Hunt’s Tomatoes Coupon

Here’s a way to get a Hunt’s Tomatoes Coupon. It take a little effort but it really only takes a minute or two–and you might find a new recipe you like:

1) Go to Hunt’s site and click on “Find Out How You Can Save.”
2) Choose a recipe and click on it.
3) At the top of the page, look for the can of hunt’s tomatoes and click on “Get the details.”
4) At this point, you’ll have to choose what coupon you want. You’ll get $40/2 for printing a recipe. $60/3 for sharing with friends or $1/3 for writing a review.
5) You’ll have to print the recipe and then a coupon link will pop-up for your chosen savings.

Thanks, Coupon Dad!

Takes a minute but we go through a lot of canned tomatoes so I thought it might be worth it for you, too, if you use a lot, as well.