What’s New For Dinner: Asian Lettuce Wraps

Welcome to my series called “What’s New For Dinner?” This is series sharing a new recipe that I have tried throughout the week. This is my way of keeping our meals from getting boring and attempting to try new foods. I’m doing this fun challenge with my friend, Jenn from Super Jenn. You can see some of the past recipes I’ve done during the What’s New For Dinner this year.

I didn’t get to post my recipes for the last few weeks but I tried a few new twists with rhubarb making both the Rhubarb Salsa Recipe and a Rhubarb Fruit Soup Recipe. Both of them were very good and a nice way to use up what I bought at the farmer’s market those weeks. Thank you to my reader friends for helping me find those!

The recipe for this week was made because I found some great Bibb Lettuce at Costco. I’ve always wanted to try to make an Asian Lettuce Wraps Recipe but just never seemed to have gotten around to it. I found what turned out to be a good one on AllRecipes.com.

I followed the recipe just as they had it, leaving out the Asian Chile Pepper Sauce as it was optional and I didn’t have it. Here’s how mine turned out–I didn’t catch a picture of one rolled up into a wrap:

I couldn’t quit eating these. I guess that’s why I don’t have a fully wrapped one to show you, as they went so quick once they were made. I had leftover mixture so I took a chance and froze it. I’ll see how it turns out for a quickly defrosted meal on another day.

I think it was the taste of the hoisin sauce that made it taste so different to me. So if you make these, I would try not to skip that ingredient. My kids called them “lettuce tacos” and they enjoyed them, as well, so this one will probably be added into our menu plan every now and again for something different.

This is my latest recipe that I’ve tried. I’m hoping that you are also adding new recipes into your weekly menu plan as a way to keep meals fun and to try out new foods.