Giveaway: $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

Ace Hardware is offering some post-Thanksgiving savings with some Ace Hardware Coupons. On Saturday, November 26th, you can save 50% Off one regular-priced item under $30. There’s also one for Sunday, November 27th for $10 Off a $50 regular-priced merchandise purchase.

These coupons may come in handy, not only for everyday items, but also for some gifts on your list that may not get regularly discounted. They sell more than just hardware items, such as tools. I’ve often gone to Ace for quite a few of my gardening needs. I may have to use their coupons to check out if I can save on some items for next year’s season. I also like to invest in a new bird feeder each winter–kind of like a gift for the birds that are kind enough to visit. Also don’t forget that they sell paint, in case you are planning on adding a splash of color to the house in time for your holiday parties.

Ace Hardware has been so kind to offer me a $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card to giveaway to a lucky reader. I was very excited about this offer as I know it will help someone with a holiday gift or to get some much needed things for house repairs.

Remember, you won’t win if you don’t try. So be sure to get your entries in before the cut-off. Good Luck to all of you! You can use the Ace Hardware Store Locator to see if there’s one near you.

Here’s How to Enter:

NOTE: Beneath this posting is the word “Comments.” This is where you’ll put your entries. Only entries on this posting will be counted.

1) To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment letting me what you’d buy with your gift card if you won?

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Entry is open to US residents only through 11:59PM CST on Tuesday, November 22, 2011. There is a total of four entries allowed per person. Winner will be chosen using a giveaway service and contacted by email. If you’re the winner, you’ll have only 48 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen.

Good luck to all of you who enter!

A special thank you to Ace Hardware for the $100 Gift Card for my winner. I always provide honest reviews and let my sponsors know this before accepting any offers.

Important Note: All comments are moderated so there will be a delay from when you post your comment until it’s visible under the giveaway. If you are reading this via Email Newsletter, you’ll need to come to the site in order to be able to enter as that’s where the comments field is located and hosted.

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  1. Anna says

    I would love to win so that I could sneak in a surprise gift for my husband this year! I am a stay at home mom and would love to do something special for him as a thank you for allowing me to do this dream job! :-)

  2. KRISTIE J. says


  3. says

    We have a 19 year old four-legged family member that is not doing so well. The money for this card would be used to fix up an area in our yard for his final resting place and any items needed to maintain it.

  4. Lori H says

    I would use it to do repairs around the house. Had a builder who liked to cut corners to save money….we are now having to spend to fix the corners that were cut, this would help get some more things taken care of. Thanks!

  5. Christina says

    If I won the Ace $100 giftcard, depending on how much I could do it for, I’d like to remodel (just fix up & repaint) one or more rooms in the house! Would help my motivation, I feel better the nicer the house looks!!

  6. Kerry Baker says

    I would buy a Christmas Tree with this gift card it would help tremendously toward a new one for us to enjoy.

  7. Lynn says

    I would buy my mother-in-law a piece or two of the polish pottery that she collects. Our Ace carries such great things!

  8. Nancy says

    I would buy lots and lots of paint we have three rooms in our house that have dark paneling from the 1970’s that need to be painted. It would be so nice to live in a brighter house.

  9. Adriane Brown says

    I would give the gift card to my husband who loves to buy tools for woodworking and keeping up landscaping.

  10. Tiffany says

    My husband has been eyeballing a dremmel tool set that he REALLY wants for Xmas, this would definitely help me out!!

  11. Katherine Summers says

    I would use the gift card to fix up my house–particularly for some new bathroom fixtures.

  12. Jennifer M. says

    I would buy paint and painting supplies. I have been dying to paint my bedroom and bathroom! :)

  13. Heather McKinney says

    I know this isn’t a very exciting thing to use a free gift card on, but I would use it to buy new filters for our humidifier since they are so expensive. Our humidifier helps my husband to breath better in the winter due to his asthma.

  14. Jaime Schlyer says

    I would give the gift card to my mom! She has been slowly trying to do some home improvements but doesnt have a lot of cash.

