Giveaway: Dinner and Movie Night – 2 Winners

I wanted to treat two of my readers to a dinner and a movie night but I couldn’t decide what place to pick for a gift card or what movie to offer sooooo….I’m going to let the winners pick their own!

This giveaway is for the following:

~$50 Gift Card to Restaurant of Winner’s Choice. Feel ambitious and want to make your own gourmet meal at home? Feel free to choose a grocery store gift card. I just have to be able to place the order for the gift card online.

~DVD of Winner’s Choice. Pick your favorite one or a new one your family has been wanting to see.

The choices are endless. What would you choose?

Here’s How to Enter:

NOTE: Beneath this posting is the word “Comments.” This is where you’ll put your entries. Only entries on this posting will be counted.

1) To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment letting me know what do you think you’d choose for your gift card/movie? No worries–you can change your mind later if you win! :)

After that, here are other ways to enter: (Please, make sure that you submit extra comments if you do these.)

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Entry is open to US residents only through 11:59PM CST on Friday, December 16, 2011. There is a total of four entries allowed per person. Winner will be chosen using a giveaway service and contacted by email. If you’re the winner, you’ll have only 48 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen.

Good luck to all of you who enter!

This giveaway is sponsored solely by Coupon Geek as a way to help my readers win some items for their Christmas lists!

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  1. Alana E says

    If I won this giveaway, I think I would want a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and the newest Winnie the Pooh movie on DVD :)

  2. Alicia says

    I would choose a WalMart or Sprouts gift card for some groceries, make a yummy meal at home where we could watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!!

  3. Jennifer Cetnarowicz-Matlock says

    I would like a walmart or publix gc to make dinner and I would pick the Help for my movie.

  4. Samantha says

    thanks for offering such a great giveaway. i’d definitely want to cook up something myself instead of going out, and since my nights in with the bf usually consist of sci-fi flicks that we both adore, i’d have to go for a really good movie (Aliens) or really bad one (of the MST3K variety).

  5. Clara says

    The gift card I would choose would be from Cracker Barrel. It’s sooooo delicious. I would probably pick Dolphin Tale when it comes out 6 days from now. It’s seems like a great family movie!

  6. Jen E. says

    Awesome giveaway! I’d love a giftcard to Sweetwater Tavern (part of the Great American Restaurants chains) and The Help….. I think I’m the only woman my age who hasn’t seen it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Christy Simon says

    I am dreaming of a night at home in my sweatpants, cooking yummy food and drinking delicious wine! I think I’d have to pick the grocery store gift card…and probably Bridesmaids or The Help on DVD to watch with my best friend! :)

  8. Angie V says

    How Nice!!
    I would pick The Hangover II because we still haven’t seen it and probably a place to eat where we could get take out …. PF Changs sounds delish!

  9. Maranda McClaskey says

    I would definately choose Texas Roadhouse as my restaurant, they are my absolute favorite! Not sure about the DVD, our family really can’t afford to go to see movies, so I dont even know what’s playing, but if I would win, I would do some research and find one that would be good for all of us! Thanks for this contest!

  10. Shannon says

    It would be dinner and a movie for hubby and I. I’ve been traveling like crazy away from home. We sure could use some ‘us’ time together.

  11. Michelle says

    I would love a steak and potato dinner with my hubby! Curlded up watching a good Adam Sandler movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. BRENDA says

    i would go to a very nice restaurant called shallots in skokie they have the best sushi and it expensive and rite behind them is an amc theater so a gr8 way to spend an evening out with the free giftcard

  13. Cheyna Vrabec says

    I would choose PF Chang’s or Cheesecake Factory. I would have to think about the movie though, I don’t even know what is out!!!

  14. shannon s. says

    I think I would have to say I would choose the dinner at a nice restaurant (without kids;) possibly Morgans’s chop house, so my fiance and I could have a date night away from my almost 3 year old! :)

  15. Gayla Zieser says

    I am thinking that the dinner could be at the AMC theatre by us because they have a Movie while you dine!!! It is the ultimate date night! I would love a date with my hubby! We could see a funny movie, laugh, dine, drink, and just be together!! the money that we would normally spend could go to the sitter! LOL!!! Enjoy your day!

  16. Jessica P. Lodovici says

    I would choose Cracker Barrel for the resturant and Titanic as the movie. It’s the first movie my hubby and I saw together.

  17. Kim says

    I would choose PF Changs! Yum! DVD I would love to own is Courageous. I think it comes out sometime in January. Awesome movie!

  18. Jill Olesevsky says

    This would be a great win!!! Outback would be fantastic, and as far as a movie, Bridesmaids looks funny!!

