A Few Amazon Deals

Here are a few things discounted on Amazon right now. Keep in mind that prices flip very fast!!

Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride down to $15.00 from $29.99.

America: The Story of Us [Blu-ray] down to $15.99 from $49.95.

Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season down to $14.99 from $59.98.

Chuck: The Complete Second Season down to $14.99 from $59.98.

Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season down to $14.99 from $59.98.

One Tree Hill: The Complete Seventh Season down to $18.99 from $59.98.

Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season down to $18.99 from $59.98.

Brothers and Sisters – The Complete First Season down to $16.49 from $29.99.

A lot of these have trade-in options on them. So after you are done watching them, you can go through their process to get an Amazon Gift Card for the trade-in. May be worth checking into if you buy a lot of TV Show DVD sets.