  15. Shirley says

    My husband would get the gift he deserves. He always seems to fall behind our two boys. but he is a good dad and understand this would give him a shopping spree to make his Christmas for once

  16. Elizabeth Braun says

    My husband has his eye on a craftsman socket set so that is what I would get him for Christmas

  17. Elizabeth says

    I have 2 men in my life that love shopping at Ace, my husband & daddy. I would use the card for both of them!

  18. Jenilee says

    I would love to win this to get tools for my husband. Hes graduating college just before Christmas and this would be the icing on the cake! :)

  19. becky says

    I would buy the hubby a new drill.. otherwise he won’t be getting anything from me this year.. Money is tight and CHRISTmas isnt really about what we get anyway so we would rather buy for our kids..

  20. says

    We are in the process of doing a kitchen make over, where is all the money going? Would love the help, I follow you on FB, keep up the great work.

  21. Angel K says

    There would be soo many little things I would buy… of course I would stop in 2 or 3 times so I could combine it with the 50% off 1 item coupon! Most importantly would buy snow supplies! :)

  22. Stacy says

    I would use the gift card to finish putting baseboards in my house and finish my kitchen that we have been working on for over a year. It is always the finishing touches that get left behind :) Thanks for all the great information you share!

  23. Penny says

    I would buy my Husband some “new” tools as his old ones are not in the best of shape. I would also donate part of my winnings/purchases to those less fortunate.

  24. KellyH says

    I just painted our bedroom, and one thing I have forgotten about was new electric socket plates. I need some new ones now, the old ones are kind of gross now.


  25. Jen Fitzpatrick says

    I would buy a couple more outdoor chairs so that when we have family and friends over, I have a place to have them sit!

  26. Sasha Farnsworth says

    We always need stuff from Ace! We’re going to need new shovels soon because ours got stolen last winter!

  27. says

    we are trying to finish a retaining wall around our house that has rotted away. we have been trying to fix for about 3 years now. It’s horrible and this would help us to finish it once and for all. Thank you so much!

  28. Gerri McCarthy says

    I would use this to help remodel my parents’ home. Thanks for the contest! (already follow you on FB and Twitter).

  29. Lindsay says

    I would love to say i would use the gift card for presents but i would actually use it for me. I would purchase paint and a ladder and redo my white bedroom walls. They need some color!

  30. Cheryl Heuer says

    I would get several items of need and donate them to a shelter or to those who may have lost there jobs or more in need at this time

  31. Sarah says

    If I won, I would buy my husband some more tools, he just started tearing down a motorcycle as a project with our oldest son.

  32. Pam Thomason says

    I would use this to get the parts to repair my shower and sink that leaks water. This costs me extra money each month!

  33. says

    If I won I would probably never leave the store since without extra money I can wander around for hours. There is always a new project for me as I discover new exciting options everytime. Sometimes I have forgotten the items I went in for but left with a cart full anyway. Good times.

  34. says

    What wouldn’t I get?! We are at our local Ace Hardware at least once a week for something! I’m sure stocking up on salt will be at the top of the list since I live in Michigan! :)

  35. Karen says

    I would use the $100 towards the addition I am building onto my house so my elderly parents can come live with my family.

  36. says

    I would buy things to make my house warmer. I live in a double wide & my electric bill goes sky high it would be nice to win

  37. Billie says

    I would buy some paint for projects around the house plus buy some Christmas decorations such as lights for my yard. :)

  38. Lora Cooper says

    I am not sure what I would buy but I am sure that I would find some gardening tools. I love to garden and winning this gift card would get me set for next spring!!!

  39. says

    I follow you on facebook and have been,,you find such wonderful deals . i will be subscribing to your new email upon finishing this. And I would be buyong something for my hubby to put in his Man cave! and I will be sharing your giveaway immeadiatly too!

  40. Anita Watson says

    First off I have subscribed to get your email newletters and thank you for the contest. As to what I would do with a $100 gift card, I would take my Dad with me to spend it on HIM. He and I both are yard geeks and love nothing more than to be doing some type of yard work.