  19. Stacy Edge says

    I would go to a nice steak dinner with the hubs. And my movie choice would depend on what is out at the time. Perhaps the new Mission Impossible???

  20. says

    I’m getting married at the court house on Friday the 16th, this would be such a nice “wedding gift” or a honeymoon, lol. We would prob go to his or my fav restarant, its been a while, Red Lobster or Olive Garden and a nice comedy to finish the night with more smiles! Thanks for your concideration!!!

  21. amanda says

    I would choose probably a new place to try out. Maybe an indian place. As for a movie, I would choose Hangover 2

  22. Shannon S says

    We SO need a night out…..with 2 under 3 I’m tired & ready for someone else to cook for me :) I’d probably choose to see New Year’s Eve and dinner at the Purple Pig.

  23. Sherri Burns says

    HI :) I would LOVVVVVVE a date night with my husband! We would go to Mimi’s Cafe and then see a HORROR movie, any horror movie! Horror movies are great for snuggling! :)

  24. Julia Hawkins says

    This would be great to win….. I’m a mom of 3 boys who could use a date night…lol
    Applebee’s would be AWESOME, and as for a movie Twilight is a favorite of mine! Thanks! Julie

  25. Heather says

    I would choose Outback since I can only get my husband to go there once every 5 years. I’d pick Larry Crowne since I have not yet seen it.

  26. Melissa OBrien says

    I would choose Texas Roadhouse because I have gone there with friends and my poor husband had hear me brag about the food (he was home with the kids).
    My DVD choice would be The Goonies.
    I (and the husband) follow you on Facebook and e-mail/newsletter.

  27. Julia Hawkins says

    I also liked this on facebook to …. :) All 4 steps complete! I’m keeping my fingers crossed …… :)

  28. Leila Ashmore says

    Well I am behind on movies(see how bad I need dinner and a movie with just my husband) so I am not sure what I would pick..But dinner for us out would be applebees. That’s where we met and fell in love 11 years and 3 kids ago!!

  29. Becky says

    Hmm I’ll keep it simple and go with something off the top of my head….Outback and Beauty and the Beast. =)

  30. Morgan Heidel says

    i would pick logans roadhouse and the movie would be chipmunks 2.. i would love to win, things have been super tight around our house and this would be great for me and my fience to celebrate his birthday :)

  31. Ashley Portales says

    I would love Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory! Can’t go wrong with any scary movie… you get to snuggle closer with your date :)

  32. Rachel F says

    Ruby Tuesdays would be a good gift card and for the DVD a movie we could all watch together like Thor

  33. Melani says

    I would choose the cheesecake factory for dinner and a romantic comedy like crazy, stupid love dor the movie..

  34. annette reyes says

    I would go to eat at Kooma downtown…and try to see the GI JOE movie..I just love Duwayne Johnson.

  35. Susan LaPooh says

    I have a hankering for Cheesecake, so Cheesecake Factory and my husband really wants the movie Courageous and I would love to be able to give it to him!

  36. Karen Blair says

    How nice, awesome!
    If my name is chosen I would love a gift card for Whole foods and a “White Christmas” dvd.

  37. Karen Austin says

    I so totally would love a date night with my hubby! We have 3 children and dont get out as often as we would like. I would choose Red Lobster or Outback. For the movie Hangover II or Twilight! Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. susana v says

    I would choose either Olive Garden or Red Lobster and for the movie I would choose an action or scary movie.

  39. sharon says

    I would choose Red Lobster, it’s been so long since we’ve been. As for the movie, Winnie the pooh (the kids still win on this one).

  40. Kerry Baker says

    I would choose Olive Garden, mouth is watering thinking about it and movie would be the new Twilight movie, been putting off watching it and would still love to see it.

  41. Danelle says

    I would go anywhere my husband would want for dinner and the movie would be my choice since my husband usually gets to pick whenever we go out.

  42. Kara DeWildt! says

    Hi! I have already liked you on facebook. Also, I am the Mom of five kids who rarely sees her husband and would love a break and a reason to reconnect. PF Changs would be our choice. As for a movie I’m not sure what out so maybe “The Help.” That looks like a great one!

  43. Barbianne says

    I.would choose grocery store so we could make dinner at home together and then likely something scary for a good cuddle excuse! Thanks

  44. KellyH says

    I’d like to try a new local. locally owned restaurant, Liberty Steakhouse and go to a Metropolitan Opera event at a theater.


