Giveaway: GlowGirl Coupon Organizers – 6 Winners!

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced later this week.

I mentioned last week that the coupon organization system that I currently use is a GlowGirl Coupon Organizer. I’ve been using one of her cloth coupon holders for well over a year now and have really come to like them. They are small enough to fit inside my purse/diaper bag yet still big enough to hold all of my coupons. I just recently upgraded to her Mega Coupon Organizer, which I love not only because it’s bigger but also because it has a carrying handle.

I contacted GlowGirl to see if we could set it up so I could let my winners pick their own choice of organizer and she was so sweet to donate 3 of them to giveaway. I matched her generation donation so this giveaway is going to have SIX winners! 2 of the winners will receive a Mega Coupon Organizer and 4 will receive a regular coupon organizer. Each winner will be able to pick out the fabric that they like best from her listings.

I think you’ll come to find out what I have already–that these are a really great and an easy way to keep your coupons organized, handy and in a stylish holder.

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Good luck to all of you who enter!

A special thank you to GlowGirl for three of these organizers for my readers! I only provide honest reviews and let my sponsors know this before accepting any offers.

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UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced later this week.

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  1. sharon neumann domer says

    I just ordered one based on your recommendation! I was using a binder but it is too cumbersome.

  2. Janna Fowler says

    These are perfect…I am not a three ring binder girl. I have TONS of coupons and this system is great!!!

  3. Gina says

    I use a 3 inch binder with baseball card pages. I’ve been using the same one for about 3 years now and it has seen better days! Thanks!

  4. says

    I have a filing cabinet with files with the months on them and then I put the whole coupon insert with the date on it in the appropriate file. When going to the store I have a paper folder I put them in. Not the best, but, it works (when I don’t drop the whole thing on the floor! LOL)

  5. Lauren says

    I currently have a zip up binder, with dividers and business card holders. I separate the coupons by health/beauty, household, food, condiments, frozen foods, Dog, Beverages, Dairy, and Snacks. I would love something *new* and amazing though! =)

  6. Crystal says

    My current way of organizing my coupons is on the dining room table! I have no system down yet and am actually getting ready to purchase one from somewhere. I need to do some more research. I might just purchase one from glow girl if I don’t win becaues my coupons are stacking up!

  7. Chrissy M says

    I have been using paper clips to organize my coupons, it’s not working. Looking for a small binder.

  8. galebeth says

    I am currently organizing my coupons in a shoe box. I write the date on all of my inserts & put them in order… clipping only as needed. Works well for someone who doesn’t have much time for coupons.

  9. Tara Kiser says

    I currently use three different divided expandable folders that I picked up for $1 at Target all kept inside a shoebox, inside a reusable CVS bag. It all works until I get to the grocery store and need the space that holds my bag for groceries!

  10. Ryan says

    We use a receipt box that we got in the dollar bin at Target for our couponing. It has about 10 dividers, and it works decently.

  11. Becki says

    I currently use the binder system for organizing my coupons. I also use a small accordian folder for times when I don’t have time to organize within the binder.
    Both are great in their own ways.

  12. Liz I. says

    right now I have a coupon file/folder that I take to the store, but it’s big and bulky and I’d love a smaller,more organized system! Thanks for the chance!

  13. LAURIE C. says

    I currently have a little vinyl coupon holder that was free at a convention… I need to win this! Hehe

  14. Beth Monroe says

    I have a box that I keep coupons in right now… it’s not the best system, but it’s where I’m at.

  15. Christen says

    I love Coupon Geek! Always have the best finds… We work one on one with families so I have created a coupon box for famlies to come and take what they need. They call me the coupon Queen expect all my coupons are in a plastic bag paper clipped together with like items :( sad!

  16. Tonya says

    I am currently using a plastic accordian-style pocket coupon organizer that I ABHOR!!!! It is to small & crabby!lol I am looking for something/anything better!!

  17. Linda Cardona says

    I don’t have a method of organizing my coupons. I am new to this and trying to gather all helpful information and this organizer would be GREAT!

  18. Rebecca says

    I sadly use a envelope for my coupons right now. I have been trying to find something that would work for me to organize them as I am not into carrying a big folder with me! This would be perfect :)

  19. amanda b says

    i am using a binder with the baseball inserts…its big and bulky to lug around, but it works for now!

  20. Linda Adkins says

    I love Coupon Geek !!!! I coupon like crazy , but my current system consist of a small accordian style coupon holder, , a small recipe box and keeping the most important ones in my billford and checkbook,….. yikes, I need help …LOL

  21. Marylee Archer says

    I use a coupon organizer that fits in my purse. It has dividers but I had had to pattern my own on cardboard since these are flimsy and there weren’t enough. i like having the organizer handy since I never know when I’ll pop into a store. Also my teenage son borrows my car so I can’t leave a coupon organizer in it. Heaven know what might happen to it or what if I go somewhere with a friend or my husband and don’t have coupons! I have been couponing since my kids were little. I can’t believe how it’s become such a “thing”!!

  22. barb woyak says

    I would love to try one of these I just cut out the ones I use the day of and then just put them the side of my purse b/c I have not found one the I would like

  23. Kim says

    I am currently switching over to the binder method. Got a great deal on a binder (using a coupon, of course!) and am in the process of organizing all my coupons.

  24. Regina Ammons says

    Thank you so much, I receive your e-mails and Facebook postings already and have shared your link on this giveaway on my page :-)

  25. Carrie says

    My current coupon organizer is a horrible situation! I have one of the small coupon organizer that Target sells. All of my coupons are stuffed in it and folded, bent up, and sometimes ripped. It literally takes me 2 hours to plan one simple shopping trip due to my current organization. I need help!

  26. says

    My current system – total disorganized, no system what so ever. Go thru sales paper then put coupons for my items all together. This would be very helpful. Thank you

  27. Shelly S says

    I currently use a binder but they are just piled inside. I actually saw this on Etsy and really think it would help out a lot! Way too many mishaps in the grocery store with my current method!! Yikes!

