2012 New Series: Time to Plan

When I sat down earlier in the month to think about what types of goals I wanted to set for 2012, I started to see a pattern that I could really wrap up all of them into just one goal–Taking Time to Plan! It became clear to me that everything I wanted to accomplish could possibly fall into place if I set aside just a small amount of time each day to plan ahead. And here’s why I think that:

Financial Goals – I can meet my goals by putting into a place a great budget and taking time to plan out my shopping trips and planning ahead for events such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, vacations, etc. I can stick to my budget by keeping track of items we use the most and when they reach a “Low Inventory” so I can make sure I keep watch for a great deal on them.

Cleaning/Organizing Goals – I can meet these goals by taking time to plan time each day for household and website tasks. I can save time asking myself “What’s for Dinner?” by putting a meal plan in place and freezing meals ahead for busy weeks. Also, keeping my coupons organized is another great way to help meet my financial goals.

Fitness Goals – By keeping my household in order, I can possibly carve out time for myself to get in some much needed exercise–and also plan in some fitness time with the kids. I can also plan time for researching healthier recipes and meal options for us.

Self-Help Goals – By taking time to stay organized and financially stable, life might possibly feel less stressful making it easier to just enjoy life a little more.

Family-Time Goals – By making sure to plan time each day for one-on-one quality time with the kids, I can get in some really great outings and make some great memories with them! We can also maybe take them on a small vacation if I plan ahead getting great prices and by keeping on course with my financial goals.

So my biggest goal for 2012 is just set aside 15-30 minutes a day to plan out my day/week/month/year. I’ll be doing my best to share with you what planning I’ve managed to get in each week in hopes that maybe it will help you become a happier and more organized person, as well.

While making New Year’s Resolutions/Goals may seem cliche, I truly believe it is important to set goals for yourself each year. It can lead to a more rewarding and fun year as you might take the time to get in more fun, worry less about things that don’t truly matter and plan for your future.