  45. says

    I would choose a steak dinner at Salt Grass steakhouse- since that is no longer in the budget with a 2 year old and a 4 month old. WE NEED A DATE NIGHT BAD! DVD maybe Lincoln Lawyer. :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  46. Bernice says

    I think I should win this price because its been 3 years since my husband and I had our first child Katie and we have not been out since she was born! Its been her 24-7. We love her to death and do everything in this world for her happiness but I think its time for Joe and I to get back our us time now. Its way long over due lol. Thank you!

  47. Laurie B. says

    I would choose Red Robin for the restaurant and for the movie – The Help (loved the book but haven’t seen the movie).

  48. Latisha says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I’d choose Texas Roadhouse (our favorite restaurant) and I’ve been wanting to see The Hangover 2, so I think I’d choose that movie. :-)

  49. Kristin says

    I follow you on FB. I would love a date night out w/my hubby. Having moved away from all of our family last year, spending quality time w/my husband is very important to me. We would go to Ruth’s Chris and then come home to watch a family/comedy DVD with our 4 kiddos!!

  50. says

    I would probably pick Johnny Carino’s or On The Border…my two favorites! And, for the movie, I think maybe, Super 8. We saw that at the show and it was terrific…and it wasn’t even my choice of what to see! lol

  51. Erin Sebulak says

    I would probably choose O’Charleys for the restaurant. For the movie, I honestly cannot think of one of the top of my head. I’ll have to do some looking!

  52. Bree Hoskisson says

    I would probably choose either Chili’s or Olive Garden. Too hard to decide right now. The movie would probably be Rise of the Apes. My boy has been dying to see that for the longest time.

  53. Carleen says

    Oh my gosh…date night! I would love a night off with my hubby. I would choose any restaurant that didn’t have a children’s menu, LOL, just kidding. I would probably choose the Olive Garden & any comedy movie.

  54. Andre says

    I would love to have a dinner @ Outback with my partner and for the movie, hummmmm Maybe Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.

  55. Andre says

    I would love to have a dinner @ Outback with my partner and for the movie, hummmmm Maybe Mission: Impossible โ€” Ghost Protocol.

  56. Loren says

    Yay for date night! I would choose a Chili’s gift card and the new Planet of the Apes movie. The hubby is dying to see it!

  57. says

    Hello and thanks for this opportunity. I would choose a McDonalds for those days when I have no food at home and no energy or money to go to the store… For DVD.. Hmmmm, I’d probably choose The Hangover II becuase i really want to see if but also b/c I can’t think of anything else.

  58. Paige Harshbarger says

    I think that a date night of Red Lobster with a Mission Impossible DVD on the couch and snuggle time with the hubby would be perfect!

  59. Jennifer van Boxtel says

    Awesome giveaway…the perfect gift for a night out with my sweet hubby. If I were to win, I would love a night at PF CHANGS…one of my favorites and my sweetie likes it too.
    Wonderful, wonderful giveaway…thank you for letting all of us take part :)

  60. lynn rh says

    Great that you are doing this for your readers! Thanks for all the great deals.
    Would love a night out!

  61. Jennifer van Boxtel says

    I subscribe to your newsletter and I daily watch the great deals pop-up. I’ve also shared and noted the giveaway!
    Thank you!!

  62. Kimberly Rose says

    There are so many great movies that I don’t know which I would pick. I think I would like to take my family to the Elephant Bar. Tasty place!!!

  63. Delana says

    What a great giveaway! I’ve been craving soup and breadsticks from Olive Garden and would have to pick Kung Fu Panda 2 for the movie since that’s all my daughter has been talking about lately! Thanks!

  64. Liz I. says

    I think I’d want to pick Olive Garden and (I know its only in theaters right now) but I’m dying to see We Had a Zoo!

  65. Lindsey Vezina says

    I follow you on facebook and have shared the giveaway on my FB as well!
    I would love to go on a dinner and movie date with my love, as our first official date as husband and wife (we were just married on 11/25/11). We love Outback Steakhouse and idk what movie we’d like to see yet…
    Thanks :)

  66. Jessica says

    I would use it to take one of my 4 boys to dinner and a movie for his “date night” with mom.

  67. Susy says

    Dinner and a movie sounds like a lot of fun right now. I’d love to eat out at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen restaurant and see The Muppets movie afterwards.

