What’s New?: bareMinerals Skincare Moisturizers, Cleansers and Treatments

I have mentioned a time or two that the only line of make-up that I can use is bareMinerals, due to allergies. I’ve tried so many types and have only come to find luck with bareMinerals. So I was happy to hear that they are releasing a new line of Skincare Moisturizers, Cleansers and Treatments. I’m anxious to try them out as I’m sure they are the same quality of their make-up line.

Powered by 100% pure RareMinerals Active Soil Complex, enjoy increased cell turnover, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and the famous bareMinerals Naturally Luminous glow.

Sounds like something I could learn to love! :) I’ll be hosting a giveaway for some of their products real soon–so keep your eyes open for that posting! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you that this new line is out and you can read more on the Moisturizers , Cleansers and Treatments at those links.