Lookout Alert: McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Booklets

My sister just brought a present for the kids–two McDonald’s Halloween “Tricks & Treats” Coupon Booklets. These booklets cost $1 and they can vary with what coupons they have. Ours had 3-pages with four coupons each in them (so 12 coupons for just $1):

~Free Apple Slices
~Free Small Apple Juice or White Milk Jug
~Free Small Cone
~Free Hamburger

Keep in mind that not all McDonald’s location offer these. Ours didn’t have the “Afternoon Snack” ones earlier this year. Also, be careful where you buy them as some will be stamped with that McDonald’s address so you can only use them there.

Hoping you’ll find them if you need some. I’ve bought these in the past and included them in with gifts for birthday parties.