  68. Pamela says

    I would love a night out with my man and we would love to go to The Melting Pot..Love me some Fondue! And any Comedy would be great! Thank you for the opportunity with this giveaway! :)

  69. Connie Reeves Boswell says

    I would love to win , subscribe and like on FB, would pick either Courageous or buy Bridesmaid, dinner at Longhorns. Thank you for the opportunity it is so nice of you

  70. Michelle says

    Outback and what ever movie is out at the time …. I would love a night out with my husband and our son=)


    If I got to choose a gift card to a restaurant, I’d go to O’Charley’s. I have a coupon for $5.00 off of a $20 purchase, and kid’s meals are free! I could stretch it out to two trips to O’Charley’s. :) As for my choice of movie, well ….any new release is fine by me. :)

  72. elaine smith says

    so many choices so many movies. would probably just get a grocery store card, and movie so many we have missed cant choose right now

  73. Brandie Humble says

    I would love to go to Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse on a date night with husband and see the movie Courageous.

  74. linda says

    I would have to chose a grocery store gift card because I could make it go alot further. meijer is my store!!!

  75. Jen Fitzpatrick says

    I would probably want a gift card to the grocery store, because then I could make sure I could actually get the dinner. You never know what the weather can do up here in the Northeast!

  76. Jennie S says

    I’d take the GCs for dinner at Olive Garden and get any movie on DVD for a quiet movie night.

  77. Amanda R says

    I would rather have the grocery store gift card so that we could cook together at home. We don’t really buy many movies so ANY movie would be great… preferably something for the whole family. :)

  78. Megan says

    I have not been out to a nice resturant in a while. I would love a nice steak dinner at Lone Star. I also have been really wanting to see the movie Couples Retreat, heard it was really good. Love your blog!

  79. CarolSue Baird says

    I would choose Applebee’s for dinner and for the DVD I would choose a comedy but not sure which one.

  80. Chastity Edwards says

    What a great excuse to be able to cheat on my diet. I would love, love, love to go to the Olive Garden and would love to cuddle up next to my little guy watching Cars 2.

  81. Emily says

    I would love to use it for Olive Garden! It’s been awhile since my husband & I have been out to dinner! I would like to see the movie Jack & Jill.

  82. Vicki says

    I haven’t had a date night in so long! I would love to go out to Outback with my husband and then I’d love to see The Sitter-he loves raunchy comedies :)

  83. Joan Rickert says

    A wonderful treat after all the hectic holiday happenings! I’d choose dinner at Copper River Grill and The Sherlock Holmes movie.. for me and my hubby!!

  84. Suzanne says

    Oh what a fun giveaway. I would select Saltgrass Steakhouse for dinner. I am not sure what movie I would pick, probably a new release

  85. Sarah says

    We love Outback Steakhouse! :) As for the movie…I don’t know. My choice and my husband’s choice might be a little different. :)

  86. Heather H says

    I think I would love to go to Olive Garden, and not sure about the movie, but ANY would be nice to see!

  87. Mary R. says

    I would love a Logan’s or Kroger gift card. I would like a Jeff Dunham or comedy video. Thanks

  88. julie k says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would pick Olive Garden for the gift card but not really sure what DVD I would pick.

  89. Selene M. says

    I’d choose Chili’s Restaurant and the movie would be The Phantom of the Opera,the musical.

  90. Jennifer V. says

    Date night!!! We’d definitely go to Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn and we’d love to see our favorite movie – Pulp Fiction.

  91. Hollie S says

    Great giveaway! I’d probably choose the grocery shopping card if you can get a Kroger gift card, because I love to cook. I think I’d pick Hangover 2 for the movie, because it’s hilarious.

  92. Heather Stone says

    Thanks for doing things like this for people like us! I’ve been out of work lately from being diagnosed with epilepsy and PTSD so if I were to win I would love to take my husband, zachary on a much deserved night out. Thanks again!

  93. annette says

    I think it would be nice to go to cheesecake factory…or pf changs…or …
    movie….would a gift card for rentals be odd? I just can’t choose ONE to watch!

  94. Angela Staszak says

    I shared this on my Facebook wall! (Angela Marie Stays)
    I’d love to have a nice night out to dinner with my long distance boyfriend. We wanted to dress up and go out somewhere nice together. Unfortunately, my grandfather’s funeral was the first time we got to do this. I would love to spend this on a much more lovely evening together! :)

  95. Dawn T says

    Wow, would my husband and I love this! I can’t remember the last time we went out on a date! We would probably pick a local steakhouse, we like to support small businesses in our town especially with everyone struggling the last couple of years. My hubby would pick Immortals and since its Christmas I’d let him have his choice, this time :~) Thanks so much for the chance to win and all you do!

  96. dreda says

    I love French cuisine and movies. I’d love to take my daughter to Bistro Francais in Washington DC and later watch a double feature “Jean De Florette / Manon of the Spring.” Happy holidays and thank you for sharing with us thoughout the year!

