Cream of Wheat Coupon and Deal Idea

There’s a $1 Off Cream of Wheat Printable Coupon available. Here’s how to get a deal at Walgreens with it:

Cream of Wheat 3-packs on sale this week for $1
*Use $1 Off Cream of Wheat Coupon or this $1 Off Cream of Wheat Printable Coupon
FINAL PRICE = Free after coupon

Keep in mind that prices, sales and inventory can vary by Walgreens location. Rachel found hers near the little $1 cereal boxes.

Thanks, Mashup Mom for the deal and photo usage!

There’s also a Cream of Wheat Coupon from the 1/9/11 Smart Source insert if you still have it.

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  1. valerie says

    went to walgreens to take this deal home with me today. unfortunatly it beeped. i asked cashier why it wont go through and she stated that because the box was their “promotion size” so i asked her to get the manager. and he said the same thing. he also pointed out that the box was not featured on the coupon. i also told him it does NOT specify a specific flavor or size. Long story short, couldn’t get this deal. its getting harder and harder to shop at walgreens.! ugh!

  2. coupongeek says

    So sorry they wouldn’t let you use the coupon. I didn’t see anything on the coupon excluding sizes so it should have worked.

  3. Melissa says

    The coupon beeped and the cashier refused to accept it. The manager was called who also refused to accept it. No good.

  4. says

    Go figure — I bought 4 at my Walgreens with the newspaper coupon (which also beeps) yesterday, they just pushed it through. Then went back to the same store with the printables today, different cashier, who wouldn’t take them because they beep and that would be “coupon fraud.” So … I just went to the one down the road and used them there. Walgreens!

  5. te says

    I went to walgreen last week and got 3 boxes of the cream of wheat it beep but they call the manger and she tried on the lsrge box and it beep also so she said push them through I went back to day with my mom coupons and they beep but the manger this time stood there look at the coupon like I copied it it came form a insert then I told him it happened last week and he told me no he did care what a different manger said or did that he was right and I could pay full price or not he didn’t care so I brought them just so he could not pull them form the self before tommorrow.

  6. te says

    I went back today a different manger to return them and wait for the store manger
    the second manger said she didn’t uderstand what the problem was she said it said any and said she would try but then she got a call form the office form the manger form the day before and told her she had to wait for the store manger because he had told me no when the store manger got there he look at the coupon and asked what the price was she told him 1 dollar he said yes he then told me that customers with coupon where getting cashier to push through coupons that they were not to do for different items. I said while you manger should know what to look for or you should have a coupon class for them. But in the end I got the cream of wheat for free

  7. Loen says

    Thanks for hearing the “beeping” problems at Walgreen’s many of you had. ;o) I don’t have the patience (and often not gut to) argue to get my things through like you many strong ladies ! Good for you, but yes, I hate when that happens when it should qualify.

  8. L. King says

    My stores have a few very kind employees who manually put them in they all beeped the beep does not mean it is fraud or also can mean the scanner is not detecting the codes correctly on the coupon (common thing). Kindly insist they input them one at a time and if they are not sure why they are beeping have them try it on the regular size box like some else here mentioned (great idea)….remember the store will be reimbursed for the amount plus handling fee so we are not taking anything from them..except maybe the extra orders they might need to restock the shelf…Was able to buy 52 so far…at 2 diff Walgreens…take your receipt for any that worked…and use it to show if they question the validity. There are no restrictions on the coupon it says ANY. Unless it says Excludes trial or any specific size we are allowed to use them…If the manager does not like it kindly take your business to another Walgreens where they may have a better informed staff. Make friends with an employee and I even have my order rung up at the cosmetics counter to avoid the line glares at the regular register. This one strategy has saved much time and allowed me to get to know the clerks better. Hope this helps.

  9. Carol Kipple says

    I went to the place you said to get the coupon, printed it, & it states right on the coupon that it needs to be the larger size.

  10. coupongeek says

    At the time of the post, it did not state that. They change coupons on their site randomly.

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