  28. Marylee Archer says

    I follow you on facebook and have gotten so many good tips, coupons, freebies and sites from you.

  29. Linda Adkins says

    I have subscribed to your newsletter, and liked on facebook, in response to the giveaway. Thank you.

  30. Patricia Arnold says

    I usually just kind of separate my coupons by stores and depts with paper clips and put them in an envelope. I know, sad isn’t it? lol

  31. Shannon Campbell says

    I have no system for organizing my coupons and desperately need one. I have been using an envelope which isnt working so well. I NEED HELP!! :)

  32. Liz T. says

    I use a binder. But I am finding that it gets to big and bulky. Then carrying it around gets to be to much. I would love to have an organizer like yours.

  33. Sarah Eslin says

    Something like this would look much nicer in my card than my old black binder, I might even be able to convince my daughters to go shopping with me again! :)

  34. Amber McNeill says

    I currently use a trapper keeper kinda thing for my coupons. This GlowGirl coupon orginizer is very nice!! Hope i did my entry in the right spot!!!

  35. Julie S. says

    What a great idea! I just started and am using an old binder of my childrens but I don’t like the cumbersome and un organizing way it sits in the cart..

  36. Barrielynn says

    I am new to the coupon thing and i have a binder now with tons of coupons that fall everywere lol

  37. Liz T. says

    I have liked you on facebook for about 6 months now. I also signed up for your newsletter about 2 months ago and I shared with all my friends on facebook about this giveaway!

  38. Janice K. says

    I use a cloth, zippered binder with baseball sleeves, then a file cabinet for the old inserts. (if you don’t have a binder yet, check Target clearances in school supplies coming soon!!!)

  39. Kerri says

    I am new to the couponing world and I am trying to learn quickly. I have a binder that I have started, but would rather have an organizer like the one you have or a pocket accordian file. I have a 19 month old and the binder is just too bulky for me and easy for him to get into. Thank you for considering me and for helping us find those great deals on things! : )

  40. Samantha says

    I currently have a 3 ring binder that is divided by tabs and use baseball card sheets to sort through. I ABSOLUTELY HATE it!! It’s too big, bulky, and heavy to carry. I could really use something smaller to keep on with me. I have 2 small children and they really like to rip the inserts/dividers out and scatter them at the store!

  41. Telina F. says

    I’ve just been keeping the inserts and clipping when I need them then attaching them to a list with a paper clip. My husband just got me a binder for my birthday. Best birthday gift I think he’s ever gotten me! lol

  42. Shannon Wilt says

    I currently use one of the plastic coupon organizers! Would love to have something bigger…I have been debating to go to the binder system! Thanks!

  43. Kristen H says

    Currently I use a tote bag to hold my coupons but its not working that well for me! I’ve been looking for a new way to organize :)

  44. Katie Beers says

    I am currently not using anything. I occasionally stick them in an envelope or I stick them in an old checkbook holder. I do not really have a system yet but I plan to create once since I am getting married and I am going to need a great organization tool.- and this will help!

  45. says

    I am new to couponing so I use a 3 ring folder. I LOVE THE ONES ON THIS PAGE SEEM SO EASIER TO FIND WHAT UR LOOKING FOR.I follow u on facebook and i am subscribed to you email newsletter.

  46. says

    Hello, I currently use an envelope and go through the coupons. this not only is super cute but would work great for me ;–)

  47. says

    Currently mine are in a big zippered make-up clutch with no separtaion, so frustrating!!! I follow on Facebook and am new to this so your a huge help!

  48. Daisy L says

    I am currently using a 3-ring binder with the baseball card inserts. I would love to have something simple to take into a store though!

  49. Theresa says

    Right now I am using the notebook with the baseball and 4 x 6 photo sheets. Would love to try another system – this one is getting a little aggrevating when adding coupons or trying to find them in the catagory.
    Love your site – especially when I am away from my main computer and and can catch deals on Facebook!

  50. Patty says

    I just started using a binder this summer…but need something different…I want something that fits in my purse :)

  51. Theresa says

    As I stated in my previous cmment – I follow you on Facebook and just love the opportunity for night and week-end deals!

  52. courtney williams says

    I subscribed to the newsletter. So with the lack of any coupon organizational system, the like on facebook, and the newsletter I will need all the help that I can get to become organized for my coupons. Thanks so much!

  53. Andrea Garcia says

    I’ve been clipping coupons for 20 years, & it’s been difficult finding an organizational tool that works for me. The one I’ve been using is 8 years old & made of sharp plastic so I cut myself sometimes. I’m so proud my husband & children have gotten into clipping too, what a great family project! We would love to win one of the coupon organizers, it would make life just a little bit easier! Thanks for the opportunity! We love your site!

  54. Lori Rae says

    I am new to coupons so I have a 3 ring binder. It works at home pretty good, but not as well when I am at the store and have a cart.

  55. Mandi H says

    I use one ratty envelope that always gets lost in the bottom of my purse and by the time I remember it all my coupons have expired. Trying to get better!

  56. Theresa says

    I have two e-mails that I have your subscription going to so that I don’t miss a single deal! Thank you!

  57. Theresa says

    I have shared your giveaway on my Facebook page – I iknow my daughter is going to jump all over this one….Thanks for having this giveaway

  58. Rachel F says

    I have a plastic organizer envelope that I got at the Target dollar bins. Definately need a new coupon oraganizer though because the band is shot on mine, probably from opening it up so much :)

  59. Tammy Rickelman says

    Currently I use a normal letter size envelope that I carry in my purse. Not the greatest way to keep organized!

  60. Holly says

    I have been using the Couponizer for quite a while now and while I love their system, mine is officially falling apart. Would love to try something new! :)

  61. Kim Hornsby says

    I use small white envelopes to put my coupons in. Then I go through them and pull the ones I may use that day at the store.

  62. says

    Currently I’m using an old tiny file thing left over from my husbands’ business – and it’s too small! I’d love to win something better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Debbie P says

    I wish I had a good organizer for my coupons! I stuff them in an envelope, and stuff that in my purse. These cloth organizers look great!

