My Savings on August 1, 2011

Here are a few ways that I worked on saving money for us on 8/1/11. While I won’t be able to post these daily, I will add a round-up when I can this month:

~I took the kids blueberry picking as a fun outing and froze the blueberries to save us money later when they aren’t in-season. We had a great time as a family and it will save us on our grocery budget later.

~On the way home from our outing, the kids wanted to cool off with some ice cream. Back in 2009, I picked up several McDonald’s coupon booklets for $1 each and they came with 12 coupons–3 sets of four freebies. One of them was a free small ice cream cone. These booklets usually come out around holidays such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day or even when school begins. So call over around that time and see if your local McDonald’s has them. They are are a great way to save on “treats” and they make nice additions to birthday presents for parties.

~My husband’s company took the employees and their families on a summer outing, which included a show and a meal out. The food portions at the restaurant we went to were incredible and we both ended up taking half our meals home. I used these for our dinner the next night. Portions are incredibly over-sized at most restaurants. When your meal comes, cut them down to a reasonable size and take the rest home. This is a great way to save on your grocery budget, while still enjoying a meal out, as you can turn it into a lunch or dinner later. If you are going to a dinner and a movie outing, see if you can catch the movie first for two reasons: 1) You’ll have great mealtime conversation about the movie you just saw and 2) You don’t need to worry about leftovers going to waste.

~It’s the beginning of a new month, which means coupons flip. I made sure my paper and ink levels were fully stocked beforehand and I made sure to take time to check out all the major coupon sites, such as, RedPlum, Coupon Network and Smart Source, to see if there were any great savings there. Also, typically the first Sunday closest to a new month tends to have a lot of coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. So never forget to check as you might miss out on the big insert weekend. Coupons = Big Savings!

~I received a Free Redbox Rental Code via text on my cell phone, as they always send one out on the first Monday of the month. While I didn’t get to use it, I wanted to share that with you in case you weren’t signed-up and wanted the freebie.

Just a few ways I saved a little money on 8/1/11. It all adds up!