  97. Nelia V Dunleavy says

    I’d choose a gift card to Applebee’s or Red Lobster and DVD of The Patriot with Mel Gibson.

  98. karen says

    I would like to go to a local restaurant for sushi. I would like to see any movie in the theaters that is not rated G.

  99. Amy Pinto says

    I would pick Applebees because it’s so close and choose National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

  100. Rennette says

    My husband and I luv Outback Steakhouse and our whole family wants the movie Mr. Poppers Penguins.

  101. nina says

    I would get a sitter and cook a romantic dinner for my honey. We have three under 6 and do not get much alone time together at all. plus we live on a budget bc i am a sahm. I would cook him a seafood dish and rent an action pack romantic movie so we get the best of both words…

  102. Rachel says

    I would pick Longhorn Steakhouse & the movie would be a comedy but I am not sure which one, there are too many to choose!

  103. Jolene says

    I would go to an Italian restaurant or Red Lobster then go see Robert Downey Jrs new Sherlock Holmes movie! I just love him!!

  104. Amanda Y. says

    Wow great giveaway!!! Tough one for restaurant…probably Outback…but maybe Olive Garden. The movie…I would pick Home Alone, because I think that’s a great holiday movie but it doesn’t usually play at the holidays! Then I could play it myself each year!

  105. Jessie A says

    We would choose Teds Montana grill for our dinner. Not sure about the movie there are so many that we haven’t seen.

  106. Marisa Rickerson says

    I follow u on fb! I’d probably choose a giftcard to cool river and for the DVD I’d choose an action/espionage movie!

  107. natalie says

    I follow you on FB, Twitter, and receive your emails. They are very helpful in saving me money thanks. I would choice Olive Garden and the movie New Years that is playing now and I heard that it is pretty good like funny good. It costs us 12 dollars per person now to go to the movies, so we havent been to the movies in yrs.

  108. Karen says

    I’d probably go to Outback and I’m not sure about the movie… I’d like The Help but I doubt hubby would :p

  109. Jodi says

    I would choose Red Lobster and ideally I would like to see Bridesmaids, but I would probably have to choose Hangover2!

  110. says

    Hi there! Liked ya on FB for some time now ๐Ÿ˜€ I adore cooking, but date nights are few and far between! So for a restaurant Friday’s, and movie Tron! Good luck everyone, and thanks so much Jaycie for all you do to help everyone save $$$

  111. says

    a night out would be awesome! we haven’t don that in almost ten years. any kind of movie and maybe a gift card to a restaurant like olive garden

  112. Denise Wilson says

    Restaurant choice: Cheesecake Factory!
    Movie choice: The New Winnie the Pooh movie that just came out!

  113. Doreen H says

    I would like a gift card to Olive Garden.
    I would also like to see Winnie the Pooh, then pass it on to my grandkids!

  114. Lori says

    I think I’d do a GC to Whole Food or Fresh Market and do a nice meal at home…maybe on the grill if its 70 degrees out like today! DVD…hmmm…there are so many, but maybe the last Harry Potter…and do a marathon running of all of them!

  115. J Jackson says

    I would choose Mike’s American for a birthday treat on my birthday, 12.24, and I would pick up the new Muppet Movie. Love it!!!

  116. myolie says

    ralphs gift card because i want to cook and treat everybody in the house to a nice meal. I like the last harry potter dvd ^ ^

  117. Michelle W says

    Texas Roadhouse is my favorite and the movie would probably be The 12 Dates of Christmas that just aired recently. Really liked it

  118. KELLI G. says

    I receive your emails and follow you on fb. My husband and I don’t get out much but when we do we love to go to Red Lobster. I am a scary movie fan so I would probably pick Paranormal Activity 3. Thank you for the opportunity.

  119. Susan R says

    Bridesmaids is hilarious and I would love to make a trip to Olive Garden. We have a 5 week old and having a gift card would give us a kick in the butt to go out!

  120. Valerie D. says

    I would love a gift card for any supermarket. That money would go a longer way than if we did the restaurant gift card. And I would love to get Cars 2 for my kids (we haven’t seen it but we loved the first one)!

  121. Melissa Frizzle says

    I’m not sure where I would choose to eat. Maybe the Cheesecake Factory? Favorite movie is definitely August Rush!

    Liked you on Facebook =)

  122. Rosemary H. says

    I subscribe to your email newsletter…gift card for Giant Eagle as I would do the cooking. Gift card for movie would be from Walmart as they have a nice selection.

  123. julia mcintosh says

    I would pick a Publix gift card because my husband loves to cook and I love the movie Auntie Mame.