  64. Natalie says

    I have colored envelopes for each store that I put my coupons into so that I don’t get them mixed up as I go from store to store. I use a binder with baseball card holders to store the coupons in.

  65. Monique says

    Love Coupon Geek and I really appreciate the tips on what’s on sale/clearance and the coupons that apply to these items! Thanks much for a great site!

  66. Janice says

    I use envelopes for the drugstores and a binder for all the coupons. I would love a pretty organizer for my drugstore coupons!! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  67. Janice says

    I have already subscribed to your RSS feed. So great to see the title go black – that’s when I know there will be another great deal to see!

  68. Julie says

    I use a combination of clipping and filing inserts… I clip the coupons I know I will use and put them in an accordion file (oh how this fabric organizer would be an amazing improvement!!), then file the rest of the un-clipped inserts in a file box by date.

  69. erin gray says

    I use a binder for mine, I dont really like carrying the book around everywhere. In fact I seem to forget it often at home. Although it is funny how some people will see you headed to the checkout and almost break their legs to get in front of me…lol

  70. Grace W. says

    I use a big coupon binder where I put in all coupon inserts and sale flyers. Then as I play my shopping trip I look at both coupon inserts and flyers and see what matches up. Then I paper clip the coupons I am using for that day with my list in a small coupon organizer. For the items I know I’m going to buy I cut and leave them in the small coupon organizer that I always take to the store. With a two year old I don’t want to be lugging around my huge coupon binder everywhere. I would love to win this!!!!!!

  71. J Thorn says

    I currently use the binder and baseball insert method. I think I am growing more away from this method. I do not like sitting and clipping coupons to a certain size just so they will fit.

  72. april w says

    well, i was using a coupon organizer (almost like this one) and then on a shopping trip a couple of months ago my 1 yr old daughter threw it down somewhere in the store and i never found it. so i lost my organizer and ALL my coupons :(… now i’m using an old wallet that the zipper is broken on and rifling threw my coupons at the store.

  73. Amy M says

    Currently I use a flip style accordian notebook and I need something bigger and easier to look through!

  74. Melissa H says

    I currently use a binder but it is not very efficient for finding coupons for unexpected deals in the store. Would love something more portable. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Mollie says

    I currently use an envelope! It’s horribly unorganized, but I am a new couponer so soon I will get organized!

  76. Melinda says

    I use a paper coupon organizer that I found in the dollar bin at Michaels. It works but they seem to fall apart quickly!

  77. Jeannie says

    My current way to store Q’s is…in theory my binder…but in reality, a plastic target bag..its a mess!

  78. Samantha Gabhart says

    I currently use a crate to hold all my inserts then I have a small coupon wallet for in my purse.

  79. Sweta says

    I have a coupon organizer that I bought at Target in the dollar section. I don’t really like it though because it doesn’t have enough dividers.

  80. Penny says

    I use a binder with tabs…it is bulky and stiff so I would love to win one of these. Thanks for contest. Good luck to everyone!

  81. Mary Schwab says

    I would love to win one of these I use an envelope to carry my coupons. I already like you on facebook

  82. Samantha Gabhart says

    Liked you on Facebook…and left a comment about the giveaway…so awesome that you’re doing something like this!

  83. Samantha Gabhart says

    Also I did share about the giveaway on Facebook. πŸ˜€ Trying to get as many entries as possible!

  84. Terri says

    I just use a three ring binder but still not sure if this is the best for me. It seems to still take too much time. I would love to try something new!

  85. Donna S says

    I use a plastic coupon box with dividers. It allows me to keep all my coupons at hand when I go shopping. It fits perfectly in the top of most shopping carts.

  86. Michelle C says

    Currently, I use a large makeup bag that has a zip top but I am not as organized as I’d like to be. I remove coupons from that bag and put them in a sandwich bag that I sort through while I’m in the store. I really need a better system.

  87. Renee H says

    I have my coupons in a little plastic divider case. I hate that I don’t have enough spaces to put the different types of coupons! I’d love one of these!!!

  88. Jennifer says

    I’m currently using a cheapo dollar store organizer since my old nicer one wore out after a couple years! I think a fabric one would last!

  89. says

    I use a zippered 3-ring binder for which i have purchased sheet protectors of varying size from baseball card holders to picture to dollar bill holders to accommodate my various sizes of coupons

  90. CrystalGB says

    My current system is separating my coupons into envelopes by section of store (food, hba, cleaning supplies).

  91. Danielle Kelly says

    I have two little expandable files! One for my food items one for my non food, I have just started out couponing, so it is a good started system for now!!!

  92. angelita thibou says

    I basically use a trapper keeper with clear inserts inside, keeps it clean and wrinkle free, do they even sell those anymore? It has been my life saver for many years. Each year from the trapper it goes in a box with the year labeled on it.

  93. Katie says

    Let’s see, my coupon organizing is awful to be honest! I take the inserts every week and look through them, cut the ones I know I will use and then every week look through the large stack of the remaining coupons just to be certain. Not much organization there at all :)

  94. April Lorenzana says

    Currently a newbie. I’ve been cutting coupons and putting them in my wallet with my money so I don’t forget to use them! But I’m going to a class this evening on Couponing and hope to be saving more and organizing much better soon.

  95. Lynn says

    I clip the coupons I would use and put them in small binder that is on its last leg. I would love to get a new one. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  96. HelloD says

    I use sandwich bags for “use now” coupons and large binder that I keep at home, I would love this organizer to take to the stores

  97. Lynn says

    I use envelopes labeled with different categories and I started dating my coupon circulars to avoid having to cut everything out at once.

  98. Tina Flowers says

    I use the old standard small coupon holder I have had for years with the few slots to place copons in. Need BIGGER and this organizer would be perfect for me!

  99. Nicole says

    I use a paper accordian holder. Then I paper clip my coupons to my list per store. You have saved me loads of $ !! Thank you πŸ˜‰ Glowgirl’s organizers look great.

