Survey Sites: Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

I’m slowly making my way through listing out survey sites that you might all consider joining.

Another one that I’ve heard some good things about is Pinecone Research. You can sign-up to see if you qualify, as they are taking new applicants right now. They open up the applications every so often, and each time they are looking for a new demographic. So if you don’t get approved this time, you can try again another time they are open.

You’ll get paid $3 for each qualifying survey that you complete. They sometimes have products to test, as well.

Keep watching my Survey Sites link to see what other survey companies I’ve listed to try. Several of my readers take the surveys and then save up their money to pay for their extra holiday expenses or a family vacation. If you plan on taking surveys, I highly recommend that you have a separate email address devoted just to that.