Time Out with Kids: Making a “Seek and Find” Container

I love trying to find ways to re-use containers, especially if it can turn into a fun game with the kids.

Yesterday, the kids and I took some empty and clean Parmesan Cheese containers, some rice and some items that we found around the house to make some “Seek and Find Containers” like their own “I Spy” game. The first place we went to look was in the craft closet. There we found things like feathers, cotton balls, small wooden items, water balloons, stickers, etc. Next I raided our office/school supplies to find some rubber bands, broken crayons, letter/number magnets, etc. We found a few items around the house like little lid caps and a lone domino to add to the pile.

I had a bag of rice in my pantry that I had been able to get nearly free after coupons and this is what we used to fill the container to hide the items in the container. You could also use small pasta or anything else small you have on hand.

One by one, we added the items into the containers and I’d write them down on a sheet of paper as we went along. I had added the rice at the end but if were to make another one, I think I’d add a little rice after each item was added to spread them out a little better. We were able to get them mixed in by turning it quite a bit but it took awhile.

The last step was to put on the lid and add some letter stickers to the edge of the lid rim to personalize each one. My kids are great about not opening it but if you worry about your child opening it, you may want to use some tape to seal it shut. I plan on switching out the items so I didn’t tape mine. Here’s what they ended up looking like:

After we were all done, the kids played “I Spy” telling me what they saw as they twisted the containers around. As they went along, we’d describe the objects’ color and I’d spell each word to them as we played. We’ll keep switching out the items as time goes by and as they get older, I’ll have them write down the items as they find them. Hopefully it will become a fun learning tool.

The kids not only had fun making these containers and playing with them but they also had fun on our little “scavenger hunt” throughout the house trying to find items to fill it. In the end, the project didn’t cost me anything extra as I just used items we already had.

I thought I’d share this little fun project we did in case you were looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, as well. I cannot stress this enough, though….only fill these containers with items that are age appropriate for your child. You do not want a fun game to turn into a choking hazard.

Thanks to Chanin for the idea! I hope you have a fun time when you take a Time Out with Kids!