  100. Bridget says

    I currently have no system…I just keep them on my computer or in my car in a pile. I have had all intentions of buying a binder this week until I saw this post. Now I am just going to have to wait it out and see the winners. :)

  101. AJ says

    I use two small plastic coupon organizers (one for food items and one for everything else. I keep saying I’m going to up-grade, but just haven’t made the jump yet. Thanks for offering a giveaway.

  102. Audrey says

    Currently I am using an old worn-out envelope…will have to change the envelope soon as its starting to come apart :(

  103. Alison says

    I just liked your facebook page… AND, I currently use an old binder I bought back in college to keep my coupons in. It functions nicely for organizing coupons at home, but it’s overwhelming and cumbersome to carry into store swith me to pull out what I need. It would be nice to have something smaller, not to mention CUTE!!! Thanks a lot… and thanks for always keeping me up to date on fantastic deals! :)

  104. Jessica Tappana says

    I use the “tote” system. I have two small totes that are full of white envelopes for various categories. It works ok, but her organizers look more convenient.

  105. Michelle Clift says

    I currently use 2 little plastic 10 slot folders that I found in the $1 section at Target. I use 1 for Target coupons and 1 for all other. I would love one that was large enough that I did not have to fold the coupons I print online,
    Thanks so much

  106. Elise says

    I try to sepaerate my health and beauty coupons and then the rest I just keep in a box, not really great but it’s what I currently use.

  107. Martha says

    I use a plain envelope. It’s not the greatest and doesn’t always work. It’s really tattered.

  108. Teri says

    I currently use a binder and coupon envelope system. I keep all the coupons I clip in the binder. When I go shopping I pull the ones that I know I’ll use and put them in the envelope coupon holder thingy. :) I take my binder too just in case I find a good deal on something while I’m out and about.

  109. Lois says

    I’m currently using the small envelope system; it’s working but I’d love to try something cooler! A binder is too big and bulky; coupon box gets in the way; this Glowgirl organizer sounds like a winner.

  110. Michelle M says

    I use a large binder at home and then when I get to the store I have them totally unorganized in my pocket in my purse. As Iuse them I carefully lay them in the seat of the cart and then end up chasing them down as they fly out of the slots in the cart! I definitely need something like this – if I don’t win I might have to use my savings to buy one! :)

  111. Stephanie G says

    I use a coupon organizer with index cards as dividers and sort the coupons by category and file alphabetically!

  112. Teri says

    I use a big binder with baseball card sheets. Its handy but I hate having to clip the coupons to a certain size or fold them so they’ll fit. I don’t plan out my trips too much because my grocery store doesn’t have a flyer/ad so when I go shopping I just flip through the pages. It’s just such a big binder and takes up a lot of space…and then I can’t fit my daughter in the cart! LOL

  113. Karen Nalker says

    I’m new to couponing, and I have a hard plastic clutch. Its cracking and hard to use and carry around. Would LOVE a nice, soft, GlowGirl organizer to truly be organized! and stylish :)

  114. Juliana kay says

    I use a little expandable coupon book i bought a office depot, but all my coupons dont fit in it , so its a hassle to leave half at home , would love to win one of these , because i really need one . :)

  115. Joy says

    I use a plastic coupon holder that snaps shut but the little tabs you write the categories on are always sliding out and getting lost so this would be great!

  116. ginger says

    I use envelopes as well and I also have a large stack of printable coupons that I have to go through every time I plan a shopping trip. Thanks for your blog!

  117. robin says

    I use a large binder to organize all my coupons. I usually don’t take the big binder into the store so I pull the coupons that I know that I am wanting and put them in a freezer bag with the name of the store written on the outside. Not a real good system since its hard to see all the coupons unless I hold the whole wad in my hands and sort through them. I need some help!

  118. Lindsay says

    I use a small index organizer alphabetized. I could sure you a larger more convienent way to organize coupons. Half of my printed coupons need to be folded just to fit.

  119. dolores says

    I use two systems i have a binder that i have devided by store and then i have a file folder with them in alphabetical order. Love ur idea, i loose my binder off the cart all the time.

  120. Mary says

    I would love to win one. Right now I’m using a photo album binder and a small wallet carrier. It’d be lovely to create a better system.

  121. Sophia Rea says

    I was just keeping all my coupons in an envelope which was very unorganized, but I just recently started to use a mini binder with several slots. So far it seems to work but I would love something more fashionable!

  122. Tina Williams Peterson says

    I love GlowGirl. I currently use her organizer! Would not mind another once since mine is getting FULL! :)

  123. stephanie halfacre says

    I am using envelopes and putting them in a small expanding file. This is starting to overflow…lol.

  124. Margaret P. says

    I use a plastic expandable coupon organizer but it’s becoming harder & harder to close it because it’s so full!

  125. Sarah Jo Sparks says

    I currently use a plastic dollar tree coupon organizer that is splitting on the sides. A cloth one would be cool!

  126. Victoria Schwetje says

    I currently just have several envelopes with different categories of coupon in each…really need a new system!

  127. Mary says

    I am *trying* to like you on facebook — it isn’t working. But I will get you liked as soon as facebook lets me!!!

  128. Jill says

    I use an expandable file folder with a handle. Could use something a little smaller when I actually go shopping.

  129. says

    I am currently using a couple of envelopes for my coupon organizing and it drives me nuts. I am very organized and tidy, however my youngest dropped and broke the 3 ring binder that I was using to keep my coupons organized and money is really tight right now. I would very much appreciate winning something I actually need. Thank you!

  130. amy says

    I have tried the binder with baseball card holders, too much cutting. I’m now keeping insert ads with dates on front in a file box, less cutting but miss out on deals found in store while shopping. Need another organizing method and I think this coupon organizer might do the trick for me. :)

  131. KellyH says

    I don’t have a very good one, a small photo binder and mostly just stuff them in my purse.


  132. Miesha L says

    I currently keep coupons in folders, envelopes, and stack them in my bedroom. I don’t quite have a good system going yet. :( I try, but I need help!