  124. Latoshia says

    Oooh, so many choices! Probably a Kroger gift card (we have an infant and live in the country, so we’d be eating in to avoid being away from home for long) and Sherlock Holmes!

  125. laurra says

    I would choose outback for my restaurant of choice we have many kids and barely ever get time or extra money to go out on a date so i would make it a yummy pick for my meal!

  126. Lauren says

    I would like to go out to eat with my husband to Carrabas and go see New Year’s Eve at the movies. What a perfect date that would be. :O) I am an email subscriber.

  127. Kassandra Stalbaum says

    I would get a gift card to Pappasito’s – that’s where my hubby took me for our first date.

  128. Madelleine says

    We love Olive Garden and because is the holidays, we will watch the box set of the cartoon Christmas classics ( Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown)!

  129. Shirley Stewart says

    I think I would choose Chillies and take my BFF. She does alot for me over the year and I think this would be a great way to let her know I apperceate her.

  130. Sheila says

    For dinner I’d probably choose Red Lobster & for the movie I’d like to add the last Harry Potter movie to our collection!!

  131. Jen says

    I would choose a gift card to our Price Chopper grocery store to make a warm winter meal at home and then curl up on the couch to the DVD of Bridesmaids.

  132. Jessica says

    I would choose Outback steakhouse thats me and the hubbys favorite and its not to often we get to eat there and The help i have been wanting to see that movie for a while now!!

  133. Katie says

    I think I would like to try Joe’s Crab Shack. I know its a chain but I haven’t been. I think my boyfriend would love to be treated to dinner too!
    For the DVD, I’ve been wanting to see Another Earth. I thought it seemed like a really cool concept for a movie!

  134. Tangie says

    Since we just moved to the USA, we’d probably take a moment for ourselves and see “We Bought a Zoo” and enjoy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I don’t know if we need to add this, but I “liked” you on FB! Loving all the coupon finds :)

  135. Jessica says

    I’d love to get a gift certificate to a local restaurant called “Saul Good.” As for the movie, my husband has been harassing me to see Captain America, since it will make him happy I would go wtih that! :)

  136. joslyn says

    I haven’t been to Red Lobster lately so I’d prolly pick that for my restaurant and maybe New Years Eve for the movie -that looks like a cute one

  137. lisa baldwin says

    I would love to take the family to outback steakhouse and the watch Mr. Popper’s Peguins. This would be great for a family night! Thanks

  138. Melanie Farmer says

    I would choose a grocery store gift card, publix or walmart :)

    Hmmm….movie…I’d have to think on that some more if I win!

    Thank you so much :)

  139. Katherine Summers says

    Gift card: probably to a grocery store. My husband and I love to cook.
    Movie: Crazy, Stupid Love (I haven’t seen it yet, but some of my friends say it is good.)

  140. Amy says

    Almost any restaurant would be great! We try not to eat out often because of the extra cost so I’m craving anything not made by me! I would probably choose New Year’s Eve for the movie.

  141. TRACY says

    I would choose dinner gift card at On the Border and and go see War Horse, since my husband is Military and we love war stories.

  142. Laura D says

    We had a baby a couple months ago…and my husband would love to get to a movie again! :) He said…any movie!

  143. scottsgal says

    I’d pick Bonefish Grill or Chilis and Hangover 2 for the DVD – fun giveaway!
    msboatgal at

  144. Deb says

    We would love to go to Red Lobster on a date. As far as the DVD goes, I would probably pick “It’s a Wonderful Life” since it is my favorite and my VHS is getting wore out. My husband might choose otherwise though. Have to think on it.

  145. Brandi Sweaton says

    Bonefish Grill would my restaurant of choice. We only go on special occasions and a gift card there would be wonderful. As for the movie… that’s a tough one probably Kug Fu Panda 2. My hubby loves those movies and we can enjoy it with ours boys.

  146. Cynthia Harris says

    i have no idea what i would pick at the moment but I will definitly think about that now! lol

  147. says

    I think it would probably be steak of course,Texas road house and the movie that looks good which I just seen the previews for and opens on Christmas Day would be war horse.

  148. DONNA HOPE says

    I would choose a movie gift card since there is several new movies out for Christmas that we would love to see. I am a subsciber, follow you on twitter and liked you on FB

  149. April Desch says

    I would choose a Target or Walmart gift card so I could buy the ingredients to cook up something yummy and enjoy while watching a great love story, The Notebook, with my sweetie. :)

  150. Sandy Cabello says

    Hello. If I won this giveaway, I’d get an Olive Garden gift card and would want Jane Eyre (the one released in 2011) on dvd.