  41. Kayla says

    I would use some of the money to fix the cracks where cold air is coming into our apartment! It’s cold in Ohio :) Secondly I would use the remaining money for lawn care/ winter care items for my grandmother to make it a safter winter for her.

  42. Jodi says

    We need to buy some new rakes and snow shovels. They have the cutest kitchen gadgets too, as well as cookie cutters!

  43. Anna Goodwin says

    I would buy gardening supplies for next Spring and Summer and also share the gift card with my husband!

  44. Debbie Almont says

    I would give the $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card to my son who is attending college and this card would help him greatly to get what he needs in his welding class/auto body. He is in need of this kind of help.

  45. amanda says

    If I won this card I would use it to buy a really nice christmas present for my father. I lost my job a few months back and he has been helping my family out a great deal. I would love to repay him by buying him a really great present.

  46. Joyce Garner says

    I would like to help my son fix up his home he just purchased it is a as is home he purchased for him and his two little kids he is raising by him self. His income is limited and he is doing a little work at a time on it while living with me.

    So if I won I would like to use the card to purchase things for his home like a toilet, sink, facets for the sink.

  47. Loren says

    If I won this gift card, I would take my hubby shopping! We are down to one income and due to our tight budget, I rarely get the chance to spoil him with extras like tools.

  48. Samantha Rasch says

    I would buy my dad a new battery for his dewalt 18v cordless drill. they run about $90 for one battery so this would be just enough to get him one.

  49. Lisa H. says

    I would buy more canning supplies, a new pressure cooker to be exact. They have a great supply of canning and food preservation supplies.

  50. mary jane s. says

    I would get a new faucet for our kitchen and also take my hubby along to get some outdoor tool he has been wanting..oh, my it would be lovely not to hear the drip on our old old faucet!

  51. Sue L says

    I would give it to my husband and let him spend it on whatever he wishes. He loves shopping at hardware stores.

  52. Nora O says

    I’d buy my boys some tools for Christmas… they love having things like Dad’s to tinker with!

  53. says

    I would use My giftcard (if I were lucky enough to win) to plan my garden for next spring. I would do this on a cold snowy day to brighten my day!

  54. Kathryn says

    We are adding some new additions to our home so this gift card would truly come in handy!! I love this blog!

  55. Sahara says

    I would buy more plastic storage tubs for my kids clothes that are now too small. They’ll look and stack nicer than black garbage bags!

  56. Jennifer Roberts says

    I would use the gift card to buy the jars that I need for Hot Chocolate in a Jar gifts for my daughter and son’s teachers for Christmas/the holidays.

  57. ruth says

    Last year I bought a nice snow shovel with this coupon – it was perfect timing! Ace also carries a variety of garden tools and some birdfeeding items which is how I would spend the GC should I win.

  58. kellie says

    there are so many things i could spend it on, but i would give it to my husband and let him buy whatever he wanted (hopefully supplies to expand the garden next year)!

  59. Margaret P. says

    I’d buy new recycling bins with lids! We are in an apt & the baby thinks the recycling bins are toy bins :(

  60. Brenda says

    I would use the gift card to buy some Christmas presents for my husband and father, like tools or saw horses.

  61. Karen Crumpton says

    I would purchase paint, so that I can repaint our guest bathroom to get ready for Christmas company:)

  62. Amy Lehman says

    I would love to win an Ace GC, I would buy some garbage bags because they are so expensive and some new holiday decorations, those are so nice to have but are so costly. With the other half I would buy gifts for someone else annonomously and leave them on their doorstep at Christmas, I think that would be so fun!

  63. Elise says

    I’m in the process of updating the kitchen and bathroom so the GC would come in handy for all the supplies

  64. allison says

    Another grandbaby born!!!! Papa is planning to build bunk beds in our spare room for those overnight visits at Granny and Papa’s. (or just snuggle and nap time) :)

  65. jill says

    I would give this to my Dad for christmas. His does so much for us and the twins. He loves Ace and goes a couple times a week with the work he does around his house and my grandparents.

  66. Sonia Vandervort says

    Extension cords because our new place doesn’t have outlets in the front for Christmas lights!

  67. Rachael Smith says

    I would probably buy house hold items. I am moving soon and will need to stock my new house.

