Home Woot: Set of Stanley Tool Bags

The deal on Home Woot today, 3/11/12, is for a 2-pack set of Stanley 12” Tool Bags. Each bag set (you’ll get 2) comes with a 12” Soft-Sided Tool Bag, Zippered Bag and Removable Tool Organizer for $4.99 plus $5 shipping. You can get up to 3 sets for the $5 shipping fee. (This means you can get 6 bag sets for $19.97 shipped–and each set has the 3 bags.) If you want to see the 3 bags you’ll get for $4.99, click on the main image on their site and it should pop-up with the image of it.

Thought these might be nice to make a first-aid kit for your vehicle or for a small tool set to keep inside, maybe under your kitchen sink. I hate having to keep going out to our garage to grab a few everyday tools I may need. Plan ahead as you can buy a few sets and fill them throughout the year with items you get on a deal for a birthday/holiday gift for someone.