The Grace Card: In Theaters Tomorrow, 2/25/11

Back in November, I was given the opportunity to see a screening for the movie “The Grace Card.” This was my first screening invite and I didn’t quite know what to expect.  They were so generous to not only offer me a ticket, but also one for a guest of my choice.  I knew this would be something my neighbor would want to see, so I invited her to join me in this little adventure.

Before the movie began, we were given a little synopsis and some background info on how the movie came about being written. The woman speaking then said, “I cried four times the first time I saw it.” It was then that I immediately began digging in my purse and coat pockets for that little pack of Kleenex I was hoping I still had!

The movie starts off with a life-changing tragedy. The storyline is then jumped forward several years and you see that the father, named Mac, is now a police officer and assigned a new partner, named Sam, who is from another background. There is a lot of tension between Mac and Sam but along the way, somehow there’s not only a friendship built but also faith is renewed.

It’s seems like there are fewer movies being released these days that leave you with a sense of inspiration and wanting to change your life–and help others. I was glad to see that this film was all those things. The actors were amazing. The script was well-written. And the movie overall—had me in tears (in a good way) and wanting to just make a difference.

Well, at this screening they had an amazing surprise for us….we were able to meet both lead actors: Michael Joiner and Michael Higgenbottom. I was in complete disbelief when we were told that it was Mr. Higgenbottom’s first movie as he was just phenomenal. Here’s a few pics of me with them:

With Michael Joiner

With Michael Higgenbottom

I am very thankful to Provident Films, not only for the special screening invite, but also for allowing me to delay my posting so I could share this all with you closer to the release date. If you are looking for something refreshing to do this weekend, check to see if The Grace Card is showing at a theater near you. (and don’t forget your Kleenex!)