  68. Becky says

    I would buy a ladder for our house- we need to stop borrowing my moms! We could also use some paint for the basement!

  69. Christina says

    I would buy paint for my daughters room and my sons room. I might get my dad something too since hes a carpenter!

  70. Joslyn says

    i would buy my hubby a nice christmas gift -prolly some more tools for in the garage for doing our car repairs!

  71. Tracey McClinton says

    I will watch the Black Friday announcements and try to pair up these coupons with the sales, stacking my savings. I would most likely watch for anything on my father-in-law’s list or my mom’s list.

  72. Angela says

    I like you on FB! My husband turns 40 in a couple weeks – so if we won this – I would give it to him to buy something he would like.

  73. says

    Main entry
    I Love Ace Hardware we have had the same on inour little town for at least the 51 yrs of my life probably longer, and it’s because they sell quailty products at fair reasonal prices, and they deal with you like along time neighbor
    I would use the generous offer if I won it on a new faucet for my kitchen sink, I love this one with its rustic old country charm which would be ideal for my country apple & rooster themed RED Kitchen, thanks for the chance
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  74. April D. says

    I would give it to my grandma for Christmas so she could buy some bird food and a new bird feeder. She is 79 years old and loves to look out at the birds. On a fixed income it has become increasingly difficult to buy bird food over her needs. This would make a great gift for her as she has done so much for me.

  75. says

    If I won and I could I would take it to ace hardware and make it into 2 $50 gift cards and give one to each of my uncles so they could buy some tools. If not I would probably buy a carhart coat with it.

  76. Tammy says

    I follow on Facebook and receive the newsletter. I believe that the Ace gift card will go to my not so handy honey! He would LUV it!

  77. Jessica says

    i would use the gift card to buy supplies to keep remodeling our bathroom. my husband is remodeling our bathroom on his own during his time off.

  78. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    If I win this fabulous prize, I will give the gift certificate to my husband–he will be happy to buy some from Ace Hardware Store! Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. Noelle Goetz says

    I don’t know, I would probably use it to buy something for our crappy apartment to try and make it just a little bit nicer. Maybe a space heater, since it is down to -4* here already and all we have is a wall heater in the kitchen.

  80. says

    I would buy some paint and new furniture pulls. We are redoing our guest bedroom so I am sure there would be more to add to the list.


  81. Lisette Ramos says

    I would give this gift card to me dad as he is our handyman of our family and always without any compensation is fixing my house.

  82. Laurie B. says

    I would buy materials to fix our grape vine in our backyard as well as some indoor paint. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Carolsue says

    I would pick out some household appliances for Christmas gifts for my Mom and sister
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  84. Kari Howell says

    I like you on Facebook (Kari N Steven Howell) and I’m following you on Twitter (@lch2004).

  85. Elaine A says

    I live in an apartment, but this would be an excellent Christmas gift for my retired mom who has a house. ^_^

  86. Lauralli says

    I love my Ace Hardware! I have one not far from my house! Probably would use the gift card on one of the men in my life—husband, dad or father-in-law! Lots of great stuff there!

  87. Brenda says

    I would love to get my hubby a super secret present that I’ve had my eye on…..a shop vac. He needs it!!

  88. Jennifer Karr says

    If I win, I’m going to go nuts in the cookware section. The first thing on my list is a silpat mat. After that I’ll have to look around but I know I’d have no trouble spending every penny.

  89. Janice says

    I have a wonderful husband who works on our home constantly. We recently added a basement and would like to get it finished before Christmas. Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for the giveaways!

  90. says

    I’d give the card to my fella <3
    He'd be SO surprised! It'd be like a kid in a candy store for him………….. lol

    He'd probably use it to get us a new mower. Ours just died, actually. :(

  91. Kristina Porter says

    I would give it to my husband as a present. He would love to pick out $100 worth of Ace things!

  92. shanna says

    subscribed! would love to win this card for Christmas money for my hubby! Good luck to everyone!! Happy Holidays!!

  93. gayle says

    I would buy everything I need for my spring gardening. I hope I win, Im already tired of the cold.