  151. Audrea says

    Any great restaurant would be a great date for my husband and I. We recently moved away from friends and family forrk so that means no babysitter for date night. This would be a great treat.

  152. Lori says

    A movie sounds nice, but being new to our area, there are so many restaurants I would love to try – maybe Bahama Breeze?

  153. Stacy Napier says

    I would choose a grocery gift card to either Wegmans or Price Chopper. I love to cook and would be able to make a fabulous dinner with a 50 gift card. I’m not sure what movie I would pick there are so many to choose from.

  154. kristy says

    I would choose woodentap or the local grocery store and make dinner for my husband for a date night.

  155. Patty says

    I would probably choose Target and I would love to see the new muppets movie or I confess Twilight

  156. Pepper Lloyd says

    I would choose Kung Fu Panda 2 and probably a gift card to the Walmart to buy stuff to make pizzas since we live so far away from any restaurants =)

  157. Jennifer says

    I would like to go on a dinner date with my husband sans kids to PF Chang’s. I’m not sure what DVD I’d choose yet.

  158. says

    OOOOOO that would be a hard choice. We have so many favorites. I love the Olive Garden and as far as a movie ummmmm There are just so many to choose from. Probably Cars 2 or Kung Fu Panda 2.

  159. Stephanie Bene says

    We would eat probably at olive garden! As for the movie…I’m not sure whats even out LOL

  160. Sharon Barnes says

    We love Bonefish & maybe Transformers since my hubby just got a new tv & surround sound for Christmas.

  161. Tara Blanchette says

    We would love to have a date night at Texas Road House then come home to watch Fast 5. :) Neither one of use is really into chick flicks. Action gets our adrenaline going!

  162. Jeni says

    I would love a Fred Meyer or Target gift card! It would last me forever at Target with all my coupons :) I’m not sure which movie…something comedy.

  163. vanessa dalton says

    The restaurant I would choose is Big Dogs Brewery in Las Vegas, NV. I am not sure on the movie as I don’t know what new movies are out. We don’t go out to movie theatres that often.

  164. Samantha says

    I would eat at apple bees and do the 2 for $20 and then use the rest to see a 3d movie with my boyfriend. We usually don’t go to 3D movies because they cost extra.

  165. Nikki T says

    I would choose ocharleys! Its my husband and mine favorite! Wow for the movie I don’t know I haven’t been on a movie date night in years with my husband! Probably something without talking animals. Lol

  166. Lauren says

    Hmm, maybe Texas Roadhouse or Shaw’s for the grocery store. For the movie I think I’d choose Disney’s Peter Pan. I’ve been wanting it for my son.

  167. Heather L. says

    I would go to Lovells with my hubby when he comes home on mid tour! Then I’d buy Nottingham Hill. We don’t know why, but anytime it’s on TV,mew always watch it!

  168. Tina says

    I would choose Target or Walmart. So i could go food shopping for my family:)
    I like you on FB and Twitter.
    Thank you!

  169. says

    I would choose walmart gift card. bring some coupons along and pick up a great meal from there and come home and cook it together. Then we would cuddle up after the dinner and watch a great animated movie together like despicable me. good times!

  170. Jennie says

    I have no idea what DVD I would choose- perhaps something family friendly! Restaurant would be J. Alexanders. Do you have one near you? Their flagship location is here in Nashville, TN. They have the BEST chicken fingers EVER!

  171. carol cobb says

    My husband LOVES Olive Garden, so that would definitely be my choice! As for a movie, I’d love to see The Help.

  172. Shannon Francis says

    I would love a date night. With 7 kids funds are right so we rarely get out. I have no idea what I would choose we have so many wonderful restaurants near us we just never have a chance to go. As for movies…. Tactile force and something borrowed. Are two I wanted to see. Thank you for all the wonderful giveaways. You are such a blessing.

  173. Crystal C says

    We can’t afford to go out on a date these days so a nice dinner at Olive Garden or some other resturant like that would be nice and a movie we have both been waiting to see would be awsome.

  174. Jill says

    I would pick a gift card to Safeway or Fred Meyer to get ingredients to cook a seafood feast, complete with sourdough bowls and clam chowder for a night in. “How to Train Your Dragon” would make an awesome family night movie. :)

  175. amy c says

    i’d likely pick a gift card to either kroger or randalls, as i love to cook, and i’d let my husband pick the dvd, so who knows what he’d choose!

  176. dana sharpe says

    The chicken fingers at Chilis are my alltime favorite. Also love Logan’s Roadhouse. As for dvd’s, Toy Story 3-when I watched this my oldest son had just given away his toys since he had just turned 18 and no longer needed them..I cried during this part of the movie.