  133. Jen says

    I currently keep inserts intact and file them, but would like to go back to clipping the ones I use most often and keeping the rest of the insert filed, “just in case”!

  134. Krista says

    I am currently use a notebook with clear baseball card holders, to hold my coupons.. It is a pain sometimes to carry around, but for now it works..


  135. gina strawn says

    I dont really have any organazation when comes to my coupons. I have a small folder I keep them all in but I can never tell what goes to what store or what has not expired. I need big time help when it comes to organixing them. My friends hate to go shopping with me because its always a crazy mess with me and my coupons!!!

  136. Sue says

    I’ve used coupons for about 10 years now and have always used just an envelope. I really need a good system since mine is a mess.

  137. Kristin says

    My current couponing system is a small black organizer that I have seperated into about 10 categories. Every week I go through and organize.

  138. Christina D says

    I cut coupons I use regularly from circulars and file the rest in my spiral notebook. I keep my cut coupons in a zippered spiral notebook that I take with me to the store (along with my weekly list and corresponding coupons), in case I see a great deal. :)

  139. Nancy says

    I used to clip all my coupons that i thought i would use and put them in envelopes in sheet protectors (That was a straight mess), now i have a binder (2″ for all my inserts, i have a book report cover thingy (for all my store coupons/coupon policies) and then the small binder for all my clipped coupons, ohh and my coupon box that i hope to one day get tab inserts for an carry to the store… well that was my intention when i bought it at the dollar store) i am every where with my coupons and need some serious help :)
    thanks for the giveaways and great posts

  140. Melissa says

    Oooh! I would love to win one of these! It would help me to be so much more organized with my coupons!

  141. Mary Ann Drapkin says

    I have a little pouch with dividers and sometimes I just put what I need in an envelope.

  142. Nicole says

    I currently use a divider I purchased in the target dollar bin to hold my coupons. It is so not working very well.

  143. Steffanie says

    I use a coupon organizer with divider cards which is fine for me, but could use a bigger one for my “for trade” and expired coupons for the military!

  144. Jessica says

    I use a small accordian bill organizer. I put coupons in it by category. It works, but it probably isn’t the most efficient way to organize my coupons.

  145. Jessica says

    I love this organizer!! So much better than the hard, plastic one I carry around everywhere I go.

  146. Kim says

    I currently use an accordian coupon organizer, but it is tearing as it is only made out of cardboard/paper. One of these would be ultra cool! I love your site, I check it daily for bargains. Thanks for all the hard work!

  147. Tracy Harper says

    I have my coupons in my wallet right now. I just recently got a new wallet that has a pocket large enough to hold them.

  148. says

    I use an old Jewelry box to file my coupons. When a deal comes up, I go through the box and pick out the ones I want to use for that week. Once a month,I sort out outdated coupons and donate to the soldiers families. I use to have separators but they have fallen apart and its exciting to go through a pile because you never know what you are going to find for a coupon deal! πŸ˜‰

  149. Jenni says

    Hi this is soooo awesome! I really hope I win. Those are adorable. Right now I use 2 small organizers. They work pretty good for me now. I’d really like a bigger one though because mine tends to overflow LOL! Thank you! ~Jenni

  150. says

    I keep track of my coupons in a recycled bill envelope in my purse. Then I have to “pull over” in the store to sort thru them. It’s only embarrassing when I see someone I know :)

  151. Sandy Dean says

    Hi, I have a binder I just got-I love it but feel very self conscience with it in the stores, thinking of doing something smaller for everyday use, your cloth holder looks very interesting!

  152. Jacqueline says

    I use a Case-It binder to organize my coupons by category, and then transfer the coupons for a particular store’s trip into a business-sized envelope with the store name on it, because the binder is too bulky to take into the store. This looks like a more functional system :)

  153. kim johnston says

    I like you on facebook. I would love one of envelopes always fall apart and there is no organization. I know that I would save more money if they were organized..Thanks for a chance:)

  154. JEANNE says


  155. Cecele D says

    I currently use a small according style organizer that I purchased at Target for $1. But I am still in the process of getting organized completely.

  156. Hannah McMillion says

    I currently use a envelope system & it’s getting overwhelming looking for coupons ! As a new Mom, and a few months into the couponing thing , I would LOVE either one of these great binders!!!

  157. Sheila says

    :) I follow you on Facebook & I also subscribe to your newsletter! This looks like an awesome way to organize your coupons! I would love to be a winner!! We love Coupon Geek! <3

  158. mommy308 says

    I use a big case it binder which I do love for the grocery store but I would like something smaller to use when I go to the mall instead of throwing all of the store coupons in my purse. Plus these are adorable. :)

  159. Nicolet says

    I actually use a makeup case that came in my LeSportsac Purse. It can be a little annoying though because I don’t have anything to separate coupons by…I’m always pulling it out and flitting through them for awhile!

  160. Davida says

    I have been following you for awhile and love all the ideas and coupons you give. I currently use a binder with baseball cards, but they just don’t seem to be big enough right now. :) Thanks!!!

  161. Rachel Barr says

    I currently bundle them with a clip and throw them in my purse! An cute organizer, like that one, would be very nice!!

  162. Jaimie A says

    I have an organizer where I have just been putting whole inserts into the slots for each month. I bought a binder and baseball card sleeves to transfer them over and just became too overwhelmed with doing that. So, my coupons are kind of between an organized state right now.

  163. Natasha Solomons says

    I used to use a fold out coupon organizer with little tabs to mark each section. I forgot it one day in the basket at the store. I went back the next day to see if someone had found it and the women at the store was sooo rude to me and told me they hadn’t seen anything like that. So this would be a great prize to win. :)

  164. Susan says

    My current coupon system is that yellow canvas shoprite coupon holder that has pink duct tape holding the seams together. I keep buying more shoprite coupon holders but they don’t hold up at all, which is why there’s a need for duct tape! I thought I was crafty using pink instead of the grey!