  94. Brandi Sweaton says

    I would buy things for my hubby; probably a new grill. I was Ace the other day and saw the perfect one on sale – this giftcard would be fabulous to help buy it for him!

  95. Shirley N says

    I would use the gift card to get those last minute items we need on our kitchen remodel. We are hoping its done in time for christmas!

  96. Karen Blondel says

    I would run to Court Street in Brooklyn and buy christmas deco,caulking a door stopper and get a spare set of keys made AND I would give a stranger in the Ace Hardware store 10 dollars and tell them I am paying it forward because I won! Have a great holiday all!

  97. RGValleyGal says

    I would love to win this gift card! I would use it to offset the cost of the replacement roof for my shed! It will cost a good deal to replace and can be ordered through Ace Hardware. So here’s hoping I win this neat prize!

  98. Jill says

    Thanks for the giveaway! This would come in very handy to finish up Christmas shopping for the guys and maybe get a gallon of paint for a wall I need to spruce up.

  99. RGValleyGal says

    Oops… forgot to say what happened to my shed! There is a ficus tree, ancient in age, that toppled its heaviest branches onto my shed during a recent windy day. It just came crashing down and scared my little puppy and me to pieces! Found out that one of the branches had actually pierced my Suncast shed’s roof and also “warped” the left-side door. It’s been tarped in case of rain while I gather the money to replace it. All that remains of the tree is a super-fat base with some green leaves starting to try to grow a new tree!

  100. Sharon Rogers says

    I would buy paint and other things to finish fixing up my house. The house we live in was an added on to house and they left alot of things unfinished. So, we have been in the process of finishing things up around the house. I also subscribe to you facebook and email.

  101. Tracy says

    I would buy a snow shovel. I was caught without one last winter, and I want to be prepared this year. Thanks!

  102. Patty Kift says

    Winning a gift card to ACE Hardware would be just the best! Thanks for compiling your list and sending it out everyday.

  103. Rosa says

    I would use the gist card to purchase some house hold items we need like a , air filters, stock up on items for gardening, etc.
    I hope I win!

  104. lori daugherty says

    I would buy a new mailbox as vandals threw a pumpkin at my current one on Halloween, and also a new snow shovel in hopes of using it lots this year!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  105. Sandy Kelly says

    I would buy paint and supplies for our dining room and family room. They are badly in need of makeovers!

  106. Mary Jo Fellows says

    I would love this. My kids are moving out and i can use it to decorate my new craft room/office.

  107. Mary Ruth DIlling says

    If I were to win the ACE gift card, I would be able to get my partner a nice gift. He was given only months to live last week, due to a heart condition. It would be nice to give him a nice gift this year. He loves going to hardware stores just to look around.

  108. Becky Otts says

    I would get my husband a Christmas gift, since we both don’t have jobs right now. He so deserves a gift….

  109. Ashley Coulter says

    I follow you on Facebook. If I won this, I would use it to buy my husband some “wish list” items for Christmas. We have had a rough year. Our daughter has a chronic illness so we are in and out of the hospital all the time. He just started back to work this fall so Xmas will be tight. This will def help if we won.

  110. LaTeaDah says

    If I won a gift card — I would use it to buy some new Christmas lights and ornaments. Believe me, they are needed!

  111. JoeyfromSC says

    Hey! I’d actually gift this to my best friend because he is wanting to buy some things for home improvements, so it would help him out alot!

    Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Thanksgiving!


  112. Stephanie Stonebraker says

    I would buy a weedeater. Our went out at the end of the summer, and we could sure use another one!

  113. dar w. says

    With the $100 gift card … I would give half to someone in need and the other half I would put towards a new bathroom faucet (ours are 22years old & kinda green) … hope I win! … and Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!!

  114. Nancy E says

    I would replace some of my husband’s well-worn yard tools and surprise him with them! I think some of them are probably antiques. :o)

    Love your emails & have saved lots of money with your recommendations. Thanks “Coupon Geek.”

