Recycle Bank: Earn Points through Green Your School Year Series

You can earn 115 Points on Recycle Bank through their Green Your School Year Series. Here’s how to get them:

1) Login or Sign-up for Recycle Bank. It’s free to join.

2) On their home page, click on the Play Now button on the “Green Your School Year” banner.

3) Start at 10AM and take the pledges, etc. Here’s what to look for:

~10 am Pledge (10 pts)
~11 am Pledge (10 pts)
~11 am List (10 pts)
~12pm Quiz (10 pts)
~12 pm Quiz (10 pts)
~1 pm Link (10 pts)
~2 pm Quiz (10 pts)
~2 pm List (10 pts)
~3 pm Quiz (10 pts)
~3 pm Poll (5 pts)
~4 pm Share (20 pts)

Thanks, Freebies4Mom!

Recycle Bank is a great way to earn points that you can turn in for coupons or gift cards. My favorite coupons are the $2/2 Earthbound Farms Coupon (will get you two free bags of carrots plus overage at Walmart!), the McDonald’s Coupons, and all the other high value coupons that pop-up each month.