  165. Nicl Jones says

    Love your daily emails and facebook posts – I’ve saved so much money! I currently have the cheapy small expandable files – but I feel like they break down fast because of overuse, and they don’t fit in my diaper bag very well. The cloth kind seems like such a great idea – it would be flexible when thrown into a full bag. Thanks for considering me!

  166. Rosemary H. says

    I purchased an accordion type folder to carry my coupons at the Dollar Store.
    Has ‘white’ labels to mark the items I purchase most….several pockets too.
    Where ever I go my coupons go too…am now looking for a small clip board to take with me so I can ‘clip’ the coupons I am using .

  167. Michelle says

    Right now I sort by insert date in a binder and have a small expandable file for internet coupons/coupons I’m planning on using that trip.

  168. Becky Satrom says

    I use a small coupon “purse” that has index cards that are sort my coupons by type. I’d love to have a nice bigger organizer for my coupons.

  169. lynn cook says

    i have on of those couponizers but it’s getting old, and i like the fact you can hang this on the carriage handle

  170. Donna Lewis says

    I currently use 3 of those little plastic coupon holders and it would be so nice to have something big enough to put them all in!

  171. Danielle Embry says

    I am currently using sandwich baggies to try to keep my coupons organized. I would love to try an organizer. I just started couponing and still have alot to learn and need to get organized :)

  172. Kelly says

    I currently keep my coupons in the inserts and file them by date/month . I then clip them when I need them. Sometimes I miss sales because I don’t have my coupons with me, so I would love to win one of these!!

  173. Heather C. says

    I currently use a binder and envelope system….I really need something more organized, because I keep switching back and forth between the inserts and the envelopes, looking for just the right coupon!

  174. Claire Garner says

    I use a small accordion style folder with dividers. I also store my boxtops for education with my coupons so I don’t forget about them! :)

  175. Claire Garner says

    I subscribe to your e newsletter and love it! Thanks for all the great deals you share with us! :)

  176. Pam N says

    I am currently using a 7 slot fold over file for my coupons. Believe me it cause much embarrassment on my part to be going through all my coupons in the store. My husband just leaves me because he is so embarrassed.

  177. Pam N says

    I follow you on tweeter and like you on Facebook. I have sent a tweet about this contest and posted to my facebook page! Thanks for the opportunity~!.

  178. Lana Jobe says

    GlowGirl looks like the perfect coupon organizer for me! Sure hope I win one of these fabulous prizes. Thanks!!

  179. Sherri S. says

    I currently use a binder & sheet protectors for my couponing…but would like a more organized system

  180. Jennifer says

    I love your emails and blog! thank you soooo much! I have been trying to decide how to organize my coupons, but haven’t really landed on the answer yet. I think one of these would work well for me. I know I DONT want to lug around a giant binder!!

  181. Brandy B. says

    I currently use a 4×6 index card plastic expandable organizer that I got at Target’s dollar bin years ago. It’s quite a pain but because I’m so cheap/frugal I won’t buy anything else.

  182. Suzy D says

    I currently use a coupon organizer from Container Store, but I am busting out of it! I need something new!

  183. Andie says

    I love your web-site. I just started doing coupons so this would really help me get organized. Plus if I had something to help me be organized I could save my family of five some money:)

  184. Linie says

    I’ve just been using envelopes. It would be great to have a better choice. COUPON GEEK is the Best way to obtain the fastest results for couponing. Thank you for all you do to help so many save money!

  185. Mary In Minnesota says

    Hope I do this right! 😎

    1. My current system for organizing coupons is using a paper clip to clip them together and putting them in my wallet. (how embarassing!)
    2. I’m on my way to “Like” you after commenting here. (I’m Malley Cooper on FB)
    3. I subscribe to your newsletter now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    4. Off to FB now to Like you and to Share you.

    Did I do it right? 😎

  186. Terri S says

    I use a nylon envelope I bought on-line years ago. It works OK, but seems to wear at the corners.

  187. Kim Moran says

    I have been using binders with baseball card inserts, the big problem is when the coupons fall out the top since some are too large and have to be folded. I think your cart friendly coupon organizer is great! Would love to win one and give it a try!!!

  188. Sara says

    Currently, I am using the cheap-o plastic coupon accordion thing. I have been eying those coupon organizers for a while!

  189. Kristine Galik says

    I have a small cloth organizer I bought online. I love it!!! It is so handy how they hook the the shopping carts. I have been looking for something a little bigger . The Mega organizer looks perfect. I would gladly donate my smaller organizer for thew mega organizer!!!!

  190. Mary In Minnesota says

    I’m trying to follow the rules, but I’m sooooooooooo confused! :-) I said I use a paper clip to keep my coupons together, making my wallet buldge out.

    I went to FB and Liked you, and left a comment under my “other” name, Malley Cooper, and I also shared you.

    And I think rule #4 says to come back here and let you know that I’ve done all of this? So confused…. πŸ˜‰

  191. Lori says

    I currently use 2 office supply store accordian folders. One for grocery items, the other for drugstore type items. They are a little narrow though, so I have trouble stuffing long coupons in them.

  192. Mary In Minnesota (aka Malley Cooper) says

    hhmmm… just came back to leave a 2nd comment and I don’t see it after submitting it. (maybe it’s hiding with my paper clip.. ha ha)

    I posted here, and at FB, and I like you and shared you. And I thought rule #4 was that we had to come back here and let you know what we did. (I’m Malley Cooper at FB… my secret identity LOL)

    I want to win one of these so bad! Today I dropped half of my coupons on the floor at Cub Foods because the paper clip went flying when I tried to take the coupons out of my wallet. The gentleman behind me picked up almost all of my coupons as I have a bum leg and bad back. Everyone in line and the cashier were all friendly, so that made it less embarrassing. I got all of my coupons back, but not the paper clip… it’s hiding somewhere at Cub foods… LOL

  193. Mary Ellen Bujnoski says

    In this tough economy it is critical to save money wherever you can and this organizer will definitely help us keep on a budget!

  194. Jessica says

    I organize my coupons in little envelopes inside a zipper pouch. It’s the best for me while shopping with a toddler but this new system will probably be better!