  115. Rhonda Boyd says

    I would use the gift card to purchase a new battery operated drill , mine will not hold a charge for any time at all–I am a widow(a do it yourselfer) on a low income job and must do repairs around the house for myself, a battery operated drill is a lifesafer !! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  116. Linda Anderson says

    If I won I would put it my husband’s stocking for Christmas :) I know there is a ton of things he could buy at ACE :)

  117. Cyndi Jorgensen says

    I would use it to buy paint. I have been slowly working on repainting the inside of our house. We have lived here for 10 years now and it’s time. My next project is to paint the kitchen and replace the light fixtures.

  118. Sherry says

    Gosh I don’t know WHAT I would get with $100 at ACE Hardware! That would take some shopping and thought.

  119. says


  120. Sara Bilodeau says

    I would give the card to my Dad. He is getting older and has a lot of work to do on his house before it would be sellable, which is something he wants to do when he retires. My family of three has been living with him for a number of years while we get back on our feet from some hard times and he is always very generous.

  121. Haley Bohler says

    I would buy my husband something nice for Christmas. Every year we omit buying for each other for Christmas just so we can get nice presents for everyone else, I would love to surprise him with something this year. He has been a wonderful husband and father for 24 years now and i feel like he deserves something good.

  122. Carrie says

    If I won the ACE gift certificate, I would give it to my husband for Christmas! He would love it!

  123. Jan L. says

    Winning this gift card would be great. I know my son-in-law would like an Ace gift card for Christmas. The only other gift I know he wants is some good English toffee. Hey, maybe he’ll share a little of both. Thank you.

  124. Taunya says

    I would buy my son a pair of Carhartt workboots. He works outside and his current boots are held together with duct tape.

  125. ally pliska says

    I am moving back from college into a house, I would buy tools to make the moving process go smoother :)

  126. liz bridges says

    Seeing it is getting close to Christmas I would spend it on my grandsons Christmas. He wants to have his own tools so he can help me out doing repairs. very mature for a 13 yr old.

  127. Karen says

    I would by my husband some really cool tools that he has been coveting (and dropping strong hints about).

  128. DEBORAH BOWEN says


  129. jene says

    this would make my day as i need to start square foot gardening…

    back problems….thanks sooooooooooo much

  130. Lori Worland says

    I would probably use the gift card to get something for my husband for Christmas. He just broke his leg a few weeks ago and could use a few things to make life a little easier and entertaining while he is laid up. I probably will also have to buy a few other items for our kitchen, like this really great pan they have for making stuffed peppers!

  131. Patti S says

    I would use it to buy some interior paint. I had to put up some new drywall and don’t have the money for paint yet. One paycheck at a time! LOL

  132. Andrea says

    The wood on my porch needs replacing – I think that’s exactly what I’d do with this if I won – or to put a dent in the mud room project we are planning for January.

  133. Darlene Moss says

    Please enter me in give-away. I like to shop in tool stores. My Mom & I need a battery charger for our riding mower. I have a battery jump starter but not strong enough sometimes to charge the battery. We live alone & it would be a big help for us. Also we need yard tools as we like to do a small garden to help out with having fresh vggies. I already follow on facebook & email. Thank you for all the tips that help save us money.

  134. M. Johnston says

    I’d put the money toward a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the new lite model that runs on a rechargeable battery.

  135. Janelle says

    I’d get a Bissell 3-way Vacuum Cleaner with extra filters, Christmas lights & decorations, & some 3M Adhesive products I need for painting projects!
    Best wishes and thank for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  136. Janelle says

    I subscribe to this RSS feed via Google Reader so I don’t miss a thing!
    Best wishes and thanks for a chance to win this fantabulous giveaway!

  137. Julia says

    We would buy things like paint or whatever we need to fix holes from nails in the walls etc. since we have to move due to my husbands job. We are just hoping that won’t happen before christmas since we’d leave family!

  138. Lisa-Gay says

    I would buy the $199 tree; I didn’t any of the other trees that were there when I went there today.

  139. Peg A says

    I may use at least part of the money for a Christmas Village item because I get a new one each year as a tradition and I usually use my 50% one item of $30 or less good on Black Friday for that so I would still have money left over to buy my hubby something for Christmas!