Cars 2 DVD Combo Pack Rebate on Johnson & Johnson Purchases

There’s another Cars 2 DVD Combo Pack Rebate available. This time it’s for $10 back when you purchase the DVD Combo Pack and select Johnson & Johnson Products including:

~J&J Red Cross Brand

Thanks for sharing, Couponing to Disney!

What’s cool about this one is that they do allow photocopied receipts. Since Disney DVDs come with two proof of purchases tabs, you can still also mail off for the $10 Rebate from Kimberly-Clark that I told you about earlier. (Note: Some rebates do not allow photocopies so always be sure to check that if there are multiple rebates on the same product.)

Also, both rebates’ postmarked dates are after the holidays so you can give these as a gift to your family and still make their cut-offs. Just don’t forget to grab your proofs and keep your receipts in a safe place!!

Be sure to read the rebates for all requirements/exclusions.

More than likely, they’ll release a $5 Off Cars 2 BluRay/DVD Combo Pack Coupon to sweet that price as well. I’ll keep my eyes open for one of those for you.

As with all rebates, I highly recommend that you print/save the file as some companies have taken them down early due to demand.