Creating a Photo Advent Calendar

Two years ago, I posted on how to make a Photo Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. I’ve been blessed with so many new readers since then, that I thought I’d share it with you again. What’s great is, it’s reusable. (just don’t seal your envelopes) I made one for my Mom and each year I give her 25 new photos for it. She gets to open one each day until Christmas and inside is a photo of her kids or grand kids.

Here are a few places to check into for Free Photos when you sign-up. Some may charge shipping. The deals vary so they may not have a special for new sign-ups right now.

~Kodak Gallery

Give this as an early gift and include a cute photo album for them to put the photos in each day. You can probably pick up one of those in a dollar bin somewhere.

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  1. coupongeek says


    Click on the first link in the posting. There are some instructions on the original posting. It’s really simple. You just lay out 25 envelopes in the shape of a tree and then decorate them to look like a decorated Christmas tree—using ribbon, pom poms, etc.


  2. Martha says

    I don’t “get” it.. What do you put in the envelopes? Pictures of?

    If this is an Advent calendar, do you put anything spiritual into it? Maybe a scripture verse from the Old Testament prophesies leading to Christ? The family can take turns reading the scripture daily and discuss the meaning…
    This is what my family did with the Advent season :-)

  3. coupongeek says

    You can put whatever you want in the envelopes. I put pictures and sticky-notes on the back with messages to my Mom. But scripture for her daily is a good idea, too.

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