  195. sherry l says

    I currently use a binder with baseball card holders. Works great for me, but sometimes I’d like to bring something smaller to the store. Please pick me!!

  196. tamyra krapek says

    Wanted to let you all know. I recommended your site to all coupon friends. And customers at Walgreens! Love task!

  197. Linda C. says

    I have a small accordion-style pocket folder from Staples. It’s plastic and not very stylish so I would LOVE to win one of GlowGirl’s cool organizers!

  198. says

    I love Coupon Geek. I subscribe to the newsletter and can’t wait to read it everyday. I also liked Coupon Geek on Facebook and follow you on RSS. Keep the great tips/bargains coming. I’m saving a ton of money for my family following your advice and great tips.

  199. Laura Rogers says

    My current system is a three ring binder scavenged from the trash with plastic pages to hold the coupons

  200. Cathy says

    I currently carry my coupons in a plastic avery accordian envelope/pouch with about 8 separate slots. This fits into my pocketbook and I carry it with me all the time.

  201. jc b says

    i use a 3inch 3-ring binder & clear -colored dividers 2/pockets….then categories—by aisle @ the store i shop most…..then within that somewhat alphabetically. Works pretty good, but very unhandy to keep accessable on the bascart….i have to put something under it. i would to try another system! thanks!!!!

  202. ashley says

    I’m currently using a clutch that I throw all my coupons in. For my baby coupons i use a ziploc bag! haha

  203. Brenda Chaney says

    I use a 1″ Notebook Book Binder with index dividers and baseball card holders for my coupons. This is my fist time on this site and I think I am going to like it.I am going to share on FaceBook and the e-mail newsletter.

  204. Kelly P. says

    I have a small accordian-type fine I keep all my clipped coupons in, but it only has 11 tabs in which to divide my coupons. Your organizer would help divide them into more specific groups!

  205. Tammy says

    I currently use two binders for my coupons – one for my manufacturer’s coupons and one for my target coupons. Definitely in need of something more efficient.

  206. Andrea says

    I’ve tried the binder system and the box system – the box system is where I’ve landed for now, but I’ve not done any couponing for a few months now thanks to busy schedules. Maybe this would be just the thing to get me excited about couponing again!

  207. Jessica Hickenbottom says

    Please enter me into your contest! I could really use a coupon organizer! My current method consists of a coupon binder and a clinique gift with purchase makeup bag. My binder is just now getting really organized and I am loving it, but it would be so nice to have something (besides my makeup bag) to put coupons in when I pull them to use in a store. I really, really hope I win! Thanks!

  208. Jessica Hickenbottom says

    I also “liked” the page on facebook, and I am looking forward to checking the posts everyday!

  209. Jessica Hickenbottom says

    Subscribed to the newsletter as well. I check this blog everyday and didn’t realize I could subscribe to email updates! I’m sooooo excited!

  210. Christin Ashman says

    I love this coupon organizer. I currently use one plastic envelope for all my coupons. There is really no organization here.

  211. Cindy says

    Love the idea of the Mega Coupon Organizer. I use a mega accordian file which holds a lot more coupons than a regular accordian file. I also file inserts in a binder, so I do a combo system! I would love this organizer! Thanks!

  212. Danielle says

    I currently use a binder but it isn’t convenient for shopping in a store. These cloth covered organizers would definitely give couponing and saving money the style and class it deserves! :)

  213. Kathy says

    I use a combination system of a coupon binder for internet and frequently used coupons plus inserts filed by date to take advantage of matching through websites. I use a small zippered container to take into the store. Inside of the small container I have a list for each store I am to visit along with the coupons for that store. It has an outside pocket for the coupons for the items in the shopping cart. Hope this is clear. Love your site and newsletter.

  214. Li Rush says

    Since most of the coupons have short expiration dates, I go throught my coupons once a week and pull out all the coupons that will expire that week. I place these in front of all my coupons along with my freebies and high dollar values. Each week when you post the freebie deals in advance, I print those coupons and put them in the back of all coupons so I won’t have to look for them.

  215. Darlene Moss says

    My coupon system is not unique. So I would love to win one of the GlowGirl coupon organizers. I love your tips & information you give us daily. Thanks!

  216. lisa b says

    I have a small coupon binder that is falling apart, really need a new organized way to carry them

  217. LISA BluMenStein says

    i put them in a plastic holder but i have to fold coupons sometimes and I hate that. I would love to win this.

  218. Brenda Wilson says

    Most of the clerks at the stores I shop call me “coupon lady”. I would love to have one of these to keep my coupons in. Thanks for the opportunity.

  219. Carol Roberts says

    I am sorting by insert right now. I put my internet coupons and they have a non food and food box. I pick which I am going to use off of a spreadsheet for inserts and a ipad app for coupons i get off the internet.

    It is getting a bit hecktic in the store though.

  220. Becky says

    Right now I am using a coupon binder. I am really new to couponing and I think this way would be so much easier for me. Its much more portable and alot cuter. Thanks for all you do.

  221. Becky says

    I love recieving your emails!!! Wednesday is also my birthday so this would be a great present to myself!!!!!

  222. Beth Grothoff says

    I currently organize my coupons with a binder system and an accordian file to fit in my purse.

  223. Rodnitia says

    I currently use a small accordian type organizer. It doesn’t have labels or anything, so I just group the like coupons together in different pockets. I just started couponing a couple of weeks ago so as I get better at it, I am definitely going to need a better organization system. I found out about this on Coupon Geek Facebook page.

  224. Shannon says

    I currently use the accordian-style coupon organization system. Thank you so much for your site!

  225. Jennifer says

    I currently use a plastic coupon organizer that is too long but needs to have a few more dividers so I’m interested in trying something new. Thanks!

  226. Terri says

    I use a coupon organizer similar to GlowGirl’s, but I like that this one hangs on a cart. I tried keeping my store coupons with restaurants, etc., but it’s gotten too big so I need to switch to something different. Or, have a separate one for restaurants, stores, etc.

