Servers Switched!

It’s so amazing how much you learn from the first day you start blogging. At first, the hardest part is coming up with your blog name and what your content will be.  Then it’s how to find  readers and bloggers to share your love of blogging with. And then you find out, there’s a whole other side to blogging called “technical stuff.” OK, that’s just what I call it because I know very little about it. :)  But I’m working on learning some of it as I go along.

But I was incredibly fortunate to have found a great friendship in Zack from Coupon Dad –and I now have the peace of mind that my blog is safely in amazing hands. Friday evening, Zack helped me switch Coupon Geek to a new server that we felt had better security options and could handle the traffic levels for the future.

The transfer went smooth and flawless. I was expecting it to take much longer but it actually was finished earlier on Saturday.  But I still took advantage of a day off and had a fabulous day with my family.

We took our annual trip to Boggio’s in Granville, IL.  It’s a drive for us but since I always get to see my sisters and their families, it’s worth every mile. My daughter had her first apple picking outing. And the kids had a blast climbing through the tunnels, onto of the hay tower, jumping in the corn pit, sliding down the huge apple treehouse slide and even feeding the animals they had there.  (That’s her above feeding some of the goats.) And as an extra bonus, we “splurged” and paid for each of them to have a $4 Pony Ride. I’m pretty sure my daughter will become obsessed with My Little Ponies now, as she was just overjoyed that you could actually ride on a horse. :)

But I’m not sure I could have had such a good time if I didn’t have such a smooth server transfer. So I just wanted to take a minute and send out a special thank you to my friend and tech support, Zack! I highly recommend him if you struggle with tech stuff like I do.

And thank you to all of you for being so patient when I wasn’t able to get the normal postings up. Many thanks—and I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, too!