Gift Idea for Kids: Book Box

Several years ago, my Mom started this wonderful tradition with my kids. One of their presents they receive from her is a Book Box. It’s a festive Christmas box that she has filled with wrapped books that she works on finding throughout the year. Each book is individually wrapped and here’s my favorite part–rather than opening them all at once, the kids get to pick a book, at random, throughout the year.

You should see their excitement when I tell them that they can get something from their Book Box. Their little eyes light up and they run over and grab one and get the joy of opening a present on a day that might be a little gloomy or a day when something special happened or just any old day when we need something new to do. And they know that the gifts are from “Nana” and it’s a great way to think of her often!

When the books are all gone, the box goes back to my Mom and she reuses it for the next upcoming Christmas.

I wanted to share this with you all in case you wanted to start the unique tradition with your family. You should be able to find festive holiday boxes on deep discount now. You can also pick up some discounted wrapping paper, as well. (I highly recommend having separate paper for each box. My kids love when she does that!) And you can start your search for the discounted books to save you money on the overall gift. Don’t be afraid to use used books that are in good condition–the kids wont’ mind! Here are some places to consider for books:

1) Thrift/Secondhand Stores such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or “Gently Used” Children’s Stores. Check with your Goodwill store as some have programs for discounts, such as 25% Off on your birthday, etc.
2) Garage Sales
3) Library Sales – Most libraries will do a once a year sale or they’ll have an area where you can pick up books for donations
4) Amazon’s 4-For-3 Sale This is a great way to get a few new books into the collection
5) Seasonal Sales or Clearance Areas at Book Stores
6) Target Clearance Areas by the books – I’ve found a lot of them there!
7) eBay – Look for “Book Lots” to get several books for one low price. Find ones no one is bidding on
8)  Dollar Bins – They typically have some simple books for younger kids

This is a great way to spread the love of books to kids and add a little bright spot on the days when you need them! This idea would also work for birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Where else have you found luck in finding deals on books?