you can try Frog in the Kitchen Sink. In the middle of the book are rolling eyes and my kids have always loved this one. You might be able to see if your library has it.