Recycle Bank: Green Your Vacation Game for Free Points

Recycle Bank is having a “Green Your Vacation” Contest and right now you can earn around 70 Points simply by clicking on the “Play Now” and then “Travel” on their link and taking the pledges on the flying/moving objects in the pictures.

Don’t miss these:

Cruise Ship (10 pts)
Airplane (10 pts)
Blue Car (10 pts)
Green Car (10 pts)
Train (5 pts)
Red Suitcase on Train (5 pts)
Red Suitcase that’s Flying (10 pts)
Clouds (10 pts)

Thanks, Freebies4Mom!

Not signed up yet? It’s free to join and you collect points for recycling or learning about recycling. My favorite coupon to trade points in for is their $2/2 Earthbound Farms Produce Coupon–which right now is just 45 points! Great way to save on your produce! There’s also a Dagoba Organic Chocolate Coupon for 45 Points right now. So you can do another earn points activity and get both. Cool thing is–you get to print two of each coupon!