Ways to Re-Purpose a Frosting Can

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderfully creative ideas my reader friends have when it comes to finding an alternate use for something. Awhile back on Facebook, I asked what ideas you all had for re-using a frosting can. I was floored at how many things you came up with! I’ve finally compiled all of them and I wanted to share them with all of you. I think it might make you think twice before you recycle them!

Ways to Re-Purpose Frosting Cans
1. Seed Starters
2. Piggy Banks
3. Holding Smaller School/Office Supplies (pencil leads, safety pins, erasers, paper clips, etc.)
4. Lunch Containers
5. Desk Organizer – Pencils, Pens, Paper Clips
6. Specific Savings Jars – “Mommy Time,” Rainy Day, etc.
7. Maracas – fill with rice/beans/macaroni and tape up
8. Box Tops for Education Holder
9. Snacks on the Go Containers – Stacking Cookies
10. Bug Jars – especially those with a clear lid
11. Gardening supplies – Such as holding seed packets, etc
12. Garage Organization – Perfect for Nuts, Bolts, etc
13. Pasta – Perfect for emptying boxes with just a little left
14. Toy Storage – Great for small items like little legos or small puzzles
15. Portable First Aid Kit
16. Ice Packs
17. Donations to Schools and Churches (VBS programs)
18. Loose Candy Holders – such as M&Ms
19. Change Holder in Vehicles – perfect for toll money
20. Vehicle Storage – Holding ketchup, mustard, packets, napkins etc. in the glove box
21. Storing Receipts
22. Popsicle Holders – Cut a small X and place popsicle through so it won’t drip everywhere
23. Sewing Storage – Perfect for threads, buttons, pins, etc.
24. Telephone Game – need two and a piece of yarn
25. Compost Holder – Just until you get time to take it outside
26. Cosmetic Storage – Eyeliners, Eye shadows, Little Cosmetics, etc.
27. Bathroom Storage – Qtips, Cotton Balls, Hair Accessories, etc.
28. Cooler Storage – Packing fruits, etc.
29. Pop Holders for Chairs
30. Cup Holders
31. Art Projects
32. Crayon Holders – Personalize them for a great gift!
33. Containers for Leftovers – Especially those sending home from parties
34. Kleenex Holder for Cup Holders in Vehicles – cut slit in top and pop them through
35. Storing Homemade Play-Doh

Extra idea – Save microwave lids with holes to use to lay soap/razor/toothbrush on counters in hotel rooms when traveling. Water should drain through the holes.

I just love all of the ideas that you came up with!  As you can see from the picture, I quickly jumped on the idea of using one to store my Box Tops for Education labels. Talk about saving clutter in my kitchen drawer!

Thank you all for sharing your ideas! Please feel free to share more and I’ll add them to the list.