Time Out with Kids: Making POM Flower Vases

Back around New Year’s, our Jewel had the POM drinks deeply discounted, which was perfect for using the $1 Off Pom Coupon to get them for under $1. The bottles that the juice comes in was so interesting that I rinsed them out and kept them for a “rainy day.”

Yesterday, I decided to make some POM Flower Vases with the kids as a gift they could give their Grandmother. Here are the supplies that we used:

POM Bottle – emptied and rinsed clean
Tissue Paper
Elmer’s Glue
Container/Qtips for the Glue

Before you get started, you’ll want to cut your tissue paper up into squares, or your shape of choice. I used a divided plastic container I had kept from a snack tray we had picked up.

I always keep containers from yogurt or mac & cheese cups as they make great little buckets to put in glue for projects like these. When I asked at the craft store what would work for pasting tissue paper, they recommended simple Elmer’s Glue that was watered down a little bit. This actually worked out really well. The kids took the watered down glue and, with the Qtip, spread a small amount on the POM bottle. Then they’d put a square piece of tissue paper on the glue.

I let them do their own thing. I’m still working on not wanting to make their projects perfect because the true art is that they do whatever inspires them. I love that everything doesn’t have to be just so and that they didn’t feel the need to cover the entire bottle. When they were done, they were done. LOL. The only thing I had asked is that they do is to not paste over the heart in the word POM.

We had some lighter colored tissue paper that we tried to double layer around the letters on the jar as it was still showing through. We left the heart visible and I had them put a letter “I” above and “U” below so it would look like it read “I LOVE YOU.” They added a few butterfly stickers to cover up the other letters, too.

When we went shopping for supplies, I let them both pick out their own artificial flowers. They both decided on ones with butterflies in them as “That’s her favorite.” Here’s what they ended up looking like (the picture doesn’t do them justice, though, as they are actually a lot prettier.):

We had a fun time together and they were both excited to be able to make their own Valentine’s gifts for their Grandmother. I’m hoping that if you decide to make one that you’ll have fun, too, when you take a Time Out with Kids!

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  1. says

    I just about had tears in my eyes remembering when my girls were little and we were always making crafts. I’m a grandma now and speaking from a grandmas view point it’s a THRILL to just be remembered. She’ll be so touched by the little imperfect gifts. I’ve made scrapbooks to put all these items in. You share so good lasting memories and values your children will not forget. Bless you and yours

  2. coupongeek says

    Awww…you gave me tears just reading that. My mother is the same way–she loves anything the kids make out of love for her. She was the same way when we were kids. She kept a few of mine for me and I had so much fun looking at them later when I was older. Thank you for sharing, Diana! :)

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