  227. Jennifer Dubs says

    I’m just beginning to learn the fine art of couponing. In fact, just tonight I found an old, plastic mini accordion folder that I stuffed with all my coupons. I would definitely love to be more stylish!!

  228. says

    HI,,,,,been on your email list along time now,,,and addedon to facebook,,,please enter me in your giveaway for the coupon holder-organizer,,,,,I take coupons with me whenever I shop and these look like they would help BIG TIME! THANKS..

  229. Michele says

    I love my emails from coupon geek. I try to put all of the advice to use. This is about my third month using coupons and I’m still looking for the right organizer for me. My stockpile is growing and I need to find a way to store and organize all of my good deals.

  230. Patricia says

    I use a small sterilite tote with a hinged lid to store my coupons…doesn’t work too well…and has gotten knocked over many times which means reorganizing them every time it happens.

  231. Janet Higginbotham says

    I have just recently started couponing and i am getting the hang of it. As of this time i am using ziploc bags as my form of a organizer. Winning a organizer is the best way to get one besides using a coupon.

  232. MelodyJ says

    I put them in a mini folder and look through them. Pick out what I need then go to the store.


  233. Kim says

    Keeping coupons organized, at any level, deserves an award in itself! With much appreciated help from my wonderful 3 children, we use whatever works that day. Sometimes it is a paperclip to the shopping list, or an accordion pocket-sized folder (with never enough tabs to separate the categories), or even, and I am embarassed to say, my pants pockets! I think I am long overdue for some coupon-organizing help! What a blessing a GlowGirl Coupon Organizer would be! Thanks!

  234. Erin says

    I have 3 plastic accordion style ones. One for food, one for health and beauty and one for household/cleaning products. I keep then all in a reusable bag with a sm pair of scissors. It’s working so far but it’s very bulky. I would love to try a new method!

  235. Cherie says

    I have only been couponing and deal hunting for a few months…..I have a LOT to learn! One of my biggest problems has been my coupon organization! It just is NOT working. I have a small plastic accordian file, it does not have enough sections and is just not doing the trick. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this great prize!!! I recently have been checking out all of the other coupon/bargain hunter websites to add to my email so I am going to ass you instantly!!!! Xoxo

  236. says

    I have the best organization method: I have a hardcover romance novel that I stick all my clipped coupons into which I leave in my purse. Then my one-year old son systematically throws everything in my purse over his head one by one, littering the floor with little pieces of paper, after which we play the let’s-put-away game of shoving everything back into my purse and all my coupons into my book faster than he can take them back out and throw on the ground again. He’s a quick little fellow though, so then I sit and read coupons to him until he gets bored and tottles off to grab the cat’s tail. Then I shove everything back into my bag, hope i didnt accidentally throw away anything important, and go on with my day.
    It’s an awesome organization method. I highly recommend everyone try it!

  237. Kelly White says

    My current method of coupon organization is to use a coupon organizer. However, mine is currently bulging and about to break. I saw this product and was thinking about purchasing.

  238. Kelly White says

    I subscripe to e-mail updates and love getting them. This is a great website. Keep up the great work.

  239. mary says

    Currently use a plastic binder with sheets, things fall out & as I coupon more the organization of it needs to upgraded…would love a to begin a new system.

  240. Vicki Pitti says

    I currently use a binder for my coupons which I have no place for in my cart to keep open the whole trip and flip through easily. Would love to save time with being more organized and them at my fingertips!

  241. Vicki Pitti says

    Now getting Emails! I love this! So many ways to save, I am really learning and enyoing! Thank you so much!

  242. says

    I have one of those plastic holders for the coupons I use most often and a folder at home for those I might use with a great deal.

  243. Vicki Pitti says

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing all of your great ideas, access to coupons and most of all time to this site! My “dream to be extreme” is getting closer all the time! :)

  244. Dana Porritt says

    I use a big binder right now. I am not sure how I like it. I lost my coupon bag and had to start all over recently. There is nothing worse than having to start from scratch when couponing!!!

  245. kim roof says

    I have been wanting one of these for months! I have a fellow couponer that has one and she seems to stay so organized. I currently use an envelope. Iits not just a plain white envelope though, its a pink envelope from a stationary set I had, if that makes it better. :) but not so organized and believe me, I need all the organization I can get!

  246. says

    I use a small daytimer with credit card holders to insert the coupons in and then I put index tabs on them for each type of coupon.

  247. Arie says

    I walk around with a zippered up binder and an accordian style organizer (the mini plastic one from Staples)…. I swear, as soon as the “coupon police” store associates see it, they follow me around the store telling me “you can’t do that!” when I pick up an item.

    Perhaps if I had a stylish GlowGirl organizer, they wouldn’t isle stalk me!

    Thank you for the chance, and thanks to GlowGirl too for introducing us to an awesome product!

  248. Lorie says

    I use a big binder and I put the whole inserts in. I put them in order buy date and only cut out the ones I am going to use right before i go. I leave the binder in the car just incase I come across a good deal in the store that wasnt in the paper! My fingers are crossed…..I already bought one of these about 6 months ago but was just yesterday thinking about ordering another one. Hope I win!!!

  249. Dawn says

    I have a small file for current coupons for my purse and a box for all the unclipped coupons at home.

  250. Linda says

    I use a zippered pouch and homemade mini-folders. The pouch came with my purse, and I’d like to get it back to use for purse-related things, but so far it’s the best size I’ve found for my coupons.

  251. Pat says

    I have too many coupons to use a small file. I have 2 shoebox size plastic drawers that fit into a plastic sleeve that stack on top of each other. However, I do use a smaller coupon organizer for my daily shopping.

  252. John says

    I have no organizing system, my coupons are scattered everywhere. A Mega Organizer would sure change my life for the better. Thanks Coupon Geek and Glow Girl! You’re awesome!

  253. KT Fuller says

    WOW! How cool! I have recently started couponing and actually just carry around all of the loose coupons from the papers in a stack. It is AWFUL! So this cool coupon holder would be of sooo much help for a newbie like me!! THANK YOU!