  177. Briana O'Toole says

    If I won I’d like a gift certificate to Bonefish Grill and The Hangover 2 on DVD!! I already follow you on facebook and have subscribed to the newsletter also!!

  178. Kim says

    Texas Roadhouse would be nice. I’d like to take my husband out for a steak. I’m not sure about what movie – I’m not sure what’s out.

  179. Kelli Sanchez says

    Hmmm….I would pick a giftcard to Steak n’ Shake! Love that place and we could pick up a movie at Redbox :)

  180. Joanne Jones says

    I would get a gift certificate for Cracker Barrel and then get the movie The Help to watch!

  181. Jennifer van Boxtel says

    I’ve “shared” and “liked” COUPON GEEK on FACEBOOK. I shared & liked your GIVEAWAYS on FACEBOOK Also I’ve told my MOM’s GROUP of the wonderful deals I’ve found in your updates and newsletter! I seem to be addicted to couponing.
    Also, FABULOUS giveaways and I’m trying hard to enter everything to increase the chance….
    THANK YOU for having such wonderful giveaways!!!

  182. Jennifer van Boxtel says

    If I were chosen…I would probably pick PF CHANGS for dinner and a Christmas-themed movie.
    I would LOVE a night out with my sweet husband..:)

  183. Sherry BUdge says

    I would pick a Mexican restaurant And movie?!? Who knew there was something other than Dora!

  184. Letitia Gonzalez says

    I would like a $50 giftcard to either Red Lobster or Hy-Vee Grocery Store. The movie I would pick, I am not sure yet.

  185. Samantha Janssen says

    Since I have 2 young kids, the gift card would be nice to have a meal with just the hubby and I!

  186. Kathy says

    Thank you for the give away. If I won, I would choose a restaurant gift card to take my husband to Red Robin because he’s the absolute best.

  187. Mitch says

    I would use the gift card for eating out for sure after picking the new Planet of the Apes movie to watch on DVD which just came out!
    Thanks, @gaynycdad

  188. says

    Oh what a nice gift! I would for sure want to go to Chili’s as it is one of my favs and would love to get the just released planet of the apes movie! Might want to eat first and let it settle before watching the show! Pinkalicious hugs, Jonnie Girl

  189. Valerie Beach says

    I think dinner at j alexanders and dvd of the help. Might change my mind if I thought about it some more.

  190. Valerie Beach says

    I subscribe to your feed via google reader. (Thanks for making entering your contests so user friendly. )

  191. Isabel says

    I think I would get a gift card from Roadhouse and the movie Despicable Me. Love the movie but still haven’t bought it.

  192. Michele H says

    I would love to have a gift card to Maggiano’s and the movie I would love to see Dolphin Tale!

  193. april says

    I would like to make a date night at home , I love to cook so i would make a nice dinner and then watch a movie . I would either shop at Meijer or Kroger

  194. Heidi says

    I’m a Mother of 5 wonderful children ages 5 months to 10 yrs!!! We don’t get out much so I would probably go with Harris Teeter and Smurfs for the kiddos!!!!

  195. Mrs. Katie K. says

    Red Lobster would be my first choice. My husband and I love it! The DVD I would choose is Home Alone (old but great). :)

  196. Burgundy says

    I would make a dinner at home of one my husbands favorite meals of steak, baked potato, and creamed spinach and we would watch the help.

  197. DebbyM says

    I like I’d choose PF Chang’s ….and The Help (can you believe I haven’t seen it yet??)


  198. Elaine M says

    Cheddars for dinner-a very family friendly restaurant. For the DVD I’d like Kung Foo Panda 2. Thanks

  199. Julie B says

    I’d love to be entered! I’d choose a grocery store gift card so my husband could grill us some steaks and maybe The Help for the movie.

  200. Nicole Weaver says

    I would choose a gift card to Olive Garden giftcard for me and my husband. This is where our first date was and its been well over a year since we have enjoyed ourselves without the little ones in toe

  201. Lindsey says

    I’d want a Visa giftcard or something similar. There’s a great local sushi bar that my husband and I love to visit! We haven’t been in forever!

  202. Casey says

    I would pick a grocery store gift card– I love to cook. Also, for the movie I would pick Crazy Stupid Love.

  203. katherine says

    I would get a gift card to macaroni grill and let my husband pick a movie because I just had a c section and then had a complication, so he has been taking care of 3 kids and myself. He deserves this. Thanks.

  204. Teresa says

    This is wonderful a gift card to spend on family. I love your all that you do thanks for saving us money.