Recycle Bank: Earn Points for Recycling Ziploc Bags

Ziploc Bags marked with “Ziploc Brand Bags are now recyclable” on the top will have Recycle Bank Codes inside. Recycle those bags (cleaned and dried) at a grocery store near you that accepts plastic bags to recycle and then you’ll be can enter those codes at Recycle Bank to earn the following points with the codes:

7 pts for:

~ 50 Count Sandwich Bags
~ 50 count Snack Bags
~30 Count XL Sandwich Bags

10 pts for:

~100 Count Snack Bags

12 pts for:

~100 Count Sandwich Bags

Thanks, Money Saving Maine-ac!

One of the things I love about Recycle Bank is that they typically have several rewards for coupons for healthier items such as Earthbound Farms Produce, Kashi, etc. Coupons for these items are rare so this is a great way to earn them. Also remember that Recycle Bank now has a referral program. So you can earn points for spreading the news to your friends and family.

Every little bit of recycling adds up. Never think the small things you do don’t matter. If everyone did just a little even, it can make a big difference!