Coupon Network: $5 in Future Savings with $30 iTunes Gift Card Purchase

Coupon Network has added a $5 in Future Savings with $30 iTunes Gift Cards Purchase deal. It’s valid at these stores:

Acme Fresh Market, Acme Market, Albertsons Osco, Albertsons Sav On, Albertsons Store, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh Supermarket, Giant Eagle Express, Giant Eagle Market, Giant Eagle Market District, Henrys Acme, Jewel Food Store, Jewel Osco, Lucky, Lucky Store, Shaws Supermarket, Shaws Super Store, Shop N Save, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Star Market, The Market

Just add the deal to your store loyalty card for the future savings deal. There’s also a deal for Applebees and Bass Pro Shop Gift Cards but they are limited to just a few stores.

Just thought I’d share as a way to get a little savings on these if they are on your holiday lists. It looks like they are 3 – $10 Gift Cards that you might be able to split up into multiple gifts–perhaps for teachers